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[Back Order] Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor Speakers Black with Bass Reflex Enclosure $384.86 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor Speakers Black with Bass Reflex Enclosure | All-Weather Durability | Broad Sound Coverage | Speed-Lock Mounting System (Pair) (ATRIUM6-BLACK)

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  • Man, you are making me spend money I don't have :).

    Will use these on my old receiver outside and around the house. I have been looking at outdoor setups and this looks the best. I don't have structures around my house and from the front, its a 300m return trip over a river to a sandstone bluff.

    Price looks good against RRP, though they go for around 80more at some places.

    Pulled the trigger, got 100m of wire and some banana plugs. Thanks OP, good deal.

    • That's a bargain in itself worth posting. Grabbed a roll, thanks for the heads up.

    • Yeah good deal, I paid too much for that!

    • Woot, well the cabling I paid for (double the price) didn't arrive from Amazon; got the "there was a problem with your delivery" and they canned the order.

      So ordering this; still on 30% off - cheeeeeeers!

      • Win there. My cable arrived the next day, but sadly the speakers still haven't shipped for me….

        • Speakers are a long way away for me. I ended up getting 120m of cable as well as I wasn't going to have enough for the setup. Wins all around, thanks again champ!

          Will hassle Amazon for a gesture. No notification that it was not being delivered; the banana plugs arrived today; no cable. Check order and it says being returned etc. Such poor form on Amazon's part.

          Speakers won't ship for a bit yet, I still prefer to have what I need to get it all done when it arrives of course!

  • These are great speakers - I upgraded my outdoor speakers from Atrium 4s to these and the difference was night and day.

  • FYI - The speakers have dropped in price. I noticed this happened a few days ago, but wasn't by much. The difference now is $80 so I just cancelled my original order, and put it in again….. By default when you look at the listing it comes from the UK, but if you check out "other sellers" amazon.com.au are selling them directly for $304 delivered (with Prime). Still on back order of course. Sigh….

    • Cheers for that. Just checked to see what was going on with these. The wait is annoying, but the extra saving helps!