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Groupon: Up to 25% Cashback (Cap $30, 10am-4pm AEST) | Under Armour: 25% Cashback (Cap $30, 4pm-10pm AEST) @ ShopBack


Shopback Birthday upsized cashback deals

Groupon up to 25% cashback ($30 cap) 10am - 4pm AEST

  • Stacks with 10% off sitewide coupon code: SB10

Cashback Rates

Goods 1.40%
All Other Purchases 25.00%

Under Armour 25% cashback ($30 cap) 4pm - 10pm AEST

  • Stacks with 30% off nearly everything coupon code: SHOPBDAY30

Referral Links

Referral: random (3629)

$30 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Still unclear on the cap… Is that a cap per account or transaction? I've been seeing people post that is per transaction but I can't find anything on the Shopback website. You would think that it would be clearly defined in their terms and conditions.

    • i think its the total but you are right, there are some occasions where it isn't very clear.

    • very generous if per transact, similar 25pct cashback for example ebay 2 days ago, all are per account.
      imagine if per transactions people will abuse this and split purchases to get $30 each times maybe 10 per person… then if there are 1000 people…. how much $ shopback will have to pay….

      • how much $ shopback will have to pay‚Ķ.

        Nothing, because they only pay if it tracks? Even at 25%, is the hastle of the debra-bot worth it?

        • I actually had a Groupon Shopback 25% double tracked and redeemed yesterday. A single $99 Groupon and I got two $25 cashbacks that both redeemed.

          I never had a Shopback issue actually.. only this error and it actually went my way haha

  • Hopefully cashrewards will match the offer over the weekend