Can We Contact Seller Direct if We have Question without Solicitor and Agent

if we are not getting information from solicitor or real estate agent and we have contact info of vendor, can we approach directly them?


  • Find out who seller/developers conveyancer is and u can contact them

  • You can contact whoever you want. Whether or not they want to deal with you or will simply direct you back to the agent/solicitor is up to them.

    • And it probably depends on the nature of the enquiry if they would want to respond or not.

  • if we are not getting information from solicitor or real estate agent

    What are the REA telling you?

  • I was in a similar situation. I used this person to act on our behalf.

  • Bikies

  • I've had prospective buyers contract me directly when we hired the "wrong " agent who apparently turned this phone of at 4pm on weekdays and 1 pm on Saturdays. Buyers couldn't get in touch with him to make offers.
    We obviously fired him immediately when he said that's how he works! We were thankful to all those buyers for bringing it to our attention. As a seller I dont mind buyers approaching me directly if the agents are not responsive.

    • Did you fire your agent and start dealing directly with the clients they put you in touch with?…Couldn’t your agent sue you for that?

      • Yep. We fired him and dealt with all the buyers who were then passed on to our solicitor for final talks. He didn't put us in touch with any buyer coz he was never available to take calls from anyone.
        Made a formal complaint against him as he didn't adhere to the required licensed agents code of conduct so he can't sue us anyways. This was 5 years ago. The amount of dead weight in the real estate industry is incredible!

  • What if the vendor is the source of incorrect information. The agent probably knows and to protect their RE licence they are choosing to ignore you. You probably should get a better conveyancer/solicitor. If the vendor provides materially incorrect information, frustrates your efforts in completing the contract, then you should be able to remedies.

  • There is no law against it - but they may ignore you or redirect you back to their agent. They may not welcome the intrusion.