[NSW] Philips Hue 5m White & Colour Smart Outdoor Lightstrip $64.50 (Was $200) In-Store @ Bunnings (Wallsend)


Not sure if this was a mistake, but I picked this up at Bunnings in Wallsend this morning for $64.50
The tag says it was $129 - but I don't know that is the regular price. I cannot see it on their website anymore, so maybe they are selling out of the remaining stocks ?

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  • That's a decent price I think, if my bunnings has them I'll get one.

  • Called Bunnings and they said they are completely getting rid of these and doesn’t look like any vic stores have stock.

  • Wallsend is my local… did they have any more?

    • I was there about 9am, and they had a few out front near the cameras. She asked me how many I wanted :)

    • Just went out there. The system was showing 2 but couldn't find any.

      • They had them at the front desk in the morning. Just next to the stand with all the cameras, if you're walking from the checkout towards the table with the cameras, there is a large shelf on the right hand side. Just at knee level there.

  • Couple in Qld still want 129 each :(

  • Bunnings clearance prices on the same product are usually never in sync across all stores and they can vary wildly (i.e. $69 in one store and for the same item on clearance in another it was $15) ..I have price matched clearance prices with an item in another Bunnings Store in the past so maybe worth a try …..

  • Please report back if your power pack has coil whine, I suspect this is why they are on special.

  • My local bunnings is quite shit they never price match bunnings on deleted items.

    Never mark down on an open box /slightly damaged item.

    Never even agree they can reduce price excusing the fact that they dont make prices headoffice does.

    Its prospect, adelaide,sa

    They had this for 129(5m) before and never aggred that this would go down further and it was 60 $ for 2 m and $79 for 5m yesterday.
    i bought 1 2m one since they didn't have 5 m one.
    hoping they reduce price further and i can simply return and buy the same item again from them

  • Bought the last 3 at Rydalmere (NSW) for $60ech… the guy in electricals aisle was a top bloke. Thanks OP!

    • Please let me know if you get one without coil whine from the power pack, apparently the majority do.

      I still haven't decided whether to try and claim a replacement from Philips or refund from Bunnings.

      • Coil whine from power pack ? Could you elaborate?

      • There is coil whine from the power pack at 90-100% brightness but i need to put my ear near the power pack to hear it unless there is 100% silence. After installing it, it sits in a cupboard so i don't hear the noise at all when it's in use. For the price i paid i'm not going to bother asking for a silent power pack.

  • Only reduced to $129 at Bunnings Gladesville, wouldn’t price match.

    The colour candle bulb was marked as $29.00 clearance, but no stock.

  • Just cleaned out Kingsgrove Bunnings. Best they could do was $93 each (5m).