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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 i3 4GB 128GB Platinum $999 Delivered & More @ Microsoft Store


Deal is back along with other brick and mortar stores (JB, HN, GG)

i3, 4GB, 128GB - $999 (Save $250)
i5, 8GB, 128GB - $1199 (Save $300)
i5, 8GB, 256GB - $1599 (Save $400)
i5, 16GB, 256GB - $1879 (Save $470)
i7, 16GB, 256GB - $1959 (Save $490)
i7, 16GB, 512GB - $2519 (Save $630)
i7, 16GB, 1TB - $2999 (Save $750)

5.5% cashback with cashrewards/ 6% with shopback

Ended up purchasing the pro 7, i7 with 16GB ram, 256gb storage as a bundle. 20% off a type cover and required 365 subscription with free shipping.

Don't forget the MS Promise for Surface (60 day return policy and price promise) and Trade-in.

Mine will be $1634 after trade-in (Surface Go 2) and cashback

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  • How much will everyone elses be though?

  • get at least 8gb of ram version.

    • Yeah 4GB is just not enough. Had a couple with 4GB previously and now on an 8GB version; which is much better after using it for a bit and having more tabs in browsers open etc.

  • I have one of these for work. Initially I loved it. But now I really dislike the kick-stand on the back. I have found it annoying if using it on a plane, on my lap or even while out at a coffee shop if sitting on a small table.

    • whats the bad about the kick stand, not enough angel flexibility, or…. yeah i can understand re: lap. must be not stable enough.
      but table / plane ?

      • The keyboard weighs nothing. So on a small table if the kickstand is near the edge it risks dumping the whole thing off.

    • 100% agree!

      I have one for work too and whilst they're great little machines in the office especially when paired with the Surface Pen and OneNote in meetings, they suck when I need to type up a document on the bus/train ride home. Give me a good old netbook anyday for commuting where I can adjust the screen to my desired angle and not have to worry about it falling over!

      Even though it's underpowered as hell now, I still reach for my Acer Switch 10 for when I'm on the go and need something more than just a phone.


      Running a barebones install with just browsers, office, visio and project keeps it sufficiently responsive and it can alternate between netbook and tablet modes. The 500Gb HDD in the keyboard tray is a bonus.

  • They have battery buldging issue - https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/all/micros...

    I have used sufface 4 and 6 and after 2 years the screen will detach from left side.

  • These seem very overpriced for their specs

  • Hmm how does this compare to the new Macbooks in terms of value for money?
    I am not an apple fanboy and more of a Windows person, but cant help notice the big difference in performance vs slight change in price.

    • M1 is much, much faster than even the expensive configs of this. Downside is converting from Windows to Mac (and vice versa) is a bit of a pain for finding versions of your favorite programs etc

      Might be better looking at decent Windows ultrabooks (Dell XPS, Thinkpad etc)

    • depends on your use case to determine value?

      base macbook air would be equivalent of the surface (i5, 8GB, 256GB - $1599) unless if you get into some mad ozbarg discounting stack skills

  • A thousand dollars for 4GB and no keyboard???

    Grey market here with i5 and 8GB:

    Or go second hand and get some decent specs?

    • A thousand dollars for 4GB and no keyboard???

      If Apple can charge $899 for their latest comparable tablet (iPad Air), which has similar components, why can't Microsoft?

      • Gotta say 'But Apple do it' is a pretty terrible argument for value..

        • I think it's quite valid, would you also question the value of an iPad purely because it doesn't have a keyboard? Or does Apple get a pass for some reason?

      • Windows vs iPad - that's a religious debate. And nobody ever said Apple was cheap, but they have no direct competitors, as Windows hardware does.

        But if we compare hardware, for academic interest, isn't the Apple A12 more like the i7, not i3?
        And while 4G is plenty in IOS, that does not apply to Windows (or OSX or Linux for that matter.)

  • it's a good deal, but do NOT buy the i3 4gb one. IT'S 2021NOW.

  • Does anyone know the expiry of this deal?