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Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition $599.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU


get it now before it runs oos

quick guys go go go

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • fastest out of stock in the west.

  • Already: "Currently unavailable."

  • OOS within 6min

  • FWIW: This was in stock from at least 1:05pm (now 1:20pm) and was in stock for at least 5-6 minutes. I wasn't interested, but kept refreshing the page and saw in stock for some time.
    Edit: Might have been not able to be added to cart for that time though. Just like the disk version is now, despite it saying in stock..

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  • i'm startin to think amazon is trolling us. the things are oos by the time the post gets created in ozb.

    • If you have it in your cart, you can get it before twitter notify you or it actually goes live on Amazon. I got mine before the product page went live.

      • I got it in my cart but it disappeared when I tried to go to next screen to pay.

        • The PS5 release has been terrible. I wasn't following the release/pre-release dates and thought I would easily secure one by christmas last year without a pre-order.

          I was lucky and got in on the launch day amazon release but it was pure chance. I went to the amazon page when ebgames etc were planning to release theirs and it was in stock, got lucky, posted here to bump the amazon stock thread at the time.

          If I hadn't fluked that order; I don't think I would have got one yet and that was 6 months ago now.

          • @MorriJ: Thats because its more difficult to get one now, than it was in November/January. TSMC - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company(then AMD) have supply issues with silicon chips. Affecting mobile phones, motor vehicles, consoles, everything else that uses a silicon chip. It has absolutely nothing to do with Sony PS and its launch. Sony want to win the console war just as much as they did in 1995. I fluked PS5 Disc back in February with BigW, and getting one now is harder than back then. I feel for those missing out, and hopefully the stock shows up on shelves by Christmas this year.

  • Was actually OOS before the deal post, went OOS at 1.15pm AEST, posted 1.17pm…

  • is there really a point of posting amazon ps5 deals on ozbargain for the time being? they're the quickest to sell out and are most likely sold out by the time you post the deal up. Best chance to snipe a ps5 is to follow the twitter bot who sends notifications as soon as its live and be quick enough to grab one.