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50% off Tefal Induction Cookware: eg Stainless Steel Virtuoso Frypan 28cm $50, 3L Stewpot $60, Wok $85 ($0 Del with $49+) @ Myer


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    The wok has 10 year warranty. Is Tefal good with honoring warranty?

    • I have no idea. I end up throwing them away 😅

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      They will always blame the way its been used / treated / cleaned. They have plenty of excused to deny a claim. (Based on what I have read in various forums over the years)

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        I've had Tefal and Circulon use the same excuses on cookwear that's under a year old. When you stand firm they will replace it with the as-a-gesture-of-goodwill excuse. I've moved on to carbon steel skillets and cast iron for more than 5 years now. Best decision ever.

        • carbon steel skillets and cast iron

          link plzz

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            @capslock janitor: Search for “Lodge” on OzB, there have been heaps of deals in the past.

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            @capslock janitor:

            Matfer Bourgeat black steel
            Lodge carbon steel
            Lodge cast iron
            De Buyer carbon steel

            Multiple sizes to choose from but not all are in stock at the moment. They regularly go on sale too.

            • @m9: is carbon steel hard to maintain? rust?

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                @ltwo: Not really. I just scrub it under hot water and wipe dry, with the occasional detergent use. It gets more and more non-stick as you use it. Plus you can always re-season them as often as you wish.

                • @m9: @m8: does the lodge carbon steel handle gets hot? there's no insulation on it.

                  @Itwo: carbon is pretty much made up of the same stuff as cast iron with the only difference is that it has more carbon component.
                  more carbon = heats up faster, the downside is less even heat distribution, relatively.
                  maintenance is same as cast iron if you have them in the past.

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                    @squidz: Yes. There are silicone sleeves available but I just a dish towel.

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      I had an issue with 2 pans where the black coat started to bubble up and peeled off after 2 years of use. I took it back to The Good Guys (where I have bought from) and they replaced through Tefal's warranty. Pretty easy and happy.

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    Are the frypans worth it or is it better to buy something else for the same coin?

    Willing to pay more for quality if it means buying once buying properly

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      This. Can some cooking nerd please let us know if these are any good?

      • These are in the sweet spot at this price.

        It's a balance between quality (weight, heat distribution and construction) and the fact all teflon pans will eventually stick for to carbon build up. Expensive ones won't last long enough without sticking to justify the money. Cheap ones usually have mediocre construction, often poor Teflon adhesion.

    • i think this might be a better option in the quality price longevity matrix

      • That's not a bad ploy if you don't mind Ikea delivery? $9 by my understanding - roughly.

    • If you have a non-induction cooktop, by my understanding your choices of cookware will be wider.

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      If you're referring to the non-stick frying pan, non-stick frying pans are never "buy once". No matter what you choose, the surface will lose effectiveness over time. Your choice is between (1) replacing the pan or (2) tolerating a surface that becomes less and less non-stick as time goes on.

      For these reasons, I don't think it's worth spending money on expensive non-stick pans. That doesn't mean that a $5 pan is just as good or durable as a $20 pan, but diminishing returns will kick in pretty quickly. See also this article by Daniel Gritzer of Serious Eats.

  • That is a sauce pan, not a wok lol

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    These are pretty garbage for what you're paying. Better off coughing up a few dollars more and getting some nice Circulon Infinite stuff.

    Here's a nice big french skillet for $109

    • Maybe let montorola know up the top….

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      Can it be true? Has the legendary Broden returned ???

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      are you the og Broden?

      • I think he is. Member since 2009.

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          Oh my god

    • Mind selling me a PS3? They sold out last time

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    Just as a side note does anyone, actually, buy the protectors? I use baking paper to keep mine separate when I stack them.

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      I just use paper towels.

    • Idiot here threw them away, as I didn't realise what they were…

      Now I keep and use them… or folded tea towels.

    • If you buy a 3 pack tefal pans, it comes in a nice little cardboard shelf box thing. Been using that since

    • Have been using paper towels so far and it works. But for $10, thought I'd give it a go. It looks pretty thick so I ASSUME you don't have to be as careful with the pots/pans.

    • I can't imagine baking paper absorbs much from friction of the metal base against the Teflon layer.

      The protectors are thick "felt" like material that will definitely prevent scratching.
      I bought some on Amazon for double this price and feel much easier placing the pans and pots stacked now.

      • I’ve never had a scratching issue but the paper is doubled over and the pieces are larger than the pans themselves. The advantage is if it gets dirty/oily I just replace the paper.

        If I was going to consider something else I would look at buying some felt from Spotlight.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one

  • Are these considered kitchen appliances? Would be good if it works with shopbacks 20% cashback.

    • Definitely not.

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