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[PC, Steam, Pre Order] Days Gone Steam Key ~A$59.99 @ Greenman Gaming


Please note that this is the PC Steam Key version of the game, a Preorder version, not the PlayStation version of the game. Any one who have PS5/PS4 and PS PLUS can get the game for free on PS PLUS now in this month. But this is the PC version of the game that has extra features like Ultrawide Support + Higher Res Textures + Uncapped framerates etc.

To see what is extra in the PC version, see this Youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgpTNx7bdFw

Normal Steam price is AUD 74.99. Once you see the link, you have to log in (create a free account if you don't) and will see that the price is AUD 62.99. Use the Coupon Code SPR21 to bring the price down to AUD 59.99. Game unlocks on May 18th (so possibly May 19th in Australia).

So your money, your choice, get the game for free on PS4/PS5 if you have PS Plus or else this is the cheapest price for the PC version as it stands today that gives you extra PC specific features.

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    Place and price in title, but thank you

    • +2

      Thanks mate, updated.

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    +1 Days Gone. Once you get the IDF gun and go back for all the hordes you'll have the best time.

    • So, once you've 85% finished the game? Thats a long wait…

      • At that pt it's more like revenge for all the scares they put on you when all you had was a crossbow etc

        • I dunno, I picked up a handy a automatic rifle at the first enemy base I cleared out for Copeland and didn't stop using it till I had unlocked much better guns half half way through the game?

    • +8

      joke is on you, i will just download it for free and play on my 240 hz screen

      • +3

        Would you steal a CAR?!

      • clearly not a deal then…

  • +3

    Great game!

  • Does this have online multiplayer? Something like L4D2 (love that game). Fingers crossed for crossplay (haha pun)

    • No multiplayer

    • +1

      Back 4 Blood by the original devs of L4D comes out in a couple of months…

      • Looks like it is going to be great fun

  • +1

    …Why buy this full price? You know it'll drop a ton..

    • Still waiting for Detroit to drop too.

    • +1

      maybe because some people have no other games to play and are willing to spend instead of waiting

  • +3

    However you do it. PC, PS4 or PS5, please play this game. It's (most likely) worth your time.

  • -1

    Wow is this coming to PC too? A lot of Sony's 1st party games seem to be.

    • According to rumours, the next exclusive Sony titles to hit PC will be Bloodborne, Uncharted Collection, Ghost of Tsushima and God of War (2018). I myself have a PS4 Pro and Ps5 besides a gaming PC and I love that the games are coming to PC too.

      • +1

        … that would be interesting. They could genuinely compete with gamepass.. Fighting with MS to buy distribution rights to games by other studios I'm sure… Kinda scary.. I feel like we're doomed to pay $$$ in the long run somehow.

  • Yeah this game was such a pleasant surprise. Solid game that I think would appeal to most.

    • +1

      It's intense though. Like, I needed breaks not because I was playing a lot but just because it was kind of scary to go out and do missions because I thought I'd die all the time. Even managing gas (which is easier now) made me cautious.

  • It's ironic that Sony now ported Days Gone on PC, but rejected Bend Studio's request to make a sequel for this.

  • If you’re like me, primarily a PC gamer (and generally refuse to play any shooter on console) but have a ps5. Give the free ps5 version a shot - it’s awesome.

    Unlike the ps4 version (runs at 30fps and rubbish resolution) the ps5 one looks great and runs 60fps. A much more PC-like experience as opposed to the standard unbearable 30fps console fare.

    I want to play this again on PC with even higher details and fps, but for $60? Nah the ps5 is good enough :) I’ll probably wait till it’s on sale on PC

    I’d pay $60 now though if my only other option was ps4 or I didn’t have a console. The game has one of the best storylines and gameplay I’ve played in ages. Seriously awesome

  • -1
    • Oh and now out of stock apparently