Castrol Edge 5W-30 A3/B4 Full Synthetic Engine Oil 10L $60 C&C or + $5 Delivery @ Repco


Currently the lowest price per litre for OzB's favourite engine oil.

$5 flat rate delivery when logged into Ignition Rewards at checkout.

Call up to check stock available Australia wide and order online directly from them by selecting change store up top.

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  • Pretty sure these were $37 a couple of weeks ago.

  • some of the caltex havoline oils are at a great price as well at Repco.
    Caltex Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic C3 SAE 5W-30 Engine Oil 10L - 3042-210 for 41$
    Caltex Havoline ProDS F SAE 0W-30 Engine Oil 10L - 3428-210 for 50$
    Caltex Havoline ProDS Fully Synthetic LE SAE 5W-40 Engine Oil 20L - 3032-220 for 83$

  • There's two listings on repco, one is at $60 (this listing) and another for $94. Does anyone know the difference?

    The pictures both show Edge A3/B4 grade, but in the description, the listing of the ozbargain post doesn't state A3/B4.

  • Which oil has better specifications, this or Penrite HPR5?

  • Brilliant! I was nearly out. Picked up 2. Previous queries say storage for a few months (or even years) is no huge issue for unopened engine oil.

  • What are supercheap like with price matching? I have $20 worth of credit to use.

  • Is this deal available in 10w-30?

  • What's the difference between this and the LL model?

    • Anyways did a little bit of digging. It seems like if you are servicing frequenly then this oil is better if not the LL.

      • LL is a low saps oil made for diesels with DPF or to meet the vw 504.00 507.00 approvals mainly for long drain intervals and direct injection

  • Any opinion how this oil would go in an older car (04 Magna) with 150,000 kms ?

    • @lynx33

      not recommended to put a full synthetic in a slightly aged engine UNLESS it meets a few criteria

      1. the engine normally runs full synthetic (don't mix oil viscosities or types i.e 3 litres full synth + 1.5 litre semi-synth)
      2. the engine normally uses this weight of oil (check owners manual + oil cap if applicable)
      3. your car does not leak/consume much oil (if it does you want to either A. fix the leak first or B. use a slightly thicker oil 10w-40)

      being a moderately thin viscosity if you use this oil it might leak easier. if your engine is in good condition with regular service history and your manual specifices xW-30 then its fairly safe to use but if you are unsure any 5-10w/40 is perfectly acceptable.

      it is a decent oil that is made up from grp 4 basestocks but it is also API SL rated , for older cars out of warranty this is not an issue at all whatsoever and i would recommend it. but newer cars within the warranty period still this might not be the proper oil to use check with your manufacturer.

      • just buy the exact oil the car dealership uses when u take it for service when it was still under warrranty

      • Thank you SO much. And yes it does leak, so I will go the thicker oil next service. My missus is up me for a new car; but this car has been SO good to us I’m going to hang on to it for as long as it will let us 😎

        • Those magnas run forever. Where is the leak coming from? Perhaps just rocker cover gaskets which isn't too expensive? I knew someone that ran one with 10w-50 oil - and that slowed the leak down a bit. They got 360k out of it before a minor bingle made it uneconomical to repair. But gee they were pretty tough cars.

          • @placard: It’s underneath somewhere. I did check the rocker covers, I can tell it is leaking from there too, but very slowly. Okay that’s good to know. Time to thicken up the oil and aim for 400,000kms 😎

          • @placard: Same here with an '03, about to top up myself. The same thing just keeps going. Just passed the 200k and the only thing I need to do is replace a power window mechanism.

      • Nah this stuff is definitely not Group 4, only Group 3, need to go to Penrite 10 Tenths Racing for Group 4/5. Still very good oil though.

        • @dogsrule , yeah i stand corrected. i got it mixed up with the 0w-40 A3/B4 Castrol Edge Titanium FST that was my mistake. that is made from group 4 base stocks. not sure what % but i have tested it on the track and its a stout oil.

          Even though this is a group 3 mostly it is API SL rated and has a fair bit of additives in it which make it a solid choice for street use , i would not have it in a high performance vehicle for more then 5000ks though not sure how it would hold up. but your average petrol car will benefit from it for at least 10-15k dependent on the conditions its placed it , will last the full service interval as long as there are no pre-existing conditions on the car its used in.

          • @TheBarbarian: Definitely, you probably already know this but in particular it has high levels of ZDDP (zinc), very good antiwear additive. As an aside, this is the reason it doesn’t meet SN spec, they clamped down on zinc because it slowly poisons cat converters. Meets SN requirements in all other aspects apparently.

  • This is my go to oil for a 2007 Aurion and a 2013 BL Mazda 3. Quality oil at regularly cheap price.

  • Thx op although it reckons doesn’t suit my car Tiguan 162tsi an SUV. Always points me to this one which costs more than double and I can’t tell difference

  • I usually buy this oil for my Mazda 3 but now it says "this product does not fit your vehicle". Anyone know why?

    • Check your manual and see if they specify any spec/ ratings and check against the oil.

    • Been using this in my Mazda 3 for a while, no problems. 2008 model. If you go to the super cheap auto store site , it says compatible. the repco site is wrong.

    • Repco probably has one of the worst part compatibility finder - look at your car manual and avoid what Repco says. SCA is more better and accurate as well

    • The part finder is useless, feel free to ignore it and get this oil, it will be fine.

  • Repco website is stoopid.
    Showing5ltr as compatible with my vehicle but not 10ltr .
    Both the same oil

  • Says it's a clearance item.. and not available at any nearby store..
    Would have thought this was a standard stocked item. (Even in 10L)…

  • Item not in stock at any nearby store. Available for Click n Collect in 3-7 business days…

  • Great value.

  • Need to click and collect to get this price. Price in store is $90.

    • Click and collect is the old square bottle which they are clearing out hence the price

  • Are all oil brands of 5W/30 equal, i have nissan qashqai 2017, if i go througt the SCA or Repco website they say some of the 5w-30 is not compatibal with my car. can some one please explaine it. cheers :::

  • Awesome deal, make sure you check it work in your car. Doesn't go into my car.

  • Does anyone know if this is the same product? They have different code, but picture looks the same. $60 vs $96:

    If they are the same, why would Repco have two listings with two codes?

    3383426 vs 3422637
    Seems to be the two different Castrol Edge codes - google doesn't bring anything up.

  • Got around 12 bottles of oil still in garage.

    Too cheap and picked up 2 of these 10L. Very cheap at $30/oil change!!!

    As someone else said. Premium quality oil that is regularly on sale

    To pit it in perspective. The rubbish cheap valvoline best price is $20, so at $10 extra this is a steal.

  • I just got a call from Repco, unfortunately they weren't able to source the oil for this price and have cancelled my order :(

    • That’s just your specific click and collect store not willing to order in from interstate to fulfil your order for you. There are plenty in stock in Sydney stores and Qld distribution warehouse

  • I just got a refund email

    • That’s just your specific click and collect store not willing to order in from interstate to fulfil your order for you. There are plenty in stock in Sydney stores and Qld distribution warehouse

  • Still in stock if anyone is looking for some. Plenty of stock in Sydney stores and at the distribution warehouse in Qld. If you click and collect at a store without stock, they will need to track down stock from either another store with stock or the warehouse, then have it sent to them for you to collect. A lot of stores cannot be bother doing this and are just refunding orders. Doesn’t mean there’s no more stock, just means they don’t want to go to the work for essentially no profit. Btw, this 10L bottle on clearance is the old square bottle packaging, not the new packaging in the pictures. Exactly the same oil but packaging has changed hence the clearance

    • Thanks. I don't know why it was marked sold out when there's plenty of stores showing stock, though seems to have sold out in Sydney. Personally, I've had great experience with Repco tracking down stock from other stores.

      Otherwise delivery is flat rate $5 when logged into Ignition Rewards at checkout. Call up to check stock available Australia wide and order online directly from them by selecting change store up top. I've scored heaps of awesome clearance deals this way.

  • Repco needs to lift their game. Showed in stock for my nearest store when I ordered then they called me to say 'there is none in Australia'. Sailing very close to multiple breaches of Australian Consumer Law- misleading and deceptive conduct (if 'none in Australia' is untrue) and bait advertising (if reasonable quantities not actually available). Thinking I may return to being a loyal Supercheap customer after this experience.

  • Has anyone received their order yet?

    I haven't received a refund email, just the initial purchase email to say I will be contacted when stock arrives and ready to collect.

  • still haven't received any update after the confirmation email

  • $25 at Autobarn for 5L at the moment