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Free 6-Month Warranty Extension for Existing/New Huawei Smartphones @ Huawei AU


Found this hidden gem listed under the Discover category in the Huawei Support app.

My P30 Pro warranty had 3 months left and I got it extended for 6 months

We want to reward all our customers, whether you have an existing smartphone or a new one.

Free 6-Month Warranty Extension
20% off on Spare Parts for Eligible Devices
Free Screen Protector & Free Clean-up Service

1. Open the Support app
2. Under the Discover tab, find and tap on 'Campaign'
3. Scroll down and tap 'Claim Warranty Extension Now'

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      • +15 votes

        Your actually completey wrong in everything you say. China law has a clause that all state owned enterprise must hand over all data on command. Huawei, last I checked was a china based company with it's HQ based in China. So before u talk you best learn facts! There is a reason Google won't work with Huawei any more, and it's not because they are racist…

        • +9 votes

          Its because American laws has been implemented by the then Trump Government, the 'laws' are Sanctions, that'll punish any company to work with Huawei, reasons you will struggle to find stores that sell Huawei, service (ex repairs, Google Services) or recognize the company.

          You come off as ignorant as the first comment.
          You live in this funky world where you think you matter so much that petty country with 1.5B people care about what Sharon from WA googled?



            @Kundi: Loll… so your saying that law does not exist in China, and that if the Chinese government request information from Huawei it has no legal obligation to respond. Take your basic secondary school education and commentaries elsewhwre rather then act like you know what your talking about because your making a fool of yourself… Trump did not make the law in China im referring to, it's a valid law and companies must oblige. As if a president of another country can pass a law in China, pls…

            • +10 votes

              @Iwantthebestprice: Lol I don’t have a horse in this race but it’s a bit rich to be making remarks about someone else’s education level when “your” writing reads more like “you’re” barely a primary school graduate.

            • +14 votes

              @Iwantthebestprice: if the american government ask for anything they get it by law, and even without laws often…

              everything is covered under the patriot act…so what if another country behaves identically to the USA is your issue?

              the USA is racist, doesn't respect international laws, is not a UN signatory to many treaties including torture, and overthrows any democratically elected government it doesn't like.

          • +1 vote


            You live in this funky world where you think you matter so much that petty country with 1.5B people care about what Sharon from WA googled?

            I'm sorry, but you come off as ignorant. There is billions of dollars in personal data. Why do you think Facebook is worth so much? No we don't matter but our collective data does.

            You are extremely mistaken if you think Huawei wouldn't hand over any data without hesitation to the CCP seeing as they are one and the same.

        • +9 votes

          Interesting, I don't actually know such law exists. I will research more. But one fact I need to point out is Huawei is not state-owned.

          • -11 votes

            @Ahan: Where are you form? Mars?

            Everything in China is CCP owned or have a say in it. If you don't let them? They will shut you down!!

            • +11 votes

              @syswong: Two different concepts, mate. You are talking about influence. I was responding to the comment above on legal ownership.

              Unlike the US where the country was run by arms dealers and oil companies, China has a different system. It is not necessarily a bad thing.

              • -2 votes

                @Ahan: Its not influerence but unoffical rule of engagement with CCP. Legal Ownership? Tell that to Jack Ma… You are really living in lala land which is not really a bad thing….

                Arms dealer may be but if USA has not had their power in army, CCP will be running over our dead bodys by now

                Oil companies not much so. The wind is really changing in the fossil fuel industries. Many may not like it, like the australia coal miners but the wave has started.

                • +9 votes

                  @syswong: mate the one country committed to war over the last 50 years is the USA.

                  everyone else is merely trying to survive it.


            @Ahan: It's in their Constitution, that any person or company will comply with state direction if it's in national interest

        • +1 vote

          You are brainwashed.
          Google provides all data to US government.

        • +1 vote

          Helllllllooooo. Anyone want to Google the Patriot Act? Or US government entities illegally taking control of cameras and microphones in citizens devices?

          China, America. Same, same, but different.

        • +6 votes

          China dictatorship with 1.4 billion, US dictatorship with all rest world.

          • +2 votes

            @simb24: I did say taking side didnt I? Its is their way or our way. As bad as the western system is, there are chance for justices. Good luck finding that under the CCP.

            • +3 votes

              @syswong: Agree with "chance for justices" unless you are not a pedophiles victim's:
              And same in Australia. Our Government and Police backed paedophiles by not reveal their names and not persecuted them. "Wood Royal Commission naming 28 High Profile Paedophiles, one a Judge, one even yes…a former Prime Minister.
              There is a Suppression Order placed upon these documents, and investigations dropped."
              See PEDOHARBOUR :

            • +1 vote

              @syswong: rubbish - not borne out by facts.

            • +1 vote

              @syswong: tell it to all the disabled people executed and still being executed in the USA, tell it to all the women in prison for wanting or getting an abortion, tell it to the women who have been and still are being sterilised without any consent.

              clearly you have odd beliefs, so where do you stand on aliens from outer space?

      • +21 votes

        Didn’t the FBI famously ask Apple to unlock an iPhone for an investigation, and Apple said “no”

        Can you imagine Huawei saying that to the CCP? Not a chance.

        • +14 votes

          FBI didn't bother pursuing Apple any further because.. they ended up hacking the device anyway. Wikileaks showed this in 2017. If they kept pursuing Apple, there's still a very big likelihood they will eventually cave or have a backdoor agreement anyway to settle it.


            @bchliu: wonder why they didn't hack into Cocaine Cassie's phone hehehe


              @capslock janitor: typical mocking distraction form factual correction never let facts get in the way of propaganda

          • +3 votes


            FBI didn't bother pursuing Apple any further because.. they ended up hacking the device anyway

            This is correct, but this is because it’s easier to hack the phone than pursue the legal avenues.
            In China, its the opposite, the “legal” avenues, the rule of law, is really just rule by law.


          got links i can read?


            @capslock janitor: you have links you can read about accessing the extension, but you prefer to post its not there….

        • +2 votes

          You wouldn't need Huawei to unlock an android. They're simple enough to get in by yourself.


            @hex7272: Not if you enable encryption on the device itself. Love to see how you can crack manufacturing encryption like KNOX (yes, it is Samsung but still Android) or even the Huawei encryption itself.


              @bchliu: Physical access to a device changes everything.

              With the right tech, everything can be undone. In the case of physical device encryption, the electromagnetic field fluctuations of the device booting up, and checking password attempts can be recorded, and Fourier transformed, and the encryption algorithm cracked. Nobody's safe my dude.

      • +8 votes

        Mostly all correct - but technically was made up in Australia by ASPI (Australian Strategic Policy Institute) who's funded by a dozen weapons manufacturers and the American Government wanting to sell more weapons. These are the so-called "Think tanks" that's making BS up to supply to Western governments.

        They are the ones that produce reports that our lazy Feds use for their foreign policies - hence why there is so much anti-China hatred because these guys want to start a war.

        • +6 votes

          Can’t agree more on ASPI!

        • +3 votes

          You are actually right.. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, US embassy, UK embassy, Embassy of Japan, Embassy of Israel are among the sources of revenue in 2019-20 along.. Yet ASPI claims to be an independent, non-partisan think tank….

    • +28 votes

      iPhones are made in china I believe

      • -1 vote

        Some are made in India too


        Difference between Chinese made and Chinese owned. But soon enough manufacturing will move to where its cheaper with less risk.


          To your point, China is the safest place for capital. It was one of the few countries actually had a positive growth last year.


            @Ahan: It wasn’t safe for H&M. Suddenly blacklisted from map services for distancing itself from slave-labour cotton months ago? There’s a reason the Chinese love investing in Australian assets: the Australian Government won’t seize them.

            • +2 votes

              @CommuterPolluter: source of the asset seizure of H and M please , and America owns the vast majority of everything in Australia.

              australians actually own bugger all now courtesy of the coalition…


                @petry: I think you’ve misread the tone of my comment. I’m not bemoaning the level of Chinese investment into Australian assets, I’m explaining that this is driven by Chinese nationals wishing to reduce their level of sovereign risk. There is a huge level of sovereign risk to operating in China. Things like H and M blacklisting (that’s not asset seizure) or Jack Ma’s impromptu holiday are examples of this. I know it’s true. Any Chinese national knows it’s true. If you want to pretend it’s not true and ask for sources we are at an impasse.


                  @CommuterPolluter: you didn't explain anything - you made assertions based on only your personal opinion, which is not unbiased.

                  thats why you made the remark about a source because you have none.

                  china is cash rich and wants to make foreign acquisitions for which they are prepared to pay a premium.

                  Sadly our american muppet governmentwould rather accept less from yanks that get a market price - its called asset stripping…


                    @petry: I’m not gonna give a source for a well known fact which you can research yourself. There are plenty of ABC and NPR articles about what happened to H&M. You seem hostile to the idea of any criticism of the CCP so why find a link that you won’t open.

                    Again, I don’t care who owns Australian assets. I don’t have a problem with Chinese ownership. I’m just explaining that Chinese people want to protect their money from sovereign risk, which is why they want to keep it in Australia which. One good year does not a low risk investment make.


                      @CommuterPolluter: you know america owns huge chunks of oz, you also know NPR is a fake yank public broadcaster trotting out incomplete stories that pass as credible just like the abc.

                      proper criticism requires a factual balance - both your sources are currently incapable of providing that.

                      you are deliberately attempting to mislead and misinform. there's nothing else to be said because balanced reporting is of no interest or value to you, and as a result your personal views which you attempt to pass off as factually based are in fact just the opinion of bias and irrational thought.

                      i wonder what your other user names are….

        • +1 vote

          which won't be india..

  • +4 votes

    Cheers. I would never have known about this as I've never even opened the support app before.


      I'd rather Huawei give me a free upgrade for a Headphone Jack, microSD slot, Flat Display, and a more Durable Design. That's more rewarding for me as a consumer. And it would mean I would be their customer and recommend them to others.

      As long as they keep chasing the trends set forth by Apple and Samsung, without thinking about the actual device and the user…. as long as they do that then this is a hollow gesture in my view.

  • +12 votes

    USA isn’t spying on you. It is your choice to use fb, Twitter, google, ins, YouTube, WhatsApp, log in to the servers controlled by Americans. they could know what you are talking to your friends when you become a person of interest. don’t use those then?

    • +5 votes

      If you are using Windows 10 and/or Intel CPU and you think you are not being spied on by USA then you are clueless.

      • +2 votes

        Easy, disconnect it from internet