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25% off RRP + $250 Bonus Trade-in: Samsung Galaxy S24 fr $799, S24+ fr $1024.25, S24 Ultra fr $1399.25 Delivered @ Samsung Edu


Sorry for bombarding you all with Samsung S24 Series Deals!

Moderator's Note

  1. The original title omitted mentioning the prices were obtainable only after applying a bonus $250 credit for trading-in a device. The deal expiry date has been changed to 7 May when the trade-in bonus offer will expire. The title prices have been adjusted to exclude the assumed $1 value for the trade-in device and the assumed $60 non-return fee.
  2. Samsung Education Store web pages are showing text claiming 20% off RRP discounts. This is incorrect. The actual discounts are 25% off RRP (offers expire 22 May) which are displayed in text at checkout and confirmed with calculations. We thank the OP for pointing this out after an earlier title revision.

I don't know if this is also available in EPP Stores, please check and update the post if it is available.

These prices are derived after the trade-in of a Samsung Watch3 41mm valued at $1.

Samsung S24: $1049.25 - $251 + $60 = $858
Samsung S24+ : $1274.25 - $251 +$60 = $1083.25
Samsung S24 Ultra: $1649.25 - $251 + $60 = $1458.25

Please note that $60 will be charged to your debit/credit card when you fail to return the trade-in device within the return window. Hence, $60 will be charged to your card a few weeks after you've received your device.

I'm extremely poor at the moment to buy this but hope that none of you are as poor as I am to grab this deal.

You can also add your vouchers while purchasing through this deal. I tried using my $50 coupon code and it worked. So if you have yours, you can further reduce the price based on the value of your coupon code.

I hope this helps. Cheers!

Second Update:
I haven’t included an extra 5% discount on the first purchase through the Samsung Shop App. If you haven’t bought anything using the Shop app before, you’ll get an extra 5% discount.

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    • +7

      Trade in bonus not the value

  • I think the non-epp deal is cheaper if you don't have the $50 off. I've tried asking for the code and they weren't able to provide me one, they could give me a $100 non-epp trade in code though.

    I bought the 512gb for $1597.29 with the $100 trade-in code, through this discount it would come out to $1608

    • +3

      Samsung Online Store.
      $2399- $601 = $1798 x 0.9 = $1618 x 0.95(5% off First Purchase) = $1537 + $60 = $1597

      Samsung Education Store.
      $2399 x 0.75 = $1799.25 - $251 = $1548 x 0.95 = $1547 - $50 (Coupon) + $60 = $1557

      • hence I said it depends on the $50 code, it depends if you can get it. do you have a link where you can sign up for it?

      • +1

        You will get Samsung Rewards ( 1-5% ) and Cashrewards when purchasing from Samsung Online store

      • Wouldn't the first app purchase discount (5%) apply to Samsung Education Store too?

        • +2

          x 0.95

          Already there

  • +3

    How did you get the coupon may I ask?
    (You're extremely poor you say, I am extremely poor and illiterate in such things😅)

    • +2

      Subscribe to every possible Samsung events. Because why not? Haha

    • +9

      Go to online chat and say I'm extremely poor at the moment can I get a loyalty voucher?

  • +4

    Seems to be available on Westpac EPP store.
    Still 1450 for the S24 Ultra seems very steep compared to the 849 Pixel 8 Pro offer on at JB. Is the S24 Ultra really worth 600 bucks more?


    • +2

      Durability test - Scratches at level 7, deeper groove at level 8

      • +3

        I agree that the S24U is better than the Pixel 8 Pro.

        Better screen
        Better processor therefore better performance and battery life
        More base storage

        But are these things worth $600

        • +1

          Good battery life for the next few years itself is worth it for me. If samsung lasts 2 days for my usage and pixel 1.5 days, it means daily charging vs alternate day charging.

          • +1

            @John Doh: Yup because keeping the phone on a wireless charger every night before you sleep is so inconvenient.

            • +1

              @dealsucker: Absolutely is for me. And more recharge cycles is another battery change down the line sooner than later.

              • +1

                @John Doh: I would never understand people - that so called inconvenience vs better camera, software updates on day 1, AI features for life unlike samsung, better everyday usage without bloat and $600 cheaper.

                • @dealsucker: Its just perspective. Faster chipset, better battery, Google sux on 5g standby and I use dualsims, same camera quality, AI is there on Samsung too, Good software support etc. No am not buying the S24U at 1500. Probably will wait for it to go lower like 1300 or less. I dont mind the bloatware. Disable them and there is plenty of RAM anyway. I am on the P30 Pro and will probably upgrade to S24U.

                  • @John Doh: I am using dual sim on my P8 Pro and there are no issues to be honest. Admittedly I havent used S24U because I am been burnt by samsung software too many times in the past and I saw the same problem with the camera that I have been seeing for the last 5 years (moving object in not perfect conditions) and more importantly, I will only buy it when its a minimum of 50% off :D

                    • @dealsucker: Software is more of an age thingy IMO. In my late 20s and early 30s, i never used any phone without flashing it with custom firmware. Now just entered 40s and dont really care about the bloat and stuff as long as the phone is snappy enough.I havent even factory reset my P30 Pro since i got it almost 4 years ago. Pixel 8 definitelly improved over P7. But seeing that battery drop faster definitely gets on my nerve (my brain is just wired like that lol).

                • @dealsucker: Sorry for weighing in between you two.

                  Software update on day 1 with bugs vs Software update later with almost no bugs matter a lot.

                  Similarly, the day when the function of non-custom Android is limited to Google like ‘Circle to search’, it hurts whole Android community than Samsung.

                  Android is losing to iOS in rich countries already and Google/Android has more to lose when they limit such functions to themselves and their devices like Pixels.

                  • @nepalicurryinahurry: I am not sure if samsung is bug free either. Atleast it wasnt when I used it the last time around. As long as there is software, there will be bugs unless they are show stoppers.

    • +2

      I don’t know if it’s worth an extra $600 but I’d take Ultra every time over P8P.

      Having used a P7 with below-par network reception, bugs, overheating and battery drainage issues, I vowed to not purchase a Pixel with the Tensor chip anytime soon.

      Let’s see what the Pixel line holds in the future.

      • Yeah I am the same with P7P, I hate it. And the screen scratches so easily for some reason! I think I'm going to just bite the bullet and go back to samsung, and sell the P7P…

        Not to mention a lot of features I assumed were vanilla android were actually nice quality of life improvements by Samsung and I miss them.

    • +9

      Having owned a fair few of the modern Samsung and Pixel phones (yes, I change phones too often for my own good), I actually think the comparison should be between the Pixel 8 Pro and the S24+ (not the Ultra). The Pixel 8 Pro and S24+ are much closer in specifications and pricing.

      That being said, I think the Pixel phones are generally just overrated - yes, they have some really cool AI features which may be useful to some, and they have great cameras, but everything else about them are just sub-par. Google's Tensor chips are still not close to Qualcomm's flagships, they are generally released buggier and more temperamental (just strange teething issues) vs. the Samsung phones.

      FWIW, Samsung's version of Android and stock Android are really close these days. I do think the Pixel is a serviceable phone, but it often feels a bit like Google's "test phone" as opposed to a market-ready final product.

      • +2

        I second this. Was excited when the Pixel 6 launched but that was plagued with bugs, then the Pixel 7 came out and thought yeah should be all fixed and good to go with that generation but battery life was horrendous especially on mobile data. Switched over to the S23 and now I'm using the S24 Ultra (because wife wanted to move away from her Pixel too so she got my S23) and honestly would pay the extra than getting the Pixel again.

  • $754.54 for s24 256gb through shop app with same trade-in as in desc.

    • Yes, I discarded the 5% first purchase discount as people might have already used the discount. Also, if you’re trading in a device you’re sending, you can get the price down further more.

  • what are the chances they don't honour the trade-in discount and charge you the full amount for the phone?

    • +2

      I don’t know of any event where one has been charged a full trade-in value including the bonus trade-in value.

    • Trade in bouns is from Samsung. Non return fee is by Asurion. From what I can tell, they don't seem to care. Samsung sells a device for a profit and Asurion make $60 for sending automated reminder messages. Win win.

      • +3

        And Asurion scam people that send a working phone saying it was faulty.

        Better pay the $60

        • I tradein 3 phones so far. Never had a issue with them.
          But they are worst in communication

          • @hopper: That should tell you enough to stay away in case something goes wrong

  • Are these prices purchasing through the app with extra 5% off first purchase. Logging into Edu store on laptop I get the 512GB Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra at only 20% off i.e. $1799.25

    Am I missing something?

    • +1

      This screenshot!


      Says 20% but 75% of $2199 is $1649.25.

      Also, this post doesn’t include 5% first purchase discount through the app.

      • Actually the $1649.25 price is for 256GB not 512GB

    • to get an account on the Edu store, do you need an educational institution email address?

  • Anybody knows how long does it take for them to ship? It says ships from 29 april. How long will it take to reach a melbourne suburb?

    • 1-2 days after

    • Black is an instant shipping. Black 256GB has an estimated delivery on 18 April in Sydney area.

  • Anyone reckon is worth upgrading from s23 to s24?

    I can't find a compelling reason but maybe i missed something?

    • +11

      Please don’t. If it’s the S23/+, it has a SD chip in it. S24 has Exynos. You see that you’ve a compelling reason to stay with your S23.

    • +3

      Don't. Snapdragon S23 >

    • Not sure when they will ship, but once shipped it's next day delivery with StarTrack. I've bought about 5 devices in last 3 years and every time it's been delivered next day…to Perth.

  • I'm running out of devices to sent to trade-in. How many times you can get trade-in bonus without sent the devices before Asurion block your ID? Would they do it? Thanks

    • Thought you can just enter a fake imei and not send your device in? Would incur the pentalty though.

      • Yeah I know that and I think it's fine for 1 or 2 times but I want to know for example what if you buy more than 3, 4, 5… and don't sent the devices for trade in? Would they do something or block you?

        • +7

          I am at 5, no dramas yet

          • @abs898: Hi, so how would I be able to generate the IMEI if i wish to partake in this deal?

            • +1

              @iLikeDeals64: Enter gibberish and Samsung trade in page will accept it.

              Better yet enter a smartwatch as the trade in device and enter whatever you want in serial number.

          • @abs898: I just completed the trade-in and noticed Asurion charged me twice for the trade-in device (i.e. Galaxy Watch 3 41mm). Fortunately, the device value was only $1 so a duplicate charge is still only a total of $2. However, have you encountered anything like this during the 5 times you've used the trade-in offer?

            • +1

              @code695: You must have tried it twice, it will disappear.

    • +1

      Last time I traded up ear buds for $1, bought $15 earbuds from Amazon and sent , they emailed me saying they are happy 😊

      • Ya they cracked down on it. No more earbuds

  • Isn't the penalty $30 not $60, for a $1 item?

    • +1

      Some have reported to being charged $60, I was charged $30 when I bought at Pre-Order.

    • +1

      It's $60 if your item value is $30 or more (or something similar, don't quote me).

      Trade-in value of less than $30 will attract a non-return fee of $30.

      • What if it is more than $60? Say $660? Then additional 600 discount? I was happily thinking of trading my beloved S10e for 40 bucks. During the trade in process, I ticked 'yes' for the damage question as it has a tiny crack at the corner of its back glass and it changes to $1. Now I am thinking not to send and pay the penalty and thinking of this dodgy idea. I am sure I am not the first and only one.

    • +1

      Been paying $30 for a $1 item

      • The trade in site says that if you don't send a trade in "Samsung may also charge you for any additional bonus credit applied to your order." Has this happened to anyone before twhere Samsung then charge you the full price?

        • +2

          None since 2022

  • Does someone have the link to the coupon code?

  • +1

    If anyone is worried about Exynos vs Snapdragon, I've had an s24 for a month and I'm loving it. Snapdragon might still be better if you look closely at the testing, but for my casual day to day use I've not been bothered by (possibly) 10 or 20% less battery efficiency on 5g, slower cam, photo quality or whatever.

    • +7

      So 10-20% less battery life, slower cam and photo quality…. I guess that should be enough reason for S23 users not to upgrade to S24…!!!

      • But what about from a phone like s22 or older?

      • +1

        Emphasis on POSSIBLE. At the time I got my phone, there was maybe 1 YouTuber who did a side by side for Exynos vs SD, and there was some issue with whether putting a phone on a stand and endlessly running videos/games is reflective of realistic performance.

        And that's not factoring in updates to a phone that is practically brand new.

        Edit: And some testing showed Exynos was more efficient on wifi, iirc

  • S24 256gb for $754 or P8Pro 128gb for $849? 🤔

    • -2

      Go for P8P 256GB for 949. Worth it. I am using it and can’t complain. Happy with the battery life too.

    • +4

      I’d go with S24. Pixel has network reception problem. If you live in an area where you network is a struggle, you’ll struggle further more with a Pixel device.

      Coming out of basement has made Pixel struggle to find a network and I’d to wait for a few more minutes to call or stream a song.

      • Well I live in an area where we have network coverage issue but its across all phones. Have been using P8P for last 4-5 months and didn’t experience this issue. I am with Telstra via Boost.

  • Is there anyone here who already has the S24/S24+ that can comment on whether its a respectable device? I've got a S23+ and can't seem to sift out the noise on whether the Exynos S24+ is a worthwhile upgrade

    • +2

      Use the S24 for work, goes well. No lag or crashing apps. Nice screen, good size phone too. All day battery, even when hot spotting to my laptop. It's a perfectly good device if you don't have ultra money or just want something smaller.

      • How is the battery life?

        • +3

          Easy to get more than a day out of it. I just charge it once a day out of habit. But I've never run out of juice since having it.

          Runs all MS Office and teams perfectly

    • +4

      respectable device?

      If the item is $1K+, I hope it's respectable.

      • +7

        Respect is earned not bought

        • Well someone has to buy it? and we keep buying them, even after Galaxy Note7

    • +4

      The answer is no in your case.

      If you were on an S21 or maybe an S22 then sure, the upgrade would be more noticeable.

      But year to year upgrades are a complete waste at the moment. You won't notice any difference. I think upgrading every 3 years or every 4 is the most logical at the moment, if not even longer going ahead to notice any actual difference in the models.

  • I tried the watch trade in got the code but it ask to bring to Samsung store, can't allowed online? Did tried it twice no option for online trade.

    • +3

      You dont need to use the app - that's now for store only.

      Online website has the trade in now, use that.

      • got it now thanks :)

  • Is the $50 discount generic? Signed up for a lot of things but haven't got one. If anyone has one to spare please shoot it over :)

    • +1

      it's not generic

  • If anyone has a spare voucher or referral can you please share it, would be really helpful!

  • What phone plans are you stacking with this. I'm on a JB Hi Fi $99 Telstra plan at the moment and got my S22 plus for a few hundred bucks.

    That deal was the best at the time and they seem to be much less frequent now.

  • +1

    After this deal I felt so expensive buying Samsung phones


  • How do you get the $50 voucher?

    • +1

      I think people with the $50 voucher got it from this promotion

  • Seems like a good price.

    Any idea if it's worth getting a code from Samsung, as per previous deals?

    Haven't bought anything from them yet. Have an edu email that can be used.


  • FYI EPP says 20% on the main screen, but when you go through the checkout process, it mentions it is 25% off…promotion ends 22 May 2024.

  • -1

    Also if you are CBA customer, check your Yello awards. I have 10% off purchases from Samsung when using CBA card.

    • +3

      I believe that's a whole separate link so you won't have Edu/EPP prices

  • +5

    I am fed-up of these Maze Deals … Go right, Go Left, Go Forward, Take a small turn, Keep right, Take left, Small door on the ground, Go underground, keep walking straight, here is your deal.

    • +3

      Worth it to save $500 me thinks. No?

    • +6

      Samsung deals like this are not for the light-hearted (although I think this deal is already relatively simple)

      The real complex one with 7 discounts stacked was this. It gave the "bestest" price of all time (Fold 5 for $600+ and S23U for $500+), dont think we will ever see it again? 😂

      • yeh got that deal for fold 5, now try to justify to get this S24 U deal.

      • Damn, missed it.

  • This 512 S24U or the iPhone 15 Plus 512? If you go to OW and price beat with centrecom the 15 Plus 512 will be about $1640. I have an OPPO find n2 flip and think about upgrade to one of this.

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