This was posted 6 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free 6-Month Warranty Extension for Existing/New Huawei Smartphones @ Huawei AU


Found this hidden gem listed under the Discover category in the Huawei Support app.

My P30 Pro warranty had 3 months left and I got it extended for 6 months

We want to reward all our customers, whether you have an existing smartphone or a new one.

Free 6-Month Warranty Extension
20% off on Spare Parts for Eligible Devices
Free Screen Protector & Free Clean-up Service

1. Open the Support app
2. Under the Discover tab, find and tap on 'Campaign'
3. Scroll down and tap 'Claim Warranty Extension Now'

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              @petry: Is there a problem mate?

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            @Preferred Username: Thanks, worked by going into the AppGallery app. Both Google play and the support app itself said it was updated, but clearly Huawei's own appstore had the updated version.

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              @Ughhh: glad you managed to do the update and find it …

              • @petry: Yes, you've been so helpful, everyone wants to see what you have to say. 😘😘😘

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                  @Ughhh: unlike you then…

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                    @petry: You're tooo cute. Adorable.

    • Try the Recommended tab, which is same icon as Discover.

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    Where is the best bang for buck place to buy new Huawei phones?

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    This reminds me of when VW "generously" extended warranties on DSG gearboxes. They're literally doing nothing more than honouring your consumer guarantees mandated by consumer Law and spinning it as a PR stunt.

    If a $1000+ phone breaks just north of 2 years and the manufacturer tries to skip out on fixing it the ACCC will have your back. The fact major telcos like Vodafone and Optus have standardised 36 month repayment plans has pretty much dictated at least 3 years is a reasonable lifespan for a mobile device.

  • Damn, P9 but no P9 Plus.
    I guess since it was never officially sold locally :(

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    Why do some (mod: edited) need to make this a political post here? Keep your comments to yourself. They should be banned from Ozbargain, this is a site for bargains. You don't like Huawei then move on

  • Anyone get through with an expired warranty? My warranty expired on Feb 2021, and I cannot see the "Campaign".
    Edit: didn't notice the sentence "existing in-warranty HUAWEI smartphone users", so not for me this time.

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    It's funny how clowns make a great deal out of Huawei with all these CCP spying BS, yet do not realize that "CCP owned" companies aka Xiaomi / Oppo / Vivo / Realme made up more than 40% of the 2020 Q4 smart phone market shares.

    So why is only Huawei being targeted? Take an educated guess

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      Technological breakthrough that left the US behind, e.g. 5G. Sanction Huawei so US companies can catch up.

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        and steal Huawei tech..

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    sweet deal OP.
    It wasn't working for me originally…
    I had to register with Huwaei - fiddle around update etc.
    and it worked.
    too bad no service centre in melbourne, could do with a new screen protector.

    • Hey curious what you used to reg into Huawei? (FB, mob#, email etc..)

  • Have P30 but only have my huawei app.
    Tried to find support app in appGallery, and it showed me "installed" support app.
    when I click open, it opens my huawei app, which has no above pages.
    My phone and appGallery is both in AU region.
    Anyone has a workaround?

    • What's your support app version?

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        i don't have a support app, only my huawei app
        It looks like support app changed to my huawei app in one of the upgrade.
        I tried to install support app back from appgallery, but it showed installed, and open as my huawei app.
        my P30 was from a AU telco with AU warranty though.

        Edit:Got it working now. Here is the fix:
        1.From appgallery, me>installation manager>my huawei>delete>app back to default?>Yes huawei would become support as default app, then use appgallery to update it, it required twice update for me. i find the promotion in support app

        Hope this would help anyone having same issue.
        Happy to have extended warranty.

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    +1 Thanks OP for the heads up.

    -100 for the usual political ambushes in the comments. If you dont like Huawei, sod off. Trying to find the fix to claim the warranty was painful with all your garble in there.

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    Thanks for the post op! Took advantage of this.

  • Sorry, your device is not eligible for this benefit.

    P30 Purchased through Telstra from JB HiFi less than a year ago, still in warranty until 21/05/22

    • Support app was out of date, updated to

      Am logged in to Huawei ID

      • Checked >services >benefits, no extended warranty

        Checked >discover >campaign, Claim warranty extension now is greyed out

        Warranty still shows up as 2 years from my purchase date

        • Did you update the app through Play Store or App Gallery?

      • what did you use to register your Huawei ID account? ?
        (they have few options like Facebook, mobile#, email and more)

  • Still says "device not eligible" on my Mate20, even after logging into HuaweiID.

    Any solutions please?