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Klipsch Reference R-51M Bookshelf Speaker Pair $468.34 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This is one of the best price you can get for this awesome pair of speakers. Unlike its younger brother RM-41M this can give you a balanced output. I have them as my front speaker, and i should tell you, I have never enjoyed music as i did with them.

I wish i had this deal when I bought mine. I paid around $550 in a Melbourne local hifi store. Its not very often they have this model in stock in Amazon especially for this price. Grab one if you are after a good speaker upgrade for your home theater or music setup.

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  • Well that didn't last.

    • Amazon deals rarely do, their algorithms seem to bump the price up as soon as too many people buy something

    • ^ It was sold out/'available from other sellers' for $1200 or whatever rubbish price in the window I checked, since become available again for even cheaper ($461).

    • if you are interested in these they routinely become available for $130 delivered via prime

      i bought some in feb/march and about a fortnight ago they were available at 125ish

      whoops, i was talking about the 4" model, R-41M

      not sure why you'd pay so much more for the 5" model anyway, just buy a sony passive sub for $50 from gumtree and pair them up with a 2.1 douk/nobsound digital amp for $100

      probably the best audio you can buy for sub 300

  • Shows $461.62 for me now (with Prime). Out of stock at the moment so won't get it for a month but is still allowing orders to be placed at the reduced price.

  • What equipment do you guys connect it to?

    Does it require an amplifier if connecting to a computer for playing FLAC files?

  • Can I use 4 or 5 of these mounted on a wall towards the ceiling for surround sound movie audio for my projector, plugged into a reciever?

    • Sure you can. Though I would recommend an actual model matching centre speaker for your fronts rather than using a single bookshelf speaker.

  • Any recommendations for an amp?

  • Can someone tell me whether this gives me a $300 better performance over Edifier R1280DB?

    • Yes. Edifies is for college students who are too precious for the Logitech generic speakers. They think Edifiers are good because they don’t know better.

      • You mean the lower end edies. S2000pro and s3000 kick ass.

        • Na edifier are pretty average. I returned my s2000 pro and bought some Kali studio monitors. Extremely glad I did.

          • @Drpepper666: Lp6 or 8? They look horrendous IMO. That’s great they suited you better that’s for sure. I went s3000pro after trying Klipsch and Elac. All down to use case and sound signature preferences.

            • @onlinepred: Went for the 6. Lol fair enough, theyre not for looks though they're for quality audio. they look better than the cheap fake woodgrain edifiers I had. I'm glad youre happy with them. Maybe the s3000 pro are better.

              • @Drpepper666: Yea s3000pro review incredibly well. I went from Samsung 9.2.1 soundbar to klipsch the fives to edifier s3000pro. They are beasts with incredibly controlled and powerful bass. Wood grain on them with black looks so good in person too. Not as good as klipsch the fives actual wood though hahaha. Lp6 was lacking in bass and imaging for me, I thought I could use them in the garage but ended up passing them in. I hear the Lp8 is meant to be better?

      • i feel so personally attacked right now.

        are you telling me my $99 edifier something number model weren't a good deal that give me lots of ozbargain cred? i'm crying into the speaker cones right now…

        will it improve the sound?

      • What is better under thr $250 pricepoint then?

        Not everyone can blow $500+ on speakers to listen to Spotify.

    • Yes definitely, but you need an amp so can't really compare them $ for $

    • Edifier aren't very good. I'd only recommend them to people who are cheap or don't care about audio too much , kind of like sound bars in that regard but I'd prefer edifiers over sound bars. Not everyone wants to buy an amp/audio interface to achieve great sound.

      • Airpulse aren't good? Sounds like you're talking out of your ass.

      • You clearly have no clue what you are talking about. Even the cheaper ones sound better than most other active speakers of similar price. Check out reviews of s3000pro.

      • I'd like to weigh in here, i've bought the Edifier S2000MKIII's, now i'm no means an audophile, but i will say the vocal quality of these speakers is clear as hell, it's awesome, and i've had ZERO issues with them either, they are fantastic build quality and audio quality, best i've ever heard,

        "cheap and don't care about audio too much" is bullshit, i care a ton about audio, it's exactly why i did my research and got the s2000mkiiis' as i watch a ton of tv shows and movies, they are PERFECT for it, and they are not cheap.

        As for expensive audiophile speakers, i don't really see a need at all, i mean even if you can get better vocals than my current pair of speakers (which you 100% can), there's not really a point to it, atleast for me, i guess if you really love music go audiophile?

  • Man, so many douchey audiophile wannabes shitting over other peoples preferences. If someone likes what they have, edifier or whatever, then why do you guys care?