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Anko 12V-80Ah Deep Cycle AGM Battery $149 / Portable Battery Box $59 @ Kmart


Looks like Kmart are getting into 4WD gear now. Surprising!

For a deep cycle battery and a dedicated battery box with Anderson connectors from a reputable Australian bricks and mortar retailer, this is pretty cheap.

Maybe pop an electric motor in your car and convert it to electric with a bootful of these. Instant Tesla.

Store energy and have hassle-free camping trips with this Deep Cycle AGM Battery that can be conveniently recharged using an electrical socket or solar power.

Product Details

Battery box not included
Dimensions/Size: 20.8cm (H) x 26cm (W) x 16.8cm (D)
Material: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Technical specifications:
Rated voltage: 12V
Nominal capacity: 80.0Ah
Nominal operating temperature range: 25 +/- 3 degree Celsius
Product weight: 23.8kg

Tough and durable ABS housing
Superior deep discharge recovery
Includes carry handle for easy transport
Ideal for 4WD, caravan and camping trailers
Can recharge using an electrical socket or solar power
Used for energy storage
Installation by an adult required

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  • So this is the normal price?

  • Oznormalpricefinder

  • Kmart has been selling even before last summer. The battery is pretty good for the price and has been low stock since but they've appeared to catch up with demand.

  • Great shout out. Good to know, hopefully
    Someone has tired them got feedback on them!

  • Any idea what warranty it has?

  • Possibly ok for light use. AGM's should only be discharged to ~50%, so 40Ah available.

    This Giant 140 Ah 5 yr warranty is much better value but also much heavier.

    • Approx Weight Approx 32.2 Kg


      • Yep, 24kg for the 80Ah is already heavy enough. You don't want - or need in most cases - to be carrying them around. While large, heavy and relatively inefficient AGMs are still popular in campers etc due to price, weight is one of the reasons why LFP is now the go-to for deep cycling needs. You can buy decent 100Ah LFPs from about $400 - cheaper if you're prepared to risk the unknown Chinese batteries on Ebay.

  • 80Ah very limited use. Ok to use with a solar blanket I guess. But honestly I have a 100Ah deep cycle and I just find it frustrating to use. Always have to make sure you don’t go below 50%, which is always a rough estimate too. On top of that it weights 30 kilos. This technology has done its time. I’ll switch to lithium next summer. 10kg for the same Ah and much more reliable. Ok it’s expensive but it’s a lot better

    • We use an 80ah AGM for our 3way 45l esky, some led lights, a radio, no problem.
      Guess it depends on your definition of limited.
      Lithium is fine if you want to throw big wads of money at the problem. 23kg is fine in a battery box, unless you're getting the kids to move it? Bear in mind you need to make sure your chargers and controllers are lithium compatible (and they cost 4 times as much).

      • LFP may be double the price but they are also half the weight, at least double the life (and warranty), and double the usable capacity. The choice boils down to individual needs and readily available $$$. A "typical" off grid camp will draw at least 30Ah meaning this battery needs to be recharged after 36 hours. Heavier use will see it out in a day. Expect AGM prices to drop considerably in the next 18 months or so because boaties and camper trailer owners are very quickly shifting camp.

  • Installation by an adult required

    Not sure that many children would be attempting to use or install these batteries?

    • Can recharge using an electrical socket

      Equally not sure this is good advice. Plugging an AGM charger into a 240V socket and connecting it to the battery is probably a better option.

  • Lucky to have one for click and collect at nearby store. Money charged, neither got email confirmation or SMS for ready to collect even though after ringing kmart they said it is. Not sure if that is a general kmart online experience.
    Was contemplating this or LiPo battery pack but at this price can't beat for a small backyard solar pond pump and lighting set up. Paired with a PWM controller and second hand (roof) panel great entry set up for < $250