Save up to 50% on Accommodation (Includes Unlimited Entry to 4 Theme Parks) Priced From $199 @ SeaWorld Theme Park


One of the cheapest ways for a family to visit the Gold Coast theme parks. Get in quick as the weekends book out quickly.

SALE NOW ON! Save up to 50% and enjoy unlimited entry Sea World, Warner Bros. Movie World, Wet’n’Wild and Paradise Country during your stay! Stay from 18 April 2021 to 25 June 2021.

Example: $149 for select Sunday night for 2 adults ($199 for 2 adults & 2 children) in the Resort Double Room.

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    and the all important price would be?

  • Price varies depending on the day you choose, number of pax etc

  • Pretty sure once you buy those tickets, they announce another lockdown/border closure/ must wear face mask /%insert your own option here%..

  • So you only get the discount if you stay at their resort?

  • Has anyone had experience with the major theme parks and unexpected changes - border closures etc? Do they do credits, refunds, allow you to change days, sell/transfer..? A quick Google doesn't show much.

    • Not quite related, but we had a valid Dreamworld annual pass during the lockdown last year (with the park closed). They ended up extending the expiry date for the same time it was closed. Not sure about border closures though.

    • I purchased in February 2020 and Sea World were very good about moving it (twice). Eventually ended up attending in January 2021 and had a wonderful time.

      I was not charged any fees for moving it - however their policy may have changed as alot of websites now say that by this time you should be aware of the risks etc.

    • We were rained out when we were there a few weeks ago. We only got to use our one-week passes a couple of times.

      I complained and they issued new passes with a year's validity. But an outright refund? Like trying to squeeze gold out of a Scotsman.

    • I wouldn't recommend Dream world due to tons of rides being shut. The rest wasn't too bad.

  • Cheap prices, paid nearly $400 a night. Will not stay at the resort again… Worst sleep ever… Had the deluxe double room. Literally could hear the conversations and kids next door. The front door is no better can hear kids running around singing and dancing… Awesome water park inside the resort though!

    • I second this. Terrible place to stay. Cheap and nasty motel style rooms. Dated. Small, average restaurants. Most facilities in very poor condition. Overcrowded and rough crowd.

      • I disagree with this. If you want to see a rough crowd stay at Paradise Resort.

        The crowd at sea world is normal, civilised families. Any family resort will be a little noisy.

        The facilities are good and clean. The service is good. The theme park pass represents excellent value.

        • Not for $400 a night by any means at all please. We stayed at RACV Gold Coast, difference was night and day and cost 40% less. Most people like we did think you pay 400 a night and get some kind of Disney land theme park resort experience. You get a cheap and nasty motel experience instead.

        • Haha if you want a true bogan atmosphere try Treasure Island Tourist Park. If you don't have a tinnie in your hand by 10am you'll get reported to management!

      • Thanks for the input. Not going stay knowing uncomfortable sleep and kids being kid which can't be helped. I rather go somewhere else and plan the cost to the parks. Unlimited doesn't mean much if you only go once per park

    • Hot tip. Better to stay at the RACV resort Gold Coast.

    • We went off-peak ended up paying $160 for 5 people for 1 night and 5 passes over 2 days in June

  • Nice price but just not sure about flight going over. I know that's no local transmission in NSW but I cannot be certain about Inflights and QLD

    Also it's not a good time as school holidays are over already that's probably why there's a deal

    Term 2 doesn't end until 25th June which is when this deal is over for the stay and unlimited visits.

    Therefore no good for school kids

  • Too late offer…already finished holiday

  • check the theme parks are open on the days you are staying at the hotel - just booked 3 nights at the sea world resort sunday - wednesday and Wet Wild is shut monday -thursday.

    Wow great. Was gonna try to pull off going sunday but check in is at 3pm and wet wild shuts 4pm.

    Maybe have this is the booking room page?

    Will call the resort and see if we can come in 10am and get the tickets so we can go the only day wet wild is available on the sunday

    Also there is no dates listed on operating hours for Movie World and Sea world after may

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      Will call the resort and see if we can come in 10am and get the tickets so we can go the only day wet wild is available on the sunday

      We went a couple of years ago and were able to collect tickets first thing in the morning, went to a theme park, then came back and checked in to our room in the evening.

      • yep we did this - rock up 1st thing get tix .. come back later in t he eve to check in after being at a theme park all day

    • You can pick the tickets up before 10am. The tickets are from the resort.

  • Resort is basic at best.
    But for $200 for 1nt and 2 days of theme park for 2 adults and 3 kids. I did it again the next year and would do again.

    • Agree with this.

      Rooms aren't anything special, buffet breakfast can be a bit of a shambles if you don't get in early, but for the price including theme park access it's a bargain.
      (assuming youre going to use the pass enough by visiting them all of multiple visits)

    • I agree. This isn't a deal for the accommodation, this is cheap theme park tix with free basic accomm thrown in. Still good value for families IMO.

  • Do I need to stay in their resort to get the discount?

    • You have to collect your theme park tickets at the resort, but there is nothing stopping you from staying elsewhere if you want.

  • I did this like 7-8 years ago back when it was under $1000 for like 5 nights, very much worth it then. Seems like the prices have bikes a fair bit since then though.

  • i did this a couple years ago and room only cost about $119 due to pool closure sale. i wonder do they do the pool cleaning sale every year in Feb? the cheapest i could find now is $199 . i expected it to be cheaper due to covid but still a good deal for a family of 4 to access the theme parks for 2 days. oh well i wish they accept afterpay at checkout but i only see credit cards. i may still consider surprising the kids and taking up offer. if they are there any discount codes around pm me, all i could find was racq one?

  • If I book for a night, do I get theme park access for two days?

    • yes . just go early 9/10am leave bags at reception ask for the theme park tickets for 2 days for the whole tribe . go see sea world for a couple of hours come back in arvo check in . have fun.

  • If only it was 50% off annual pass

  • Anyone knows if they will launch an Annual Pass sale?

  • I've got a mate who works at Wet n Wild. They've only been open 4 days a week for a couple of months, but then they opened 7 days a week during school holidays. With winter approaching it will be interesting to see what happens. Sea World was open but had pretty much all of their rides closed. They were still charging full price, but guests only had access to the shows and the attractions. There wasn't much on the website to let guests know. The theme parks are really struggling with no international tourism and domestic numbers have also been way down. They've done decent numbers the last couple of weeks, but they don't tell staff much at all, so there's a chance they might continue with the partial closures and restricted access. That said, the theme parks are a major tourism attraction for which the impacts of the pandemic have been extreme. I worked at Sea World during holidays during high school and university, so I really hope they start getting more people through the gates because they employ a lot of locals and attract a lot of people to the area.

  • I think the RACV member discount on family pass works out cheaper?

  • We did this last year and it wasn't too bad, but it's only worth it (imo) if you get the room for under $200 and they include breakfast (which they don't look like they are here), the wine and the free coffees. You freeze your a$$ off in the resort pool as it is winter but until the kids turn blue and start chittering, you'll be fine. The touch pools were closed as well so the starfish and sea cucumbers went unmolested, much to the disappointment of the children.

  • We had 6 days in the GC just recently (Travelling from Melbourne), and made full advantage of the 3-day unlimited pass.

    The first day at Movie World was a absolute fiasco with half of the rides closed but guests exceeding capacity. Just as a reference - there was a 3 hour wait for the DC hypercoaster, and all of the rides were at minimum a 1.5hr wait.

    Second and third day at Wet n Wild & Sea World were a little better although many of the rides advertised were not open.

    Staff were saying it was probably the busiest weekend they have ever seen (incl. pre-pandemic holidays) but they were ill equipped to deal with the influx of guests.

    All-in-all the kids enjoyed it but absolutely exhausting for the parents..

  • Hi does anyone have any links to get theme park passes for cheap I.e without staying at this resort

  • If we need tickets for 3A, 1C, could we get away with booking as 2 adults, 2 children? Are the tickets for 4 persons or 2A, 2C only? Thanks

    • I know from 2 years ago my tickets definitely said adult/child. But I don't recall them paying too much attention when they checked them on entry. Is it worth risking though?

  • Just got a Thursday night for $174 nice!

  • Just returned from a 3 night stay for 760. Thank you so much, I saved around 300 dlrs as compared to Hilton diamond with amex offer.