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Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones $299 (RRP $599) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


JbHiFi Half price deals.


Key Features

Auto On/Off and Smart Pause
Never miss a beat with seamless on/off and pause functionality. Plays your music faster than any other headphone.

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent Hearing
MOMENTUM Wireless adapts to your environment wherever you find yourself

Soft Earpads and Headband
Genuine leather and soft padding guarantee long wearing comfort

Three Buttons Interface
For easy operation without having to read a manual

Automatic Pairing Mode
Makes setting up easy on first activation

Smart Control App
Built-in equalizer, noise cancellation and transparent hearing modes

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  • Better than 50% off, would have been $299.50, happy dance :+)

  • Great sounding headphones to pair with your mobile. Since upgrading I still use these to work out

    • May I suggest you use instead regular fitness equipment. These are purely for listening.

    • I'd be worried about having these drop or have equipment fall on them and damage them.. I used to wear over-ear wireless ANC headphones to the gym but more often than not they'd fall off my head when lying on a bench or doing deadlifts..

      And also, sweat/dirt getting into these would be bad if they're not IPxxx certified. Would be awesome for at home/in-transit/office use but I just wouldn't be able to justify using them at the gym. But your purchase so you do whatever makes you happy :)

      • Never had any issues and I'm not even super careful lol but I have it pulled all the way to my head so it's as tight as possible.

        I sweat like a mofo. Like REALLY bad, but never had any issues after countless sweaty gym sessions.

        I justified it mainly because my pair are fairly old and I've got a way better set so they don't really get used outside of gym.

        I wouldn't buy them new and gym with em though!

        • haha yeah makes sense. if they were old then I guess that's cool. they are a great pair of headphones though.

  • Man they are up to version 3 of this. Still so freaking expensive!

  • Difference between this and MOMENTUM 2 Wireless over-Ear? Is the Momentum 2 newer?

  • I think they have fallen behind the competition and asking for a price point they are not competitive in. The biggest drawback before the sound is the comfort. From my recollection, the padding is stiff and narrow and the ear can touch the insides unlike sony's latest models.

    • I think you're confusing these with the Sennheiser HD4.50, the earcup padding on the M3 is leather, wide and deep. These are more comfortable than both Sony and Bose (I have all 3). For me these are the most comfortable wireless headphones that I've used. Also features galore, these are my goto wireless.

      • I am sure it is the momentum as I have the wired version. I do have big ears but the design and inner cushioning matters (best when it doesn't touch). Sony's also had this problem and fixed it in their revisions. I have been testing the demo units in JB for a while and they are just not comfortable in the top headband and earcups. E.g. bose went backwards in comfort.

        • Yeah, comfort is subjective. I have medium to large ears and the HD4.50 were ridiculously tight on me. I bought them as a spare pair for doing sweaty / dirty work e.g mowing the lawn but sold them after a month, wearing them was torture.

      • They look the goods too.

    • Not sure why you have to Neg a deal for a design flaw/preference!!!

      • I know. That is like neg a deal on samsung fold because it is not a s10 or something

      • According to the voting guidelines this neg would be fine, falling under "Issue with product".

        While it might feel like it doesn't deserving a neg, this is an important feature/flaw of the product that should be highlighted to buyers.

        Good deal though!

        • No it does not fall under "Issue with product".

          Issue with product (For example:)
          It does not work the way it should
          It has been recalled

          This product was design to work this way. he just dont like it

          • @canberrascooter: Yeah definitely a subjective thing here. I personally valued that information as I hate "smart" stuff like that. It reminds me of the new Apple headphones needing to be put into its case to turn it off. Why power buttons are being phased out puzzles me.

        • It's not an issue though, it's a feature, he just doesn't like it, I actually do.

  • I know this might sound strange but how would these work for gaming, have a mic set up so would just be looking at upgrading my old (but good) Sony headphones as there being held togeerth by gaffa tape…

    • They use Bluetooth, but don't appear to support any low-latency codecs - so there will be lag between things happening in-game and the audio.

      I'd question how good they are as "audiophile" headphones, if they only support Bluetooth's not-so-great SBC codec.

      • Cos of battery life i would use them with a 3.5mm cable at all times when gaming, if i did that there would be no problems with lag right? When playing music i would not mind there being a delay.
        Thank you

      • Your wrong, they support AptX Low Latency. It's a very tough choice between these and the Sony XM4. The Sony have much better noise cancelling and better mic for calls, but the Senn have much nicer build with steel and leather compared to the plastic and pleather of Sony, and Senn have low latency support which Sony don't, but Sony support High definition codecs which Senn doesn't. Sound quality will be personal preference between them.

    • I use these on Xbox, powered on and connected via 3.5mm cable to game controller. Works awesome. Need a cable with a handsfree mic if you want to chat using this connection method though.

    • I bought these mainly because they do support aptx low latency. They are awesome for gaming if you also buy an aptx LL adaptor to usbC. Look online for them, they are priced at around 30/50 aud and do a great job. No More Lag!

      I use the usbC aptx LL dongle with switch and ps5 without issues, maybe some glitchy noise in the first few seconds after turning them on or if you walk away a bit.

  • How do these compare with sony xm4 in terms of sound quality

    • +7 votes

      As a Sennheiser fanboy, I’d still go to the WH-1000XM4 over these. They’re a better “all rounder” in terms of battery life, comfort and noise cancelling.

      I also find the XM4 have slightly less audio lag than these. With the M3 you can just notice the slight delay sync… only just though. These have support AAC, aptX and aptX LL, whereas the XM4 have ACC and LDAC (which offers higher bitrates).

      The only thing that these have over the XM4 is the larger sound stage and slightly clearer vocals. The XM4 have punchier bass and less fatiguing highs. The “sound processing” is also more detailed on the XM4. This of course is all subjective as everyone’s hearing is different.

      Don’t be discouraged though. The M3 are still a great pair of cans. Just a heads up though, Sennheiser are throwing in the towel on their consumer grade audio equipment and just sticking to the pro range moving forward. So they may drop the support and firmware updates on these in the future.

      • These have support AAC, aptX and aptX LL, whereas the XM4 have ACC and LDAC (which offers higher bitrates).

        Where did you find that, because there's nothing I can see on JB or Sennheiser's website?

      • Thank you for first hand feedback

        • +4 votes

          I know it can always be a little daunting with these kinds of things with so many choices. It can also become quite an expensive hobby LOL

          Always happy to help :)

      • "I also find the XM4 have slightly less audio lag than these"
        That depends on codec used by the source device. I find XM3 a better option as they support aptX and aptX HD which is much lower latency codec. When I connect to my LG TV via aptX codec, there is no lag in any streaming shows. When I connect via LDAC and Android TV, lag is unbearable. This is the main reason that I haven't upgraded to XM4 (have had all XM's in the past). Also, XM3 connects to Windows 10 laptop via aptX codec - this is important if you work from home and listen to music using laptop. You can easily answer calls on e.g. Webex, MS Teams and then quickly continue playing music in HQ sound. Apart from aptX, there is only SBC on Windows 10 and it's horrible!
        So, if XM5 miss aptX codecs again, I won't be buying Sony again and will look for something else.

        • I somewhat experience the total opposite. I'll watch Netflix or YouTube on a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to M3 connected on aptX-HD and I can just barely notice the audio slightly out of sync. Whereas I'll connect through the same phone to the XM4 with LDAC and not notice any issues.

      • As a Sennheiser fanboy, I’d still go to the WH-1000XM4 over these.

        Interesting…As a Sony fanboy (from years before the 1000X-series), a headphone hoarder, and someone who values the audio quality before the ANC or the feature-set, I was very unimpressed disappointed by the sound quality of the XM4's, so I returned them. Sony's own old-ish H.ear on 2's (aka WH-H900n) that also have decent ANC, as well as the ANCless 6 year old MDR-1ABT - both sound noticeably better than Sony's current flagship (most notably, the bass is tighter and clearer). Interestingly, I've even found the WF-1000XM3 to have superior audio quality to its full-size counterpart.

        So I've taken the plunge and ordered the Momentums (not that I need another pair of headphones) but reserve the right to return them if I'm as disappointed in them as I was in the XM4's.

        • I don't have the XM4, so can't say if it's better than XM3 soubdwise. I have the XM3, and when it comes to sound I prefer the Momentum wireless. I played with the Momentum wireless 2 and I quite like it. The XM3 sounds good but not great. It's more comfortable to wear than the Momentum

          • replied in error -
        • Yeah, I'm a Sennheiser fanboy. Been using their products for almost 2 decades. I've always considered them to be leaps and bounds in terms of sound quality over their competitors. I'm still rocking their IE80, IE800, HD8 DJ and HD800S and also recently bought the IE 400 Pros. I have a soft spot for Sennheiser.

          The gentleman was asking for a comparison between the M3s and the XM4s, so I just provided him with my own personal experience on using the two. I also added that it was all subjective as everyone's hearing is different.

          • @Gau: I'm not questioning your credibility and respect your opinion and experience. Moreover, I definitely hold Sennheiser in high regard and have owned quite a few of their "made for TV" models for many years, which have always been great sounding (even the lower end RS 120) as well as real workhorses. I also love the 1st gen Momentum TWS (my favorite in its class actually, as I have no real need for ANC) and recently sold the HD 6XX (as I have the Focal Elear, which sounds similar but better). It's just that Sennheiser were a relative late comer to the bluetooth party, while Sony were one of the first to embrace it. For example, the Sony MDR-1RBT Mk2 that I bought back in 2014 were fantastic and came with AptX support - I ended up giving them to my dad who still enjoys them today.

            Yes, we all prefer different sound signatures but that doesn't mean that all headphones sound "equally good but different". For example, as I've mentioned in my previous post, both the older WH-H900n and the current WH-1000XM4 have the "Sony sound" but the latter actually has lower fidelity, despite having slightly better ANC.

            • +1 vote

              @elektron: Trust me, I was equally shocked when I found the XM4 sound signature preferable over the M3.

              You mentioned you prefer the WF-1000XM3 over their full sized counterparts, whereas I would go as much to say I prefer to use my Jabra Elite 85T over my WF-1000XM3 or even my Sennheiser True Wireless 2. I just like the sound and call clarity over the others.

  • Poor guys, got screwed by the fashion company.

  • My Bose QC35ii's are still great but I've had them since 2017 and they get used heavily. Replaced the ear pads twice now, but I fear the day when these start to disintegrate.

    Wondering if I should get the Sennheiser's as my "travel" pair for commuting and flights, and use the weather-beaten QC35ii's just at the gym.

    Does anyone have experience with both? The QC35ii's are great and it's possible I'd just get a fresh pair of those if (when) my current pair dies.

    • These “murder” the QC35ii in terms of sound quality and … pretty much everything else. I’ve never really liked Bose for anything other than their noise cancelling, which these days the other brands have either caught up or exceeded them.

      • Agreed, I gave My QC35 ii to my GF after using these for a few months.

        • +4 votes

          You mustn't really love your girlfriend then LOL

          • @Gau: She doesn't care about audio quality and I bought some girly earcups with roses on them so she loved them lol.

            Coincidently, she has misplaced / lost them recently and we cannot find them in the house so I'm thinking of using this deal to buy her a replacement pair.
            So maybe I really do love her.

            • @Togsy: You haven't used the "Tile" feature to locate them? :O

              How did she even lose something that big anyway lol

              • @Gau: She lost the Bose QC35 ii, she belives that they were left at a nail salon. SMH.

                If she lost the M3's I would have tracked them with the Tile function as I'm also a Tile user!

                • @Togsy: Ah gotcha. For some reason I was thinking she lost pair of M3.

                  Well perhaps it's a blessing she did lose the QC35ii then.

                  • @Gau: Yeah, I can't imagine losing a pair of large headphones and she was so nonchalant that I originally thought about getting her a pair of Aldi / Bauhn as a replacement. She's been without for a month now so hopefully lesson learned lol

                    • +1 vote

                      @Togsy: "…. she was so nonchalant that I originally thought about getting her a pair of Aldi / Bauhn as a replacement." - Evil Incarnate 2021

      • Good to hear. I think I'll dive in. The QC35ii's have served me well, and if this is an improvement, then life is good.

    • Sound quality is better but I'd still go to the 35's for noise cancelling, which I find better than the700s

  • Worth it just for having actual leather pads. None of that "PU leather" lying bullshit.

  • Hoping to get these with Latitude's $50 off promo starting later in the week

  • noise canceling seems poor on these but better sound quality than sony flagship bluetooth anc phones. should i add these to the collection.

  • Do these have USB-C? I'd still be using the M2 if it didn't have a crap micro USB.

  • Yup USBC … just bought, have XM3's and Momentum 2 wireless, will see what I keep after testing

    • Please let us know which ones sounds better. XM3 owner here.

      • Sure. Need some kind of reddit style reminder over here!

        • Hello,
          Just wondering if you've received your headphones and done a comparison with XM3. Thanks.

          • +2 votes

            @vrsac: IMO post EQ adjustments XM3 is probably the best sounding wireless NC headphones in the market. While NC might be better on the XM4 in terms of SQ I actually prefer the XM3. I've tried tinkering with XM4 EQ settings but there's just something missing. The SQ on the Sonys for mine are comfortably better than Sennheiser wireless headphones apart from the Momentum TW V1 earbuds (post EQ adjustments). Those earbuds are probably the best wireless headphones/earbuds I've heard. Obviously SQ is subjective but that's my two cents anyways.

      • Hi … have been testing this morning (XM3 vs M3) with a variety of songs.

        Definitely prefer the Momentum 3's sound - the bass is tighter / faster / more controlled and the mid range less veiled

        They both have a similar v shaped sound signature

        NC on the XM3's is better, but once you are listening to music you won't notice the difference.

        Liking the auto pause on removal of the M3's. Not liking having to fold them up to get power down.

        M3's have more clamp pressure, which I don't normally like but not having an issue for these so far. eg I had some DT990's and I couldn't handle the clamp pressure.

        M3's very nice quality, def heavier but then the XM3 are very prone to breaking the plastic of the headband.

        M3's come with a soft case, XM3 case much better as it is hard.

        Will keep the XM3's in the office. M3's at home esp for late night TV/Movies - I have an APTX-LL transmitter and dolby headphone encoder north of that. Works very well :)

        • Thank you. Great review!
          Now that Sony's dropped all aptX codecs (due to new chipset), I will definitely consider M3 as a replacement for my XM3.

          • @vrsac: Ah I was wondering if that was true. So with some older devices you will get SBC? Ew.

            I found LDAC a bit unstable tbh on my Samsung S8. I assumed it was using APTX instead? AAC seems to work well enough with iPhones.

            Not smart dropping APTX, esp with low latency mode more common now.

  • Anyone having trouble with JB Check out?

  • Just copped this, the white one seems to be sold out since the last time I checked this morning lol

  • These over the Sony or Bose?

    • If you're after durability and build design, Sennheiser by a country mile, I still have an old pair of Sennheiser momentum 2 from 6 years ago, I've used and abused, still looks perfect to this day.
      I have the Sony XM3 from 1 years ago, the arms have broken twice, using sticky tape to hold the arms together, its plastic junk and so is the Bose. If you treat your headphones extremely well, keep it in the case, dont wear it to bed etc, I'd say sony's are the best for noise cancelling and comfort, but if you want these headphones to last, than Sennheiser is it.

  • Any idea how much these weigh?

  • Anyone else bought? I thought something was wrong when my local store was Holbart, but that is where they have shipped from. Makes me wonder if they had many (white) at least

  • Thanks op!

  • Why would I want to play my music faster than any other head phone? Like chipmunk speed?

  • Just picked these up, initially I can say that the sound stage is really good, heaps better than the Bose or the Sony's.

    The ANC isn't as good when compared to the above, however when you're listening to music with the ANC on, it performs well enough tbh, only when you have no music on can you criticize the ANC.

    The sound quality is better in the Sennheiser as well. The vocals were clear, and the sound stage was wide. However,
    the bass by default was lacking, and I'd say was a bit boomy, but with a little bit of EQ work from the app, I was able to get some really nice bass and even able to get improved mids and highs imo. Probably not as crisp as the Sony's in regards to bass, but I'd rather prefer this as overall it performs better and the bass is more than enough for me.

    Overall build quality is really good, and comes with a slightly large cloth case. For $300, you will probably not find a better over ear wireless headphones. Rate these highly.

    • Thanks for sharing your impressions - as someone who's yet to pick up my order, I've found this helpful. However, you lost me when saying that Sony's bass was crisper, because I returned my XM4's precisely because the bass was the opposite of crisp - flabby is the word I would use to describe it. And this is comparing it to an older and slightly cheaper Sony h.ear on 2. Unless you're referring to the quantity of the bass, rather than the quality.

      • I'd say due to the larger sound stage in the Sennheiser M3s, you tend to lose a bit of that crispness, and the bass may come out as a little boomy (once again, played with the EQ and I think they sound really really good now tbh). But from my experience with the XM3s, I felt that the bass was quite over powering at times, but it was a nice crisp thump none the less. But then again, I played with the EQ to achieve this, so not sure what the default really sounds like :)