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EA Play 1 Year A$31.90 (Converts to 4 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Active Users) @ Eneba


Service fees apply at checkout. Use discount code EAPLAYTOULTIMATE to drop the price down to $31.90 when paying with PayPal/Credit Card.

Activating the EA Play activation code on an Xbox account with an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will convert the 1 year of EA Play to 4 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
Read more here: https://support.xbox.com/en-AU/help/subscriptions-billing/ma...

Depending on the payment method, there might be a conversion fee which is not included in the title of this deal thread (as it can vary).

Valid till stock lasts.

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  • Do you know if you can redeem multiple codes?

    • Hi
      I just did it.

      Yes you can. just have to wait till it applies the converted amount before you do the next one.

      Please note, it does not put any EA play. The 1 year converts to 4months of Game Pass automatically. (which includes EA PLAY games)

      • Thanks, redeemed 1 successfully. Will give another a go. Cheers.

        • I did 3x to get a year.

          saves about 60 dollars for the year. Did the math earlier.

  • Great! I got 5, to take me up to 2024!

  • Last time I checked Eneba, the 7 day trials actually worked out cheaper per year than these did.

    Of course, entering 52 codes is an exercise in patience!

  • Wow was excited to get half price game pass…

    "This code is already redeemed"
    Now what?

    • +2

      Check if the date increased. Is a glitch with redeem process but still adds the extra 4 months.

      • +2

        Yep, had this too - MS's redeem interface seemed buggy. Check the dates, probably did actually redeem!

    • All five of mine said that but actually added on to my account. It's just the buggy code redemption page.

  • Beware if issues with codes there customer service sucks and you won’t get a refund… buy at your own risk… check their reviews first.

    • +1

      Where were you 4 minutes ago lol. Good thing I paid credit card and can dispute fraudulent transaction.
      That was fun

    • Hi @outlaw1candy - what happened? I redeemed this deal the last time it was posted with no issue and I wanted to buy some more with this deal. Why did you need PayPal to get involved? Was the code dodgy? I know I got the "this code has already been used" glitch on MS website last time, but the subscription end date increased on my account so I just figured it was fine?

  • Good luck mate - I thought PayPal would help me but I had 7 different people reply back from them directly before I logged the claim. They know what to repeat so no chance to get PayPal on side. I just hope I can warn people. Not much money lost really.

  • +1

    Is this EA play for 1 year for pc for A$31.90

  • +3

    Yeah bank is superb for disputes, they refund before the investigation.
    PayPal are a bunch of scumbag thieves who will side with known scammers, I never trust their alleged protection. Learnt the hard way they are useless.

  • +1

    Flagged my transaction as fraudulent. Didn't go through :/

  • Thanks, worked for me :)

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