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Garmin Vivoactive 3 Sports Watch (Black Slate) $249 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Chroma Display with Corning Gorilla Glass
Garmin Elevate™ wrist heart rate monitor
Garmin Pay

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  • Can't understand how retailers like JB still survive when there is Amazon offering free delivery ( to prime members).
    At least JB should consider free delivery above $100.

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      Maybe it’s because JB employees don’t have to piss in bottles

    • The price difference (due to delivery only) isn't really that crazy. JBs are everywhere so a good chunk of people can duck down on their lunch break and have the product in their hands immediately. And dealing with warranty is way easier speaking to someone in store rather than waiting for customer support online.

      Personally if the price was the same on a big ticket item between jb and amazon, I'd be more inclined to go in store.

  • Been this price heaps of times over the last 2 years. Great watch btw.

  • anyone have experience with replacing the screen on these? I got a chip+crack in mine over weekend while doing some gardening :( The out-of-warranty repair cost i've heard is silly high compared to price of new watch. Have checked out some vids on YT, and seen a few links to AliExpress for a used part .. which doesnt fill me with confidence. Appreciate any comments or suggestions!

  • These don't have GPS? not a very smart smart watch.
    What's the difference between the "connect" and vanilla?

    • they do. i have one and its pretty good. not sure what connect and vanilla is.

    • Are you referring to the watch faces when talking about 'connect' and 'vanilla'?
      If so, the vanilla watch faces are what comes standard and the 'connect' ones are the custom ones that can be loaded via ConnectIQ.

      I have an old Vivoactive HR and generally the vanilla watch faces respond a little quicker and the connect ones can be a little slower and may drain a little more battery as they generally include lots more data on them so you expect them to use a little more power.