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RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Boots $446.25 (Was $595) Delivered @ The Iconic


Iconic has a 25% 1 day sale on RM Williams.

Brings the Comfort Craftsman down to $446.25.

Go through Shopback for 8% cashback, which should equate to another $32.45 off if my maths are correct. Brings it down to $413.80. Not the lowest price ever, but still a decent price in my opinion.

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  • Took me a while to find but be sure to check the ‘Product Details’ for the right width. They have different items for each width.. would be nice if they included that in the product title!

    • I think the half sizes are the wide foot option.

      • No the lettering is the width option - these are standard fit "G" which personally are already on the slightly narrow side of things. I find the "H" slightly wider fit to be spot on for myself. I'd highly recommend trying on in store and getting your sizing spot on before dropping $400 on a pair of quality boots.

        Edit - Actually the wider fit boots are also on sale as well


        • This is correct. Definitely try to get into a store to try on a pair and get fitted up properly. These boots are super comfortable if you get the correct size and last a long time.

      • Yeah I was referring to the lettering,
        G - standard
        F - Narrow
        H - wide
        Makes a huge difference, I’ve gone a few times to get sized as I’m between a couple and they don’t have stock of the variations.

  • Do I have to be a Melbourne supporter and gone to a private school to wear these?

  • All the plebs complaining about the price.

    • I know right! Imagine being concerned about pricing, on a site about trying to save on pricing. Guh, plebs!!

    • This is a good price! I have these boots, about 2yrs old now and look basically new. I have had other boots that cost $100-$200 that are basically rubbish after 2yrs. Value for money these actually stack up despite having a much higher cost of entry.

  • I've got small ankles so have a hard time finding chelsea boots that fit. Any one else in the same boat and have experience with these and their fit? I've heard these tend to be somewhat narrow - which I have no problems with - got narrow feet too. Just curious about the opening width.

    • I'd highly recommend going in store if you can and trying some on to ensure you get your fit bang on

      • Yeah, while this is a good price with the discount, it's still pretty expensive if they end up not fitting right. I would want to have tried some on to be sure of my size before I ordered.

        I'm not sure what the returns policy is - if you just buy a pair in whatever size today while the sale is on, can you send them back and exchange for a different size after you get them if they're not the right fit? Or only if they're actually defective?

        • Iconic have pretty much the best and easiest returns policy of most online retailers, along with amazon. Unless they are clearly marked that you cant return (assuming probably underwear etc?) then you literally just send them back in the same packaging free of charge and get a full refund. Just dont wear the boots outside when checking the size :) In terms of changing size after returning, youll miss the sale price in that case.

      • Yeah definitely go into a store and get measured properly. I did that a couple times before settling on a pair to order. Fits perfectly based on the store measurement.

    • To reiterate why its important to go get a fit
      1) theres way more sizes than usual - RM williams have multple widths available, which is one of the reasons they are comfortable, granualar sizing will get you a better fit
      2) The sizes are nothing like usual sizing - i wear US 10 sneakers - im a 6.5 wide in RMs
      3) The fitting is really convenient, you can just ask to try them out at a store, and then order on line, they dont care.

    • These have very narrow openings. They're not roomy Chelsea boots, especially not around the ankle. But as everyone else said try them on in store.

  • Thanks for the notice about the discount. Was after a pair of Surry's for a while!

  • Looks like The Iconic doesn't sell the narrow fit (size F)?

    Please let me know if I'm missing something - would have otherwise have pulled the trigger on a pair.

    • Pretty sure its only standard (G) and the wide (H) they sell

    • Iconic doesn’t seem to have F fit which is a shame :(

    • As someone who wears a narrow fit, it's quite hard to find narrow widths for RMs, especially for these sales. I've actually never seen an F-fit in one of these The Iconic or David Jones 25% sales.

    • Unfortunately for people wears narrow fit (size F) like myself, only place to get cheap RM is DFO outlet. $450 a pair.

  • Are these F or G width help lol

  • Question for those with RM's, are they still the same high quality that they were decades ago?

    I'm sick of buying boots or shoes from acquila / wild rhino and having them fall apart after 6 months.

    • I think youll struggle to find many Ozbargainers that were buying RM Williams boots decades ago. Happy to be proven wrong though

    • I was in the same shoes as you (pun intended).

      Went from aquila to RMs. No more buying new shoes every 6months to a year.

      RMs are certainly far more durable but they're not unbreakable.

    • Not much today is as good quality as things from decades ago, but I’ve a pair from 2011 and a pair from 2015, both have held up very well but I do rotate them and polish / clean once or twice per month. On the 2011 pair I’ve had the heel rubber replaced , that’s it.

      They also offer a service for only $10 where you can send them in and they’ll give them a proper clean up and polish too.

      But yeah I have shoes from Aquila / Florsheim too and they’re garbage , leather starts going bad after a few months

      • Can you please provide more info on this $10 service?

      • Im not sure about Florsheim as ive never purchased there. But Aquila do have some quality pairs of shoes as well that hold up well. I've got some Italian made leather inner and outer etc from Aquila that have held up well - again, they wernt cheap and you generally pay for what you get with dress shoes in terms of longevity. I rarely wear them much anymore as the traditional office shoe has gone out the window for a more semi formal, relaxed look these days - pretty much boots now for me.

    • The main element when it comes to durability is the Goodyear Welt. Basically, a sturdy stitched shoe construction which lasts much longer compared to most production line shoes these days, which are usually glued. Hence floppy soles. Welted shoes can be repaired and as long as you care for the leather from time to time, yes they will last a lifetime (with repairs and care).

      RMs are still welted. Other popular options include Red Wings from the US (nice leather and very sturdy, but not really doable in an office environment). There's also a flourishing cottage industry in Indonesia of hand-welted boots. I got a pair a while back, they are all made to order and the construction is outta control. A default pair costs about the same as these RMs on sale, I'd say the craftmanship is better but the leather is worse. You can pay for more expensive leather but the price does jump up at that point. The place I went through was 'Winson' (only on Instagram funnily enough) though they split their boot line off to 'Midas Boots' (also on Instagram). There's quite a few though.

      As for dress shoes, there's a lot of welted options. Some of the above do them as well. I have two pairs of Loake 1880s which I bought the day I started work ten years ago. They have been a through two or three resolings but are still in great condition and look awesome.

      • Thanks for that input! Very educational

      • I think only the Classic Craftman are GYW whilst the Comfort Craftman is not a GYW.

        • All Craftsman are welted, including the Comfort and Dynamic Flex soles.

        • All are GYW. The difference is in the sole.
          A very basic breakdown is:
          Classic = full leather sole
          Comfort = rubber outsole + comfort inner
          Dynamic Flex = leather/rubber outsole + removable insole

    • I get about 10 years out of my comfort craftsmans, but in between there would be about five heel replacements and one sole replacement. I wear them nearly every day.

      I don’t get more than that as I buy a new pair in celebration at the ten year mark, with the old ones reserved for riding the back paddock.

    • I bought mine about 10 years ago, have resoled it 5 times and the still looks good, nice and soft. I've found that the Quality of the resoling matters. Better to pay more for a quality sole and quality job fitting it. Cheapest resoling i did was $70, most expensive was $135. Was happiest with the one that charged me $90.

      Back then I got two pairs for $500, split between me and a mate, never see those deals anymore:( Wouldn't mind picking up a chestnut pair.

      • So, I'm curious where the value is in these? I'm interested in a pair for work and the reviews seem to be overwhelmingly glowing, but isn't the high entry price supposed to get you reliability and longevity? Seems like for $100 every two years on soles I could just be getting average price boots to get that long out of them?

        • Mainly the comfort and ability to last. The top part just stays good longer, but the soles wear out, however you'd wear out a cheaper pair just as fast and still pay $100+?
          I guess it also depends on how much you walk around, i used to do a lot of walking during work so would have worn out a bit faster than others? Over the life of the shoe it's a small amount to pay each year for the comfort and quality, when you'd be spending that on other shoes anyway.

    • Like many here, I used to go through 2-3 pairs of $200 shoes/boots per year. I get 5+ years out of RMs without even a resole. I don't both resoling as by that time the leather is looking a bit too scuffed.

  • Worth every cent

  • Picked some up. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks - bought (another) pair.

    Been wearing these almost exclusively for >15 years. Not a private school kid, not a banker, not a rower. Idiotic stereotyping.

    I wear them because:

    I love how uncomplicated putting them on/off is - no laces to worry about.
    They go well with any non-holiday outfit. While I'm aware many tradies wear boots with shorts I don't subscribe to the view that that's a good lock.
    They last for many years. Now - they're not perfect. I did have issues with the leather tearing in one spot on one of my boots without any fault of mine and RM Williams were not at all helpful. Had to send in the boots, someone allegedly insp soected them and declared I was at fault. So I'm not trying to glorify this company at all. At that time I told myself I'd never buy from them again, yet here I am…

    Anyway: I've got another pair on the way now ;)

  • I'm an (profanity), but not enough of an (profanity) to wear these.

    • So youre commenting on the quality of a shoe you've never owned or worn before?


      • Commenting on the price/performance ratio, not quality if you re-read my post.

        RM Williams shoes would need to last at minimum 20 years to have the same ratio as my current shoes, and posts I've looked up say it's more like 5-10 years, and particularly the latest ones over the last 1-2 years are much lower in quality.

        To each their own, people seem pretty comfortable paying extra for the brand - again, I don't see it myself but clearly it matters to others a lot.

        • Not quality?

          "people will go on about the quality but just don't see it myself." - pretty sure that's commentating on the quality.

          I'm interested to see the no brand equivalent that looks the same, my bet is they dont look as good as an RM williams boot does, but im happy to be proven wrong. Also the i'd highly doubt the comfort of the no brand equivalent is anywhere near that of these boots, ive never worn dress shoes or boots that even come close to the comfort of the comfort craftsman.

  • Good work finding the wide fit but it’s a shame they don’t look at nice as the ones in the link :(

    • Its the exact same boot - looks like they have just used a different set of pictures with different editing and lighting on the iconic.

  • I've got a pair of their stockyard boots which I think are pretty durable but don't think they make them anymore. To me the look similar-ish to the gardener boot. I mainly bought the stockyard boots because I don't like the leather sole on my craftsman boots which are too slippery and they were heaps cheaper. I've heard of people scuffing the soles on exposed aggregate concrete to get some grip from leather soles but haven't tried that myself.

    • These are the comfort craftsman and dont have a leather sole, they have a rubber sole.

      The Classic craftsman has a leather sole, but these arnt those.

      Also with any leather soled shoes you will need to scuff the sole up pretty much straight away to ensure they are worn in and have some grip. If not then walking around on brand new leather sole shoes you are basically walking on ice. The benefit of leather sole shoes is that they are extremely durable and last a long, long time - generally the advice is to wear and scuff the sole in for a few weeks and then get a rubber topy put on at a cobbler - youll get huge longevity out of them that way.

      • But the rubber sole on the Comfort lasts longer than the leather sole on the Classic. At least that's what the staff at RM told me.

        • The Comfort sole does last longer for most people, especially if you have to wear it in wet weather. Wet weather chews through leather soles.

          The RM Williams leather soles aren't as long-lasting as some high-end soles like JR.

        • I was talking leather shoes in general - the RM rubber soles are extremely well made and im not sure how they make them so durable. Ive got both a leather sole and a rubber sole RM and they both have pros and cons - the leather soles provide a slightly cleaner more formal look but they arnt as comfortable as the rubber soles. I think RM Williams actually advise against getting their leather soles topy-ed, not really sure why - think they just dont want their boots messed with to ensure if/when they want to repair it its easier.

          But yeah in general, leather sole shoes - wear them in for a few weeks, whack a topy on for better grip and protection and then just get the topy replaced every x amount of months/years.

      • The leather ones are bloody tough to wear in , 6-⁸ months of uncomfortable, still on the narrow side. Pretty overrated and expensive these days - when they were jacking up the price 3 or 4 times a year you know it's a rort. Really not very good for your feet but a fashion statement. Probably not many that have ruined a pair on a farm. Something more sustainable be good but they do last for ages I suppose

    • Classic craftsman with leather soles are most suited for horse riding. Comfort craftsman are still OK for riding as while they are rubber based the still relatively smooth sole will still slip out of the stirrup if thrown, but not as well as a leather sole will.

      The comfort craftsman also has a fibreglass shank instead of steel, which means you can wear them walking though airport security without setting it off.

  • Wanted to buy another pair, but I'm looking at my existing shoe and cannot see the size referred anywhere?
    Am I blind, or do I need to go in store to get a measure up again?

  • Damn no sizes..

  • Thanks OP finally was able to get some cheers

  • Thanks - been in the market for these :)

  • Is the dark tan and chest nut colours right?
    Looks mixed up

  • Anyone had experience price matching at RM Williams stores? After Adelaide Cubans for my wife. Seems Iconic and other outlets that have 25% off sales don’t do half sizes

  • I was measured up in store for my CC and the first few times I wore them I was convinced that they got my sizing wrong – was painful after just a couple of hours on my feet.

    I would encourage anyone in the same position to persist, they have broken in nicely now (fifth wear) and are up there with the most comfortable footwear I own.

  • Man wish they had a sale on other styles, I wear tambos haha dam wide feet

  • $400 would be the price to aim for.
    Although with coming inflation I guess that might be history

  • I don't get how people suggest that other brands of boots wear out after 1 or 2 years. This is Australia, not Canada. We don't have to walk through slushy salt encrusted snow for 6 months of the year. I have some $150 Rockport boots that are 3 years old and going strong. RM Williams is simply overpriced…

    • i used to buy hush puppies for work (the ones with the bounce soles). They lasted about 1 year in an office environment before they're wrecked.

    • I have a pair of Florsheim shoes I wore twice , and On the second wear the leather started bubbling and going white lol

  • why are these obscenely priced boots so well-loved among the ozbargain community?

  • Quite a heel on em, can you still get em?
    Glad i didn't pay more than $250 at dfo, take about 6-9 months to wear in (for the leather sole version)
    Not advocating any leather shoes but still got my loake 1990 pimlico suede , winter coming may as well use.
    I wouldn't run a marathon in either, pretty bad for the feet and narrow.

  • Also check out Benzein, really love their chelsea's all handmade and hand-welted in a small workshop in Indonesia so your money really goes far there, also everything about their boots are customisable since it's completely MTO. Only kicker is the wait!