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American Express Elevate Premium Card $100 Statement Credit When You Spend $100 at David Jones


I had a Westpac American Express card but Westpac stopped this card, or at least the relationship with Amex.
So they upgraded me to a new American Express Elevate Premium Card.

I got this email thinking it was spam at first as 100% credit back is pretty rare.

Anyways I went ahead at the DJs website and bought sometimes and I got $100 credit back on my account, after spending $100.

And yes I bought a DJ GC and it worked!

Terms and Conditions:

David Jones $100 Credit American Express Elevate Premium Card Members who spend $100 or more at David Jones with their eligible American Express Elevate Premium Card by 31 December 2021 will receive one $100 credit. Limited to one credit per Card Account. Purchases by both the Basic Card Member and Additional Card Members on the eligible Card Account will contribute towards qualifying spend for the credit, however each Card Account is only eligible for one $100 credit. Valid instore at David Jones or at David Jones online. Excludes David Jones Food at BP locations. Excludes Miele, The Daily Edited, Ultraceuticals products purchased online, DJ Corporate Services and transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor. Please allow up to 4 weeks after an eligible purchase is charged to your Card Account for the credit to be posted to your Card Account. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying purchase from David Jones until all items from your qualifying purchase have been shipped. Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled. Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled. If the qualifying purchase is included in an instalment plan balance on your Card Account, the credit may not be applied to that instalment plan balance. Instead, the credit may be applied to your total balance. If you hold multiple American Express Cards linked to the one Membership Rewards Account, the credit will automatically be credited to the Primary Card Account only (the Card which your Membership Rewards points balance appears online). Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.

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  • Yes, I can confirm I bought $100 DJ gift card from David Jones on Bourke st @16/04, received the credit on 19/04.

    • Nice, I bought the GC online :)

      Saves me from going instore and getting potentially the virus.

  • I got $250 dell offer on my AMEX business platinium

    Use your Card to power your business

    Get up to $250 back with

    DELL Technologies

    We’d like to remind you about a valuable new benefit on your
    American Express® Platinum Business Card. This allows you to receive your
    transaction amount back as a credit, up to $125 per Card Account,
    up to two times a year, when you spend with Dell Technologies1.

    Enrol and shop with your Card today, to upgrade your business tech for the road ahead with Dell solutions, powered by Intel.

    • I think they're doing big cashbacks on their more expensive cards at the moment so that people don't cancel them (seeing as a big chunk of the benefits can't/won't be used during covid). Regular platinum card is $400 back on groceries (woolworths, coles, Harris Farm).

  • My DJs Amex Platinum card is pathetic. No decent offers. High annual fee. Amex did not uphold their contractual terms due to COVID free travel insurance and Amex lounge. I have spoken with customer service but they are not interested.

    • Why did you sign up for it? Only worth it if you buy literally everything from DJs (as a DJs Amex card member and ex-staff)

  • I had same card as Op with additional card too. No luck on either account to have such offer (they tend to have different offer between our 2 accounts).

  • I just saw the available offer when I logged in on the desktop version (no email, not showing on my app), but there's no usual "Save" button as per other offer, only "Learn More" button. When I clicked it just displayed various Amex card. Does it mean I'm eligible?

    • If you got the email then yes you are eligible.

      When I spent the money I never got any confirmation or such like (usual) credits.

      But after 2/3 days the credit of $100 was in my account.

      Yay free money!

  • is it for the American Express Elevate Premium Card only or the American Express Elevate standard Card too? what if we do a product transfer to the American Express Elevate card will we qualify for offer too?

    • Can you even transfer to the Elevate card? It doesn't look like it's a product for sale and was only created for those that used to have the Westpac Amex cards. Plus, sounds like a lot of effort to go through just to save $100 at DJs, not to mention that the Elevate and Elevate Premium cards have an annual fee.

      And no, I didn't get any offer along these lines, as a standard Elevate card member.