Buying Diamond Rings

Hi. I’m wanting to buy a new set of rings, engagement, wedding and eternity. I’ve had a look at Michael Hill and found some that I really love, but I’m thinking that maybe they are not the best value. I’m looking for suggestions for the best value way to buy and decent quality diamonds. Thanks


  • I should have said that I am in Melbourne.

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      I got mine from Janai Jewellery in the CBD. They do customised rings and price is competitive too.

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    I haven't used before, but they've been mentioned here before: Blue Nile

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      Yep that's where mine are from, they're great.

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    I would recommend you have a look at SH Jewellery if you're looking for a bricks and mortar store. They have a website online with prices (will still allow you to change the diamond or some aspects of the jewellery) and were the best bang for buck store compared to the bigger chains like Michael Hill etc.

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      might be good prices, but the salespeople in that store are very good.

      try to negotiate.

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        100% try and negotiate as you would any other jeweler but for a GIA certified diamond, their prices are competitive in a market that's known for being overpriced.

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    The Michael Hill ones are rarely GIA certified, this means it can be of any quality.

    If you don't mind that, then go ahead.

    If you want a certified diamond, then Blue Nile is the way to go.

    The missus chose and bought the diamond from them, paid the GST then had it set by a local jeweller.

    • GIA is less about quality, it means they could be blood diamonds.

      • Not really, it lists everything to do with quality to ensure that the diamond you're receiving is worth what you're paying as well as being ethically sourced

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    Worth trying a smaller store. Especially if you know what kind of design you'd like.

    In Sydney, some of the cheaper jewellery stores are in Cabramatta (Vietnamese dominant area). They can copy a design you see on something like Brilliant Earth and do it for much cheaper, with customisability based on what kind of diamond you want. Or you could buy your diamond separately and ask them to set it.

    I'm not super familiar with the Melbourne area, so someone else may be able to help you in regards to area etc.

    That being said, unfortunately because of the "false scarcity" of diamonds, theres no real "good value" when thinking about what it's actually worth, and the cultural emphasis that has been placed on them.

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    We got our engagement ring from Jogia (online, they are in WA). Pretty happy with quality and price!

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      I've bought from Jogia and James Allen. Both really good experiences, Jogia was just quicker and ABN. Jogia will have to import it if it isn't inhouse, but it was quick, they sort the Customs stuff. Then they mount and post. Worked out very similar prices to importing myself from the states. 1ct diamond in platinum band for under $8k

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    now girls doest want ring they like bitcoins

    • Well, OP has to purchase a high value diamond so it can be traded :)

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    If you’re after quality diamonds, don’t go to Michael Hill, Zamels, or any of those type of mass market jewelry stores in a shopping center. Either get the stones from overseas stores like blue Nile, James Allen, white flash(sourcing the stones/ring overseas would probably be cheapest) or local boutique stores like Holloway diamonds, Larsen jewelry if you want to get it local

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      Highly recommend Larsens hassle free process reason why I went with them is they source their diamonds environmentally and socially responsible way.

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      Yep. Blue Nile was great

  • hear these guys advertised on radio

    NFI how good they are.

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    Keep in mind that diamonds are a scam, their "value" is essentially marketing BS:

    Actually valuable stones, like opals and precious gems, are a good alternative. If it has to be diamonds, a created diamond (cubic zirconia) is far better quality than a mined one, for a fraction of the price.

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      cubic zirconia is not a created diamond, it is just another crystal that looks like diamond. Try it is actually real diamond(crystalized carbon) just created in a lab.

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      diamonds/high performance cars are a scam

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        Moissanite from Moi Moi would be a still expensive but comparatively reasonable price for a man made diamond

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          Moissanite is a tiny fraction of the price of real diamonds, like about 5% of the price.

          A set of "one carat" (each) moissanite earrings at Moi Moi is running at about $1,500.

          Two good quality one carat diamonds will set you back $30k+.

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      Opals are not a good option for an everyday ring. They are only about as hard as glass and are prone to cracking as they're not one homogenous crystal. Opals are better for jewelry which won't take such a beating.

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      Keep in mind that diamonds are a scam,

      +1 to it being just a fancy piece of dirt

      how many diamonds are there in all the jewelers around the world
      same for gold

      Get something unique and not play follow the leader like all the good sheeple do.

      Most people would be hard pressed to spot a fake with the naked eye
      All that money tied up in a piece of devaluing dirt could be better spent on your future

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    I'd suggest not going to any store that holds completed rings and stones as inventory, as they'll just be trying to flog off the stock first and foremost.

    If you have an idea of what you want, would suggest reaching out to speak to a jeweller who can design and present options regarding stones, size etc. Had a good experience with Elissi in Melbourne.

    You're going to have a lot of people say diamonds are a scam, which is hard to refute, but ultimately it's your money so whether you get utility from diamonds or eneloops is entirely up to you :)

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      OP, diamonds are a scam but don't forget its not necessarily yourself you have to convince, it doesn't matter if you think its a scam. What matters is what your partner thinks as they'll be wearing the ring as well, and if they want a diamond, good luck trying to convince otherwise.

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        Ha. Sounds like an argument I once had with someone that said they wanted to get married but really wanted a diamond. I said I was up for one of the two but not both. Hilarity ensued.

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    engagement, wedding and eternity.

    that's hopeful buying them all at once.. what if they say no, or it doesnt last… you've got one or 2 rings left over :)

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      I would hope after 30 years together and being married for almost 27 we will stick it out…but you never know. Hmm, maybe I should have mentioned that my husband wants to buy me a new set and for no good reason other than why the hell not!!I

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        If this is for a "renewal" set, then definitely check out Larsen Jewelry in the CBD(old GPO). When I got the engagement ring sorted for my wife there(stones sourced from US separately), they had some package where the couple could help make/design the ring, with champagne, etc.. think it was for the actual wedding ring itself. More for the experience than anything, but like I said, if this is for some sort of renewal or reaffirmation kind of occasion, this kind of thing might fit the bill

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    Cubic zirconia FTW

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    I used GS Diamonds in Sydney back in 2014 (I can see you're Melbourne based)
    I bought a GIA certified diamond first, and had them custom make an engagement ring for me.
    Went back after and purchased wedding rings, wife's custom to go with the engagement, and mine was just off the rack.

    Very happy with their service.

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    I think you're missing one set of rings, the suffering.

  • Don't

    Ask anybody who's tried to sell a second hand diamond ring.

    • I was a little surprised when I sold an engagement ring a couple of years back. Purchase price 5k. Valuation 9k or something ridiculous. Was happy to get 2.5k on ebay. Probs could have held out for more but just wanted to get rid of it.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone, I will do some research and look into your recommendations.

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    Check out Good Old Gold's website. A lot of information about what make a diamond glow and sparkle.
    Then either buy from GOG itself and fly it all the way from the USA. Or like what the others said, Blue Nile.
    Go for places selling individual stones with photos that are specially taken to demonstrate light return and cut symmetry.

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    Highly recommend SH Jewelers in Springvale, they are high quality, great prices and great service. All of my sisters, friends and myself have gotten all our diamond jewelry from there. I used to work at Bevilles and do not recommend getting a diamond from there, the quality isn't great and prices are not worth it.

  • Get on from Costco

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    I can't give you a name of a Melbourne shop I would recommend, however I would say the best way as mentioned by others is to get the diamond and the band separately.

    I created my engagement ring by buying the diamonds from G P Israel and then talking to King Street Design about the look of the ring that my (now) wife wanted and they put it all together for me.

    Overall I was very happy with the process.

  • Cubic zirconia and if she gets it valued and finds it a fake divorce her for not trusting you.

    The logic works for me.

  • I bought engagement ring from James Allen, paid 8k aud for a ring that was slightly better than what Michael Hill quoted me 50k for.

  • Do a custom ring off a jeweller on collins street. It will come out better quality and cheaper than a chain store.

  • we just had our 10 year anniversary and got eternity and new wedding band from michelis jeweller in malvern. go speak to marc, they were the best.

    we checked out many of the others in the CBD including Janai but they weren’t as good.

    micheli will clean your rings for free whoever you pop in too.

    Micheli Jewellery
    (03) 9509 3584

  • Xmas/ new year sales


    Buy it at Auction, located in Melbourne.

  • Merged from PayPal eBay protection

    Further to my post regarding diamond rings. I have decided that second hand is the way to go.
    So, I have found a ring on the Gold Coast, but I cannot pick up until I go there in late June. If I pay now with PayPal and get there to find it’s not as described or worse still she doesn’t give it to me, will I be covered by PayPal buyer protection. I’ve tried to contact PayPal, but I think they have reduced staff due to COVID. Thanks I’m advance.

    • +2 - if you're inspecting the goods in June then you'll be over the 30 days anyway…

      Plus if you feel the goods are going to be dodgy or travelling all the way from Melbourne to the Gold Coast with the possibility of a no show, why would you take the risk in attempting to purchase??!! Random advice from ozbargainers won't help that :)

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      Buyer Protection takes care of your…

      But not your…

      Purchases of used or second-hand goods you pick up in person, real estate, motorised vehicles or industrial machinery.

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      If you don't need it until late June, keep looking locally.

      • It’s the ring I want at a price I’m happy to pay. I’m only get it then because we have a pre planned holiday.

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          Why not buy it now and have the seller ship it to you? It will arrive and you can examine it within the PayPal protection window.

          • @pjetson: That’s probably the most sensible thing to do, but I don’t think she wants to post it.

            • @chloden: If she doesn't want to post it, and you don't want to pay now and pick it up in a month, then I think it has to be "no sale". I really don't understand what advice you're asking for here.

              • @pjetson: Maybe just read what I wrote again. It is clear. Cheers.

    • What does your other half think about being given a second hand ring from an obviously previously broken relationship - have you asked him/her?
      Some may view the ring as being cursed!

      • Displeasing in certain ways? Ok, our species is funny like that.

        Cursed? That's a bit 1400CE.

      • My other half couldn’t care less what rings I buy to wear, and I really don’t think it would suit his fingers anyway .