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[eBay Plus, Refurbished] Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Silver/Fuchsia $314.10 Delivered @ Dyson eBay


might be cheapest so far for a refurb. Pulled the trigger finally. Also available in Silver
I see there is a 30 day return available.

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  • I would suggest borrowing one from a friend etc before buying one of these. We found the air output to be less powerful than a much cheaper Vidal Sassoon (or the like).

    Really unimpressed with it, returned it immediately.

    • With all due respect to Mr. Sir James Dyson for inventing the bagless vacuum but the products they make now are way overpriced and underperform.

    • I tried one and was surprised at how light and quiet it was. That alone could be worth it to some people.

      edit: quieter… it's still a hair dryer, it was just a lot quieter than my screamer.

    • Yep the air output isn't the greatest. The wife still prefers her Parlux as she says she can dry her hair in roughly half the time. This just looks cool.

    • Air output ≠ a good hair dryer.

      I don’t think it needs to be as forceful as a gale wind. For me, a low output and a diffuser means no frizz. A “normal” hair dryer that could blow a small child away would give me proper unwanted hermione granger hair.

  • Eww, David