Bluedio HS Wireless Wearable Bluetooth Speaker $27.19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Bluedio via Amazon AU


Make life easier with long time wearing comfort. Really a good deal now.

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  • bought one to try, thanks

  • Been cheaper at $19 and $27 seems to be the normal price. A few reviews from the community can be found on the last post. Enough to make me not buy one at the time.

  • Have been using this for more than a year. Great for non-music content.

  • yep, been using for over a year now… great for podcasts, where you dont want to completely block out external noise..
    the volume does not affect others who are working from home etc… highly recommended

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    Make life easier with long time wearing comfort.


    "Making outdoor activities more funny"

  • I have this wearable speaker. I use every day and pretty happy with it. Don't expect good sound quality. For podcasts and youtube, it's really worth.

  • Sound quality is functional but has audible background hiss at low volume or when nothing is playing. They arranged a replacement but issue was still there so they refunded me, so service is good. Sound quality still ok for podcast, audio book, YouTube etc.

  • Mine is not functional anymore as the connection is very bad. Dropping on and off.
    A good way to try out a new wearable product and if you like it, you can buy the wearable speaker from Bose or other quality brand.

  • I bought this Bluedio speaker over a year ago now. I used it at least once a day, either listening to podcasts while working (gardening, house cleaning etc). It's fantastic.
    It sits on your neck comfortably, it doesn't easily slide off. Bluetooth 5.0 is a blessing as I can leave my phone in one room walk to the other side of the house before losing reception, if your phone is less than 3Y.O it will most likely have BT 5.0. Another great use for it is to connect to your TV and watch movies with the sound up loud late at night and you don't disturb your family/housemates. I can even wear it while bike riding. There are 2 circumstances that it's not good at (not including swimming!!) when hanging clothes on the line, the speaker can slide off when you look up and put your hands above your head, the other issue is when driving you'll notice the limit of the speakers volume as the surrounding sound from traffic your engine etc can make it difficult to hear the speaker. The quality of the sound is acceptable, nothing amazing. After one year of heavy use the speakers battery gave up. I decided to pull it apart to see if I could replace the battery, I was hoping it would be a common battery such as a AAA Ni-MH, but alas it was a special little square battery that was glued or soldered in. If you look at the speaker holes it would make you believe that their is 4 speakers, but pulling it apart I did discover that 2 of the holes are fake! There's nothing behind the holes, just a rubber membrane. So in summary I was very happy with the speakers, I was disappointed that they only lasted one year. As I used them so much I decided to buy a new pair, but this time I spent more money and bought the "Monster Boomerang Neckband" from Amazon, they cost $144 and the quality and sound is amazing.
    So if you're not an audiophile the Bluedio's are great for podcasts and music, the volume is high enough in most environments, the BT connection is simple to use and has good range, it feels comfortable to wear and is well worth $27. BTW, thanks for reading my essay!!

    • I'd been keeping my eye on the jbl soundgear over the Bose soundwear because of it has the low latency codec but I think that it has been discontinued. I haven't seen the monster boomerang, have you used it to watch TV? Are there any lip sync issues?

      • No, sorry I haven't used the Monster Boomerang with my TV, though I have used them plenty of times watching Youtube videos on my Windows desktop computer and there is definitely no lag, but maybe this is different to using it with a TV.