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L’OR Barista Premium Latte Machine (LM8018/90) + 50 Pods (20 Single, 30 Double) $176 Delivered @ L'OR Espresso


The wife was bugging me, to get a new coffee machine this one seems to be worthy ! So I got it

Spoil Mum or treat yourself with this premium bundle offering the L’OR Barista Premium Latte machine and 50 capsules for 25% off*.

Bundle contains:

1x L’OR Barista Premium Latte machine (LM8018/90)

50x Aluminium Coffee Capsules

2x L’OR Barista Double Supremo – Intensity 10 - 10 Pack
1x L’OR Barista Double Barista – Intensity 13 - 10 Pack
1x L’OR Espresso Ultimo – Intensity 13 – 10 Pack
1x L’OR Espresso Lungo Profondo – Intensity 8 – 10 Pack
The L’OR Barista Premium Latte machine makes two cups at once, or one double shot thanks to the exclusive double spout and double shot L’OR Barista capsules.

Update Use Code " MOTHERSDAY20 " for extra discount

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • They gave these machines away for free last year when purchasing $x in pods. I don’t think this is an attractive deal, especially if you’re picky about your capsules (I only like L’Or’s ristretto for example).

    • Also got the 'free' one last year. I felt the extraction was better compared to a previous Nespresso Mini I previously had. However the construction quality is average, I've had some rare instances when the waffle pod filter didn't engage properly when the water pump started. Possibly some coffee grounds got in the way around the seal - with some cleaning the issue has gone away.

      Overall pretty satisfied with it. Cannot recommend at $220 though.

      • The $220 price is also including the pods so wouldnt outright say you are buying the unit alone for $220

  • I got this in the free deal last year. Overall great as a freebie.
    The pods are great tasting for a pod, you get decent strength etc.

    Thing is, they cost $1.10 per pod, as opposed to about 44 cents for a normal sized pod. It’s cheaper to use two normal pods, which fortunately you can. Sometimes the bigger pod can jam when you open it to put a new one in.
    You can get the bigger pods on sale occasional on Amazon down to about 85 cents every now and again in cases of 10 boxes, but they are getting close to expiry. And a lot of supermarkets don’t stock the barista sized pods.

    And be careful to only put a little bit of milk in the frother.
    Overall though I like the big pods.

  • Regarding pricing, go here: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/6233?cq_sr...
    Wow, what a long address, sorry. The pods are .88C, they make two cups, ergo, .44C per cup of gorgeous coffee!

  • Now $176 with code MOTHERSDAY20