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[LatitudePay] Kogan Z10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $114.99 Delivered (Was $579) @ Kogan


To be honest im not sure how good this vacuum is but it was $579

Free shipping with Epic coupon too I believe.

There were also a number of other vacuums heavily discounted.

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  • Another Kogan deal that sucks…

  • Kogan reviews extremely helpful; It's either excellent or useless. You decide.

  • ? How do I buy it for $99 .

  • Reviews are not that positive - suction seems to be average?

    • It should have similar suction to the Xiaomi Dreame V9 (Kogan one says it has 21 kPa suction power, the Dreame V9 has 20 kPa)

  • Ho do u get to $99

  • My apologies after adding to cart discount is different will update title

    • Without latitude pay just using a normal westpac debit mastercard it comes to $139.99 with using the code EPIC.

      Bit of a deal breaker but I mean is $25 a huge discrepancy.. the answer is yes yes $25 is a lot of money.

      Still up in the air on which cordless vacuum cleaner to buy but this looks pretty decent and I only need the basics for a very small office site that is mostly carpet.

      Thanks OP for this deal post.

      • Ye I umm'd and ahh'd about it for a bit but pulled the trigger in the end

        • Nice would you be happy to give a review on it when you are able to use it.

          So far this is one of the best looking value wise in the cordless vacuum cleaner category.

          But I am still on the fence on whether to just get this or pay $100 more for a dreame V9 or something in the $250 range.

          • @AlienC: Will be my first decent vacuum but will be sure to let you know how it goes

            • @Spennyrich: Thanks man appreciate it.

              I can only speak about the $30 big w corded stick vacuum cleaner I think the brand was contempo.

              They are good but very small and not as powerful for super deep cleaning carpet but can do basic normal duties.

              For the price they are good value but they are not cordless.

              • @AlienC: Ye my last one was a $40 Kmart one so im hoping for something amazing

              • @AlienC: Arrived today, feels very light and had decent power. Don't really have much to compare it to but Im happy with it.

                • @Spennyrich: how does it feel in the hand… is it heavy is the handle easy to use?

                  if I do purchase one I will be using it like twice a week so lighter the better and good grip and handling is very important for long term use

                  do you know if it has auto turn off for the charger so if I leave it on overnight to charge it doesn't destroy the battery itself by overcharging

                  basically is it safe to leave on overnight on charge

                  thanks btw im still looking for a good long term budget cordless vacuum cleaner

  • It feels quite light and the grip is reasonable,

    I don't know about the charging situation.

    I left it on charge overnight if that means anything.