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Luminous Face Mask 7 Colors Changing Rechargeable $27.19 (20% off) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Luoke via Amazon Au


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1) with 7 colors LED light changing and 4 different flash light mode.
2)Perfect for Rave Festivals, Bars, Clubs, Electric glow run, LED parties, Christmas, Halloween, Costume Parties, Mardi Gras, Carnivals, Gifts, Masquerade and more.
3)Super Bright in the dark environment.
4) Rechargeable & Wireless.
5)Fits For All People.
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  • The number of layers is the most important thing for masks, not gimmicks. Yet your description focuses on gimmicks and doesn’t mention the number of layers, that I can see?

    • I think you've missed that this is costume attire.

      Went to a bush doof on the weekend, and this would have been a great item to complete the cybergoth look I tend to wear to raves.

      So long as it lights up, thats all the seller is claiming.

    • +1 Looks safe… not. It does not look like it even has an actual protective layer, just "Silk" according to the description.


      Hi it is a costume face mask with two layers.

  • Really?

    • Yep! You can click on the link and check.

      These look pretty sweet at a rave, but the ones with VU meters built in look more cyber if thats the style you're dressing to.

  • So there's a battery built into these?


    Yes, 450mAh Polymer Battery built in it.

  • What is the purpose of led in mask ? For night clubs .. glow in dark ? I doubt huge gathering is allowed during these times.

    • Refer to the second point of the deal.

      Your doubt is also incorrect - I'm going to a multi day camping music festival in a couple of weeks and nightclubs are open.

      Ozbargain never ceases to surprise me though. These masks are pretty clearly not surgical - thanks for pointing that out everyone.

    • I doubt huge gathering is allowed during these times.

      Your doubt be wrong, says I!

      Went to a HUGE bush doof the other week. Was epic, hundreds of people HUNDREDS in various tents and such.

  • Might as well get 3 ply normal mask, and donate the extra money to developing/under devleloped countries to buy more masks. This is just a cosmetic feature, not a safety feature anyway.

  • Wear a boring mask under your cool light-up mask. This is of course an accessory and not best-practice coronavirus protection. I think what it does to encourage those who would not otherwise wear any kind of face covering in this particular setting is important.