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Heat Beads BBQ Briquettes 10kg Bag $5 (Was $15) + Delivery (C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W


First post. Looking around for Heat Beads and came across this great clearance deal for 10 kg bags at Big W. (Usually this price is ok for 5 kg).

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    No stock within greater Sydney.

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    Great find but no stock anywhere

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    Insane price, thanks OP. Bought 15 bags from my local. That sets my dad and I up for a while!

    • Where ??

    • Say hi to ScoMo

  • There's some in the country

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      Which country.

      • BIG W Canberra City
        Low stock

    • BIG W Charlestown
      In stock

      BIG W Jesmond
      In stock

  • Looks like Big-w are going to get rid of the 10kg bag and only sell the 4kg bag for $10?

  • Great for Espetada

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    Looks like I'll be taking a road trip to Mildura SA from Sydney for some heat beads.

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      Mildura is in Victoria btw.

      • It is too.
        Don't know why it came up when I was searching SA.
        Must be because it's closer to Adelaide than Melbourne.

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    Must be getting close to the expiry date of 7 billion years

  • Great deal OP. Ta

  • Thanks Op. Just brought 10 from Southland. About 30 bags left I reckon

  • Thanks OP just ordered 10 bags for C&C

  • Sold out SEQ, no delivery option,

  • Sold out in Big W, Midland…

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    BIG W Bathurst 134.3 km away IN STOCK View store details
    BIG W Tamworth 326.5 km away IN STOCK View store details
    BIG W Wangaratta 484.9 km away LOW STOCK (call store on 03 5725 2200) View store details
    BIG W Lismore 625.1 km away IN STOCK View store details

    closest instock to Sydney

  • None in brisbane by the looks

  • none near Castle Hill

  • Thanks Op got 6

  • Dang, just got a hibachi but no stock around me!
    What’s the going sale rate that is actually available?

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      For hibachi try the wooden charcoal. I find it heats up way quicker than these and better flavour.

      • Oh thanks for the advice! Do they last as long?

        • The heat beads last much longer.

  • Any in western Australia?

    None left at Belmont :(

  • Even at $15 that's actually still a good price. At The Big Green Shed they are 7.5kg for $14.

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    Thanks OP.

    Sister ordered 6 from Tamworth. I ordered 10. Ready for pickup.

  • Greeeeeat price. Available at Kingston, TAS. Bought 10

  • Damn. I just paid $11 at IGA for 4kg!!!

  • Wow crazy price.

    Even though I decided to move away from these in the future even at this price it would've changed my mind (if I hadn't just bought a big bag of their grey bag lump recently)

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    I turned up at Big W Rosny with my click and collect paper work, she loaded up a trolley with 4 x 10kg bags. I said "I've only paid $5" she looked at the paper work again, shrugged her shoulders, said well done…. on your bike.

    • They let you keep four for the price of one? 🤣

      • Yep… they gave me all 4 ☺
        No idea why.