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  • OP when will the Philips Ultinon Essential LED H1 be back in stock? Been checking it for months now and it still OOS.


      Hi, Philips themselves are having product issues with this fitment and the other in the range. Some of the other fitments have come back into stock recently but not the H1's. Im sorry but i dont have a date of when they will be in stock

  • I'm waiting for my order from 11th April

    • I placed an order on the 5th April, shipped on the 6th. Still waiting.

      However, they do make it reasonably clear they are shipping from the UK, so I expect shipping may take another week or 2 yet..

    • If your stock was being shipped from UK, it may take a few weeks. That being said they are very helpful if something does go wrong.

    • Does take a while. Over a month for me.

    • Bulbs arrived yesterday, 27/4. 16 days - not too bad I guess.

  • I can't get a discount for H4 GT200

  • Shame the ultinon is not road legal. I'm so tired of changing halogen bulbs. I'm guessing they are so bright that they are not very safe in normal traffic, plus I'll end up getting pulled over.


      I cant quote for Australian but here in the UK the laws on LED retrofit headlights has recently changed to be more strict but we have yet to hear from a customer than their car has failed an MOT for them. Here in the office we have 4 employees cars that have retrofit LED's and all have passed no problems.

      The Philips LED's are designed so that they don't dazzle oncoming traffic, the light pattern they make is the same as Halogens, although the light is brighter and so you can see further (and of course white light). The above cars all have Philips LED's fitted and the light pattern is still legal and we have better visibility at night plus a more modern look with the white LED light

  • Tried to order over $80 2x pairs of Osram 9005/HB3's but charges shipping.
    What happened to over $25 inc shipping?