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[Afterpay] Pay with Afterpay Card via Google Pay, Get $20 off Your Next Purchase (Minimum $21 Spend) @ Afterpay & Google Pay


Basically identical to the apply pay deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617201) but now is giving love to android users
No code needed, probably targeted though.

Receive $20 off when you spend $21+ on your next order via Afterpay Card. Voucher is valid until 11:59 pm AEST Sunday 2nd May 2021 unless otherwise determined by Afterpay. Afterpay reserves the right to cancel the voucher at any time. Valid for the first 15,750 redemptions only. You must use your Afterpay Card in conjunction with Google Pay when redeeming this offer. Available in participating stores. This voucher is single-use only and must be used on your first eligible order. It cannot be saved for use on a future order. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other Afterpay offer. Voucher redeemable in a single transaction and is not transferable, redeemable in cash or refundable. Your voucher will automatically be deducted from your Afterpay order. The voucher will not be reflected in the merchant receipt, please refer to your Afterpay receipt. Limit of one voucher per customer.

Late fees and eligibility criteria apply. Afterpay approval and transaction limits may apply.
To ensure delivery to your inbox add [email protected] to your address book.

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Referrer and Referee receives $30 off next eligible Afterpay purchase of $50 or more. Maximum of 5 referrals per customer. The promotion is redeemable until 30/6/2021.

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  • Thanks, got this in my app. So that's instore only right?

  • Is this targeted, where can i see the deal?

  • Is there a list of participating stores?

    • Anywhere google pay works should be eligible I think

    • I think it means stores that accept Afterpay Card. Not sure if there's any restriction any more: possibly a holdover from before their partnership with MasterCard(?) when they had that weird code based solution.

      If I get a chance I'll try it out and report back.

      • FWIW the Apple Pay thread had heaps of people getting rejected even though they were spending at known participating retailers (Chemist Warehouse, Myer, etc.)

        • got rejected in coles woolworth 7-11 .etc
          btw i am using apple pay

          • +2 votes

            @emeraldpiggy: Coles and Woolworths don’t accept Afterpay.

            Probably where a bit of confusion is coming into play is it still has to be a store that offers Afterpay, not Apple Pay. That and apparently even stores that do offer Afterpay are having trouble still.

    • Got rejected in maccas

  • Is there a easy way to find minimum spend for instore purchase?

    Target appears to be $100.

  • See the Apple Pay thread: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617201

    This appears to be a difficult deal to use (unless you want to spend much more than $21). It seems most stores have $50 or $100 minimums for using Afterpay in-store. The only reported success with the Afterpay card of buying something a little over $21 was at David Jones. Other stores have been fails (e.g., Chemist Warehouse, Big W).

    • +2 votes

      Good luck trying to get it to work even in an "in store" location as advised on the Afterpay retailer map. Negging as a warning that this may be an unobtainable deal.

    • Should not be that hard. I am going to do my groceries anyway, will see how it goes.

    • This is correct even Reject Shop only takes minimum $50 for afterpay purchase, however chemist warehouse take $4 minimum in store not online so u can split it in 4 payments 1 dollar a week and that's a huge purchase at Reject for $50 minimum you could byy the entire store for $60
      but they only do scanning afterpay bar code ( the original traditional way but this is now replaced by Afterpay MasterCard) as they update their EFTPOS machines to accept afterpay cards

      • -1 vote

        Why would they need to update their EFTPOS machines to accept an Afterpay Card when it just goes through the MC network? CW doesn't work with Afterpay Card anyway.

        • i believe it is because afterpay MC charges different commission to normal MC

          • @paloverde88: A business I work for offers Afterpay and in preparation for this we didn’t have to do any updates to the EFTPOS machine. We did have to give Afterpay details of the machine etc so they could ensure the proper rates etc were paid upon sales however, so I’m sure they’ve some how linked the two. As for it being an unobtainable deal we have had people successfully use Apple Pay with Afterpay in the last couple days and receive the credit for their next purchase

      • Tried at chemistwarehouse. Didn’t work either.

  • first 15750 is a rather specific number

  • I just called two Chemistwarehouses. Afterpay for in store purchases is not available yet. It's still work in progress.

    • Even though on the Afterpay map it says the stores are supported.

    • I know it is frustrating in fact many of their front line staff not trained, I have been to chemist warehouse where staff say ' we never ever accept afterpay ever' ' where did you hear we take afterpay?'
      As they update their machines to accept Afterpay MC they teach their staff to tell customer they have never ever accepted afterpay. This is how chemist warehouse put their front line staff in retail stores to tell customers. Very poor un informed service

  • WHY DID I signed up to the aftepay card literally a week before this deal ???

    Now i am not in the deal, AFTERPAY SUCKS Latitude is way better now

    • Were you able to successfully use it however? It seems to be a poor excuse compared to the Zip Pay card.

      • na not even used once

        And Zip pay never worked for me

      • the diff is Zip visa works anywhere visa is accepted even pizza store
        but Afterpay MC only works in stores that not only accepts MC but also must accept Afterpay, in other words the Afterpay MC is ot a universal MC just a selective MasterCard where the retailer who must also happen to accept Afterpay

        • yes but zip pay just doesnt work for me i dont know why. i have account but it wont let me do like anything with it at all

          • @USER DC: when i first started with klarna it was the same their ghost card visa was supposed to work everywhere - but did not so I cancelled my account. This should have been explained to the customer, whereas with Afterpay I already know they did say very specifically the merchant has to accept afterpay so I went in with eyes wide open

          • @USER DC: I had the same problem with Zip Pay, but then realised I had to set a pin number on the card.

        • i see, so afterpay card is a joke then.

  • Cannot find this deal on app

  • so its not like any visa/mastercard that you can use anywhere (like we can do in zip) it is only accepted in afterpay participating stores. I tried using in Kmart and got an error.

  • how do I get the afterpay card? I dont see any option in the afterpay app. Please help

  • can i use this in coles, like spending $21 or more?

    • nope. Don't thin Coles is part of Afterpay. Even some retailers have higher minimum spend (BigW is 50, others are 100 minimum)

  • do offer expiry 2 May mean that must be used before 2/5?

  • i guess the discount applies as long as the payment succeeds, ie. there is no chance of you paying but not getting the $20 off?

  • anyone know the minimum at TGG? i can only find max $1000.
    can i use afterpay card and another payment (say gift card) in one order?

    • The Good Guys does NOT currently offer Afterpay or ZipPay*. However, they do now offer LatitudePay for orders between $20 and $1000. most shops dont let you do split payments nor buy gift cards with afterpay. i had to spent over $100 at target today and cashier didnt even know about the after pay card or how to do it. i also asked the cashier at HN she said yes you could do split payments for LatitudePay but i think she didnt know what she was talking about.

      • On their website afterpay is available and they have instructions to how to use afterpay card in store. Maybe they had it activated?

      • What happen if you pay 300 by gc and rest on EFTPOS, they don't even know you are using afterpay card via gpay. As long as the shop support afterpay of course.
        LP doesn't support split payment, saw that somewhere.

  • what store s are participating in this particular deal? did anyone have a success

  • I followed the promopt but there is no additional card in my google pay —— anything wrong?

  • can anyone not targeted confirm if they got $20 off their Purchase (Minimum $21 Spend) @ Afterpay using Google Pay?

  • Got a gift card in David Jones, initially there is an error where EFTPOS machine indicated various card detected and transaction declined, I don't know how to select the required card for payment but managed to pay after removing other card but Afterpay within Google Pay .

    • In Google Pay, I scroll to the required card so it is visible, and then payment will be taken from that card.
      If you press the card image, there should also be an option "Make default for contactless'.

    • Do you just walkin David Jones and brought a physical card? What's the minimum value you have to buy?

      edit: find on their website, $5-$1000 instore. maybe this is the last option for me to take the deal.

      • End up brought the DJ gift card. Wife would be happy with this little card. For her next purchase

        • is there anyway to check if the cap isn't reached / you are still eligible? what are the DJ card increments (i.e. 21, 25)?

          • @amorn: you can not check, but i think that's just a marketing thing. they may only targeted that many people. so should be fine, better try to spend it asap.yes DJ gift card $5-$1000 any value will do.

  • I spent $29.99 at TGG and got $20 off.

    • That's good to know. At least one business that doesn't have a minimum spend of $100. I'll be heading to TGG Saturday

    • any purchase ideas? TA

    • Went to TGG this morning and got a Kasa Smart plug for $24.95, but payment was declined twice. They contacted Afterpay and had a link texted to me. Payment finally got through but i was charged full price. Will have to contact Afterpay tomorrow.

  • No issues using it at JB today. Picked up a $29 wireless mouse for $9. Had a bit of a chuckle at the fact that I'm paying this off in $2.25 instalments over the next six weeks.

    For users with multiple tap and pay cards registered in Google Pay, I noticed that when you tap 'Pay with Afterpay card' in the app, Google Pay will open but it will show you your default card.

    I'm not sure what would happen if I had just left it on my default card, but I didn't want it to accidentally charge the wrong card so to be on the safe side, I manually selected my Afterpay card in Google Pay before tapping.

  • Why is every transaction on my google pay in BigW declined when using afterpay card? :(

    • Is your total more than $50? There's a $50 minimum spend at Big W if you want to use Afterpay. Another possibility is if you have items that have been excluded at Big W from Afterpay (eg mainly gift/recharge cards). The details are here: https://www.bigw.com.au/payment/afterpay

      • Yes i paid 50.49. no giftcards but there are items on sale / clearance..should still be allowed right?
        Where can I find the exclusions :(

        • Yeah, the only info on exclusions I could find on that link I mentioned earlier is as below:

          Afterpay can be used to pay for most BIG W products online at bigw.com and in all BIG W stores, with the exception of the following:

          • Gift cards and top-up cards
          • Apple products
          • Back-orders, pre-order and waitlisted merchandise
          • Layby purchases

          So from what you've said, it sounds like it should have worked 😟