Mattress Underlay to Make Bed More Comfortable?

My sons mattress, which is pretty new, wife tells me is not comfy lol, well it was not purchased for her and her weight. Sometimes kids come into bed with us leaving us little room so wife ends up going on his now and again when get gets up at a weird time.

She I think has a mattress topper protector I'm sure she said said it does nothing and still feels the springs. Son is only 5 yrs sold so I don't think he would feel any springs with a topper just yet so wife spoke about something else.

I said maybe it needs a mattress underlay like layer of foam but aint some of these not crap, don't do much or are very thin or fall apart?

I see Kmart sell them but with some Kmart stuff it's hit or miss. It's for single bed obviously and Kmart is $29, I see Target has one at $30.
But are these any good and I'm wondering if Target one be better than Kmart, if was these two.


  • Underlay won’t suddenly make it comfy. Now what’s the new mattress brand and model so we can make recommendations. Don’t say they’re Kmart too 🤦‍♀️

  • The old bat that comes and stays at my house sometimes brings some thing called an "egg" topper which she continues to remind me she needs every time because of my terrible mattress before she demands I make her eggs for breakfast the next morning.

  • We have one of these in our caravan. It’s a thin mattress and without the topper can feel the springs. Makes a world of difference.

    Just be warned though, this topper is very warm!

    • I was thinking about getting one of these. You would definitely recommend even in summer? We find that we can usually sleep with just a fan on and the window open…

      Also, have you tried any of the other Microcloud products?

  • A mattress topper I bought from Kmart for around $30 was hot only used it for a few nights until my back felt better.

  • Might want to look at some of the options from Harris Scarfe or Tontine online.

  • I had a memory foam mattress topper was amazing on our old bed. Get a decent quality one and it will be great option. Our new bed is really comfortable so no need for one of these we mainly have toppers for adjusting the temp inside the bed.

    We currently have these in rotation:



  • Is the mattress the correct side up?
    Sounds like a dumb question but a neighbour flipped her mattress over instead of rotating it and then complained it was uncomfortable.

  • +1

    I mentioned this is the sheets thread as well, but some cheaper mattress protectors and toppers have a layer of polypropylene layer underneath, that doesn’t have any give and can make a mattress more uncomfortable. Eg this one from Kmart has polypropylene layer In fact very many mattress protectors have this issue. It basically creates a hammocking effect where it will load up the joints that sink lower into the mattress such as hips and shoulders with increased pressure. Take the existing topper off and check if it has a material that kind of looks like a reusable shopping bag on the inside, if it does this could be part of your problem.

    Basically avoid anything that has a layer like this on the inside

    In terms of feeling the springs recommend either a foam topper (but as others have said this can get hot). Or a topper without the polypropylene layer. If you do go for foam you could get an all cotton mattress protector for over the top, just don’t put the old topper on over it if it has the polypropylene layer as it will reduce the effectiveness of the foam. Pillow Talk has a decent range of toppers (still check they don’t have the polypropylene layer though) and have good sales often.

  • It's for single bed obviously and Kmart is $29, I see Target has one at $30.

    I assume you are referring to this Target one. I have one similar to this (the brand may have changed) and IIRC, it was bought from them a number of years ago. It is pretty good and holding up well. Although not using it now and it's in storage.

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