[ACT & Selected NSW Stores] Free Zinger Crunch Bowl with Purchase of Zinger Crunch Burger $7.95 @ KFC App


Not sure if available elsewhere, but I got the notification on my KFC app in Canberra for this. Shows under 'New Products'

Prices may vary between locations. $7.95 is for ACT.

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KFC Australia


  • Should be valid for NSW also, but not any other states or territories :(

    • Should be valid for NSW also

      Doesn't seem to be :(

    • Seems like there are a handful of restaurants in NSW that have it first, like Rosehill and Top Ryde.

      On another note seems like a okayish option for people like me who crave KFC but are on a diet. 1552kj, 24.6g protein, 21.6g fat, 25.4g carbohydrate, 10.8g sugar, 1023mg
      sodium - for those who care

  • What's a crunch bowl anyway?

    I'm in Vic and can't get it anyway, we just don't have it at all and am curious. Not curious enough to Google apparently though.

  • CHEAP AS CHIPS DEAL is no longer allow to be add to cart. Is there a reason why it's still on the list but not allow to be added?

    • I can add it but looks like they've ran out of chicken so you need to go in and modify 8 pieces to original tenders instead.

  • yeah that's the same with me. I doubt they ran out of chickens, i changed to another store and it's the same.

  • Can't find it in Sunnybank, QLD