Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 $699 (RRP $1099) + $9.95 Delivery @ Mi-Store


Top speed of 25km
Distance of 45km on full battery

Multifunctional dashboard
Aerospace grade aluminum body
E-ABS + disc brake
600W powerful motor performance
Three speed modes, easy switch
High safety lithium battery, 45km super long-range battery
New generation energy recovery system
Fifth generation BMS smart battery management system

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Xiaomi Australia


  • +1 vote

    How much is it normally?

    PC Byte sell it for the same price…

    Catch sell it for $10 more, but that includes shipping

  • 699 is kind of normal when JB or other store do promotions.

  • Got one of these from JB for the low $600…love it…I am about 100kg and got 28km the other day (before the battery ran out). There were a few hills and bits and pieces

    • and got 28km the other day (before the battery ran out)

      Unfortunately, here in Melbourne, our glorious leader Dan won't let us ride one.

      • Yeah, that sucks…I am in QLD…probably won't be long before they change rules here too :(

        • +1 vote

          I doubt they'll change in QLD. They introduced rules to allow the scooters.
          Problem with other states is not that it is banned, it has always been illegal based on existing laws.

      • I recently rode mine all over the country city of Bright VIC while I was on my getaway.
        Cops saw me and didn't do a damn thing.
        As long as u ride it on the road not exceeding the 50km limit for cars. So side streets are fine. Footpath ok too. As long as your not tearing it up during peak periods where people are around.

        • Cops saw me and didn't do a damn thing.

          Doesn't mean you wont get caught next time…
          Fine is > $800…
          Also, if you have an accident, you are not insured so it could cost you a lot more than that…

        • As long as u ride it on the road not exceeding the 50km limit for cars.


          Pretty sure police will stop an unregistered, powered vehicle driving 50km/hr on a road. Otherwise, they are not doing their job.
          Imagine if you collided and injured or killed someone?

    • Do these manage hills okay?
      I want one that I can ride my daughter to school.
      I'm 100kg. She's 20kg'ish.
      We have a biggish hill between our house and school.

  • thought i saw $550 not too long ago

  • I personally bought my 2 from Elite Electronics in Melbourne. But they jacked it up to $750 now.

    • how are u managing to use it in Melbourne? Have the police ever stopped you?

      • They don't care about scooters.
        Stop being so paranoid people!

      • Have the police ever stopped you?

        Just because some people get away with it doesn't mean it wont happen to you.

        It no different to driving an unregistered/unroadworthy car.

        One day you'll get caught. Fine is > $800.

        If you have a VIC driver's license, you'd almost certainly lose demerit points and possible lose your license too..

        • Not a f**king chance the cops are going to issue demerits or lose your licence over it. Just be sensible on them and you will never have any issues.

          Just because you live your life in a bubble state doesn't mean you need to enforce your views onto others.


  • Use code FREESHIP for free shipping
    I love my Pro v1. V2 isn't much different but has some nice updates.

    • The V2 actually had a few downgrades after FW update. Battery reduced to 12,400mAh and max charge voltage 40.5v instead of 41.5v. Some say they also switch out the more expensive LG Purple cells for cheapo blue Chinese EVE cells resulting in reduced range etc.

  • Do these have an actual weight limit on them?

    • 100kgs is listed in most of there specs. Generally you just go slower and shorter distance if over that - and I bet if there was a warantee it would be void. That said I put a monorim shock on mine - mainly for the comfort and supposed extra weight allowance

  • $600 and I'd pull. The trigger

  • Mo power, Mo better… https://scooterhacking.org/

    Use at your own risk but mine now flies up the hills. I'm not overly concerned with range though as I only use it with the kids to go to the park.

  • Not a bad deal. To be honest the has been this price for around a month now. Bought scooter previously at $585 delivered.

    Does 32km Per day 16+km each way, with charging at work. No problems so far.

    Hasn't missed a beat, would recommend waiting for the price to go down, however even at this price still a deal. +1