Best Australian Transaction (Day to Day) Account for 2021

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What is the best Australian Transaction Account for 2021?

Transaction accounts are a basic day-to-day use account that everyone should have: It's an account you typically use to spend money with, such as paying for basic expenses and bills.

However, these accounts can attract fees in various different forms: such as

  • Monthly account keeping fees
  • ATM fees (for using an ATM that belongs to another bank). Many banks however, have now ditched local ATM fees.
  • Phone, or Internet banking fees
  • EFTPOS and Branch fees
  • Foreign transaction fees and Overseas or International ATM access fees

Some of these accounts also offer it's members benefits, such as:

  • Support for contactless Mobile payment platforms such as Apple or Android Pay
  • Being able to earn some interest
  • Joint accounts
  • Fee-free money transfers to other banks
  • Cashbacks, Discounts and other freebies from businesses that have partnerships with the Bank you're with.

Last year, most of you voted for Up Everyday account, followed by the ING Orange Everyday. Up won by a landslide of 207 votes.

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  • +2 votes
    Suggested ING Orange Everyday

    No foreign transaction fees, no ATM fees (local and internional, even on those ripoff commerical ATMs), fee free, good app.
    Saving account has a 1.35% interest rate

    Conditions are
    $1000 into the account, 5 transactions a month
    Need to increase savings balance each month to get the interest rate (don't need it for the transaction part)

    • +10 votes

      Getting overseas local atm fees refunded by ing feels like cheating when you're travelling with other people.

    • +2 votes

      Macquarie refunds commerical ATM operator fees unconditionally.

      Just in case people are not aware…


        Macquarie refunds commerical ATM operator fees unconditionally.

        Can you elaborate on that?

        • +1 vote

          No. But you can read it for yourself here

          • +4 votes


            We will refund fees charged to you by domestic ATM operators in connection with domestic ATM transactions, but you’ll need to pay any other fee that you’re charged by any international ATM operator.


              @Hellcrusher2903: Yup. And no need for $1000 into the account, 5 transactions a month etc. to get that rebate.

              Waived/refunded international ATM fees is a nice perk, but for day-to-day Australian transaction account?

              Waived/refunded international transaction fees is worth a mention.


      No dead-set maximum daily transfer limit as well. While yes you can set one, but it's also fairly easy to change the upper limit. Other banks often require to fill out a form.

  • +2 votes

    Up Bank


    No monthly fees
    No local or international ATM fees (ATM fees charged by some foreign banks excluded)
    No foreign transaction fees


    0.7% interest rate on savings

    • +2 votes
      • +5 votes

        That was an imagine of a skeleton with the title "JOINT ACCOUNTS COMING SOON" (saved you all an unnecessary click).

        • +1 vote

          Joint accounts have now arrived with Up

      • +3 votes

        Hands down the best banking app. All other banks need to focus on mobile banking as its the new norm.
        I particularly like the way it separates all transactions into categories to basically create a budget so you know where you are spending your money.
        Saved about $100 so far with the cashback offered too

    • +3 votes

      Monthly account keeping fees : none

      Has a monthly fee of $4 - Waived if a minimum monthly deposit of $2000 is made or that you are under 25.

      Whilst this may not be a problem for some, the NAB Classic Banking account does not have a monthly fee or any age requirements.

      28D is a credit card, so is not relevant in this thread.


        I agree with you, but my pay goes to CBA so no fees.
        and their app/website best in Australia, definitely compare to ANZ, CitiBank, ING and Westpac, as I been using all time of them time to time.
        I only do few international transaction, you could use Citibank card instead of 28D, i don't see the big deal.

        However in general, for day to day transaction, CBA is way better, specially when their app can customize almost anything.

        • +2 votes

          The category is "Best Australian Transaction (Day to Day) Account for 2021" not best app/website.

          To say that there is no Monthly Account Keeping Fee is misleading.


            @Baysew: I would consider waiving the fees in the same realm of $1000 monthly deposit + 5 transactions.

            Aren't they all conditions you must meet in order to take advantage of the promos?

  • +3 votes

    HSBC gets my vote for the 2% cashback

  • +2 votes
    Suggested Up Everyday Account

    *Edit - I'm hopeless with these "Suggested" templates :(

    • No monthly fees
    • No foreign transaction fees
    • No domestic or international ATM withdrawal fees (international banks may apply their own fees)
    • Excellent app
    • Support for Apple, Android, Fitbit, and Garmin Pay

    Saving account has a 0.70% interest rate

    Conditions are
    5 transactions a month


    Which bank doesn't feel entitled to access my mobile phone? Let's start there.

  • +1 vote
    Suggested 86 400
    • 1.2% interest rate with 1000 deposit
    • $10,000 OSKO [instant transfers] daily limit
    • Connect with other accounts to see all balances on one screen
    • No monthly fees/int'l fees
    • Send them electric bill to test competitiveness against a small list
    • [Negative] Only have phone app - No website/iPad app

      People can direct debit and pay anyone directly out of their saving accounts as well. You don't need two steps (Savings -> Transaction, Transaction -> Anyone) like other banks. Their saving accounts have transaction account like features.

      Can't link a debit card to their saving account, however.

      No Bank @ Post support to deposit cash into account. Unlike ING or Up.

      Bill prediction is hit and miss


        I don't see direct debit from savings as an upside, but maybe that's just me.
        Paying out of savings to someone else is another thing (for convenience).


          You can pay out of savings to others


    I upvoted “Up” for its ease in signing up and also that it has now transferwise integrated into its app for international payments. Very handy.

  • +1 vote

    I have:
    ING for traveling (saved me +- $100 in ATM fees overseas on 1 trip) - that was before covid though.
    HSBC for transactions <$100 (2% cashback).
    AMP saver (for marginal .05% more on savings) - because everything matters.
    Citibank - no international fees without a fuzz (no deposit required etc.) I could probably change this to UP/Macquarie.
    NAB - the easiest one I could find to open from overseas without fees (years ago). Not using it actively anymore though.
    ANZ (because I used refinance promo) - but not using actively (only for churning through CCs and homeloan).
    (And various other accounts because of cashback promotions.)

    Probably worst experience so far is MyState - where Osko transfers are still not working. MyState admits there's an issue somewhere, but they can't fix it. I can't use the app, because it defaults to osko payments (so all payments via app automatically fail - after saying "successful transfer").

    Am I the only one with a spare wallet just for keeping debit cards you don't use often?
    (I actually rarely take cards with me, most common ones are in google pay anyway. But definitely can't fit them all in my wallet.)

  • +3 votes
    Suggested Ubank USpend

    This answer includes both UBank’s Transaction account (USpend) and their linked savings account (USave) but you can use them as one account as described below.


    • Joint accounts and multiple savings accounts.
    • 1.1% interest on balances of Savings account(s), when depositing $200 per month into Savings/Transaction account - interest rate is applied to a combined balance of up to $250,000 held in your USave savings accounts, including joint accounts.
    • No additional spending requirements to make the bonus interest.
    • Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay.
    • Can get paid directly into Savings account.
    • “LiveSweep” feature which automatically moves the exact amount you need from your Savings account to your Transaction account when you need it. This allows you to keep 100% of your money in the Savings account and earning bonus interest. The LiveSweep kicks in for direct debits, BPAY, ATM withdrawals, purchases (including cash out) when selecting Savings. ApplePay also allows you to setup ApplePay purchases (including cash out) to use Savings which means LiveSweep also works for this.
    • Uses EFTPOS system so can be setup with Beem It for instant transfers to/from other banks.
    • No international transaction fees.
    • No account keeping fees, no overdraw fees, no fees at NAB, ANZ, CBA and Westpac Group ATMs.
    • Scheduled transfers allowing you to automatically move money to other banks at regular intervals (say to get cashback offers etc).
    • iPad app (as well as iPhone/Android).
    • Purchase categorisation in app.
    • “Free2Spend” budgeting feature on iOS.
    • Owned by NAB (for a sense of security).


    • No PayID yet.
    • No fast payments out yet (only in) - Need to use Beem It for fast payments out.
    • Very slow feature development with no roadmap (although their purchase of 86000 may help) - They have been promising the above PayID/OSKO features for a few years.
    • No push notifications for transaction alerts (only emails).
    • Some features only available via app, website seems to be getting deprecated.
    • Online only bank - no branches.
    • No cashbacks.
    • +1 vote

      Somewhat related, but Ubank is more of a savings/interest play for me. But where the transaction account comes into its own is the LiveSweep. I think everyone is familiar with banks and their zero interest transaction accounts and their interest-earning but highly limited savings accounts. One of the typical drawbacks of these savings accounts is you can't direct debit out of them - so setting up an autopay/direct debit for your credit card from your savings account doesn't work with many banks.

      Ubank's live sweep on the transaction account becomes very handy for these direct debits - I give the credit card bank (eg Amex) the USpend account number, and when Amex debits my account, if there isn't enough in the USpend account then UBank will automatically move the money from my USave account to fulfil the debit. That way, my card is auto paid without me having to worry about missing due dates and my cash stays in the savings account.

    • +1 vote

      UBank now have fast payments out

      UBank also have SMS notifications not only email


        Oh that’s great news regarding Fast Payments! Just confirmed it’s working for me. Thanks for letting me know.


      The fast pay and PayID issue can be fixed by having an NAB Account (No Fees).

      I personally use the NAB account to deposit cash and random coins at Australia Post / branch.

      I double check this and you can fast pay out to an NAB account. For other banks this is a hit and miss.

  • +2 votes
    Suggested Revolut Standard Account

    I voted for Macquarie as that’s my main account, but I also have a Revlout account and for some specific use cases it’s pretty good.

    No monthly fee, no foreign transaction fee on card transactions, $350/month ATM withdrawals free worldwide, multi currency accounts, crypto, commodities (gold/Platinum etc), Cashback built in (like Cashrewards/ shop back), free junior card for your kids that you can control in the app and fund/lock. Oh and free virtual disposable card numbers, so you can order from dodgy sites without worrying about your card being stolen.

    I initially signed up so I could send money from my Australian bank account at Macquarie to my Euro bank account. Macquarie can’t do that and recommended OFX, but revolut had a better rate. I took up the card option and have been using it more for my overseas transactions ever since.

  • +5 votes

    I vote for Up for its instant approval, making my life easier, having Osko, and extremely easy to navigate.
    Macquarie is also good, but it doesn't have Osko, which is annoying/unacceptable these days…

  • +2 votes

    Now that Macquarie no longer supports EFTPOS, combined with them only allowing fast payments via PayID (and not BSB/acc #, which I was using Beem It to get around), is there a suitable alternative?


    I voted MQ, also have Up, but it does not have Internet Banking yet, App only.


    I have a secondary account that $200 from each pay (fortnightly) goes into that I spend on whatever, anyone recommend an account for such little money and transactions?

    • +1 vote


  • +2 votes

    Absolutely love my Macquarie Platinum Transaction Account. It was super slow to adopt PayID, but it got there eventually.

    The only downside I can think of is that if you wanted to physically deposit cash into your account, you need to go to the one branch at their Barangaroo building (in Sydney anyway). Otherwise, they're amazing. Their app is really good too. You can tell they've invested in their IT.


      This is why I keep my old ING account open, if I need to deposit cash I can do so at a post office.


    Voted MQ - happy alternative to ING - seems to have larger instant transfer amounts (ING is stuck at 1k per day).


    Does anyone know what the OSKO/PayID limits are for Up? They don't exactly state it on their site except $30,000 limit per day, of which I have no clue what the sub limits are for OSKO/PayID (currently assuming its the full $30,000).

    Currently with ING and $1,000 limit on OSKO/PayID is very limiting and a PITA.

    • +1 vote

      From memory its $30k. But there's usually a delay if the amount is higher than what you have previously sent to the PayId.

      You can contact them within the app if you require more accurate information.

  • -2 votes
    Suggested Beyond Bank Purple Transactor Account


    An award-winning certified ethical bank owned by its customers.

    No Monthly Account Fee
    No fee for EFTPOS
    No fee for BPAY
    No fee for Direct Debit
    No Dishonour Fee
    No Overdrawn Account Fee
    No fee for Branch Withdrawals and Deposits
    No fee for Declined Transaction
    No fee for Replacement Card
    No Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee (except operator fees)
    No fee for Transfers performed using Internet, Mobile or Telephone Banking
    No fee for Visa Purchases
    No fee for ATM withdrawals (except operator fees)
    No fee for Osko/PayID


    0% savings interest on this account
    3% foreign transaction fee
    Australia Post withdrawal fees (does anyone actually do this?)
    SMS fees (pointless, since the app has push notifications)