Best Value Ultra Widescreen High-Resolution LCD Monitor in 2021 (Under $800)

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What's the best value 34 to 35 inch ultra-widescreen monitor that you can buy in 2021?

There are some features to consider when buying an LCD

  • Resolution. While 1080 FHD resolution still remains the standard or minimum resolution for LCD panels smaller than 27 inches, most users shopping for larger panels should generally opt for 1440p panels to maximise the amount of information that can be displayed on screen at once.
  • Panel Type: IPS panels offer better viewing angles than VA or TN panels, but sometimes exhibit IPS glow (google image search for examples). VA panels offer better contrast ratio but with poorer viewing angles and noticeable ghosting effects on darker colours
  • Backlight brightness and uniformity
  • Whether or not the stands offer height adjustment, as well as pivot or tilt.
  • Refresh rate (measured in Hz). Typical refresh rates range from the standard 60hz, 144hz and all the way up to 200hz.
  • Real HDR or is it Quasi-HDR? HDR Labels are often stuck on monitors incorrectly and are often advertised when a monitor takes in a HDR input but the panels themselves rarely meet HDR certifications. See this article about fake HDR.
  • Display curvature — measured by the radius the curve would deliver if it formed a complete circle. When measuring curved monitors, the value 'R' is used to indicate the curvature radius. For instance, a 4,000R curvature monitor would form a circle with a 4,000 mm radius, which is 4 meters. The smaller the 'R' value is, the higher the monitor’s curve.
  • FreeSync or G-Sync Compatibility.
  • Connectivity options such as Thunderbolt ports / USB-C ports that allow you to charge your tablet or laptop while using just one convenient cable that carries both data and power.
  • Plus other exotic or unusual features like built in speakers, cheat crosshairs, picture-in-picture modes and RGB lighting.

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  • How about the ASUS XG35VQ ROG Strix 35inch UWQHD? Seems to be 23% or more off at the moment?

  • Maybe think about adding the AOC CU34G2X

    I have it. It's phenomenal. Can be had for $580.

    • Nice suggestion. Curious to know how the 4 USB 3.2 gen 1 ports work?is it downstream to a PC/laptop connected via the HDMI port or Display port??

  • I still think the dell u3415w is a good option. Only misses out on usbc. The new version the 3419w has it but is over the $800 limit in this question.

    • i have the U3415W (refurb). It's a great monitor with a lot of ports, if this was 2017/2018 it could be had for $600 refurbished and i'd recommend it. There are better options today with higher refresh rates and better prices. but depends on your usage, the dell i think offers better colour reproduction (i don't do colour work so please do your own research and double check this).

  • +2
    Suggested Dell S3422DWG

    Dell now has 34 inch competitor

    144hz (DP) or 100hz (HDMI)
    400 cd/m² brightness
    2xHDMI, DisplayPort
    Height and tilt adjustments
    VA Panel with 2ms claimed response times

    $500 when it goes on sale.

  • Xiaomi Mi really?? Is this monitor sufficient or good for performing work on data analysis, excel; coding, work that requires a big screen?

    • +1

      Not the best monitor in the world, but it is definitely good value and it punches above what it's budget price suggests.

      There's a thorough review of the monitor on HUB

      The Dell S3422DWG is a slightly newer monitor by Dell, and assuming you can get it for $500 is a better deal than the Xiaomi. Not much different apart from having 400 nit and quasi HDR support (but not real HDR since it's not FALD)

    • Yup, I use it for excel, photo editing etc. Coupled with Windows Power Toys it is a dream come true at a good price.

    • Yes, definitely good for excel and coding. It's alright with games as well.

  • Just thought I would link this forum for an American perspective, which I am sure many here are familiar with…

  • Suggested Kogan KAMN34RQUCSA

    Kogan KAMN34RQUCSA uses an updated 1000R samsung VA panel, and can apparently receive both data and power over USB-C from your GPU (if it's powerful enough).

    not sure if it's in fact better than the Xiaomi which uses the same panel as the previous Kogan 1500R panel, no major tech outlets have reviewed it.

    • +2

      Careful with Kogan and USB-C even though it's a QHD panel , doesn't mean the UsB-C input is capable of QHD , it might only output FHD

      • really good point there, didn't even think about this, i've never had a USB-C monitor before.

        would be cool of anyone on Hardware Unboxed patreons see this and request it for review.

        • +1

          The Kogan usb c monitor does not support QHD, it is written in the spec, check the product page.

  • Was about to start a new topic but this one is close enough so I will piggy back. Looking at getting a curved ultrawide for my kids for Christmas (so for gaming). Budget is slightly tight at $500.00.

    None of the suggestions above seem to be on sale at the moment and are over our budget.

    Would these be decent:

    • neither of those are ultrawide

      • Ahhh, OK. My bad. I'd best do some research and come back later before I make myself look like more of a newb.


  • The xiaomi is good value yes, but over the dell? really? the dell has far better factory calibration and slightly better response, for similar pricing or a tiny bit more - you could get similar effects with a colorimeter but at that point it would cost more than the dell.

    • If you just want a good value for money 144hz panel then the xiaomi is excellent.

      I wouldn't bother with it for work though, there's a bit of a lottery around smearing

  • Aldi have a 34" on sale today for $299.
    can't speak for the quality. (IPS, 75HZ)
    price is right tho.

  • -1

    Dude buy a cheap HDR TV its way bigger better specs and quality. get LCD/miniLED/MicroLED or QLED
    No OLED.. none of that cut its height in half then sell two of them for twice the price bulls*** ultra wide load of Cr&p monitors..
    Vastly superior specs
    then get your self a graphics card that can real time 3d render as you game down to the detail levels of polaris in the sky.. or at the genetic RDNA level of quality.. or twice the resolution of genetic level.
    delete all the config.ini or config.cfg or settings.ini or .cfg or other things windows and game engines use to globally limit your graphics and prevent you from using your awesome AMD hardware.. then uhh make your own config.ini file in your mydocuments folder or place it next to the EXE file you want to run
    and type in

    Capability=VULKAN 1000

    Capability=Directx12.5Ultimate 1000

    Capability=Direct3d12.5Renderer 1000

    Colorspace=Default Colorspace=true




    GPUBitDepth=9999999999999999999 or can use all asterix **********(just umm guestimate the numbers based on the specs above like GPU core bit depth and RAM bit depth and PCI express bandwidth required bit depth and multiply them all together and times by 2-4 and you might be getting close

    CPUBitDepth=Same thing for GPU BitDepth






    Capability=AMD Ryzen RDNA


    Anything else you can name basically chuck it in there and your card might begin to work! try it with these first place it into your mydocuments folder. or im not sure where to put .ini or .cfg files in linux or some sort of global graphics settings config file .. but yeah it goes in application dir where EXE is or in documents folder in any windows OS. *.cfg and *.ini files tend to be set to cripple your hardware too many globals and false values and entries.. like renderer=enabled or "on" is bleep compared to true

    Even just the freesync stuff its almost always completely wrong they type in wrong words! so your thousands of times faster than nvidia and intel hardware never ever gets used. give it a try and hopefully it will work for you. I'd think tinier render details than the star polaris at the rate of genetics RDNA is a better hardware architecture than polaris. Then game like a legend!

  • Silly question, If I want to buy a screen bigger than 27" can I manually bring the screen size down if I get a bigger screen? Dont wanna twist my neck and look around too much during intense gaming.

  • these polls are essentially "OzBargain Picks/Go-To" but..annually?

  • I'm so clueless re CPU parts. Are there polls for best budget graphics card, etc etc

    The mobile forums have more of these kind of polls.

    Trawling thru the posts. It seems like 1650 super is the best budget cars to get but comments are saying pay no more than ~$250 second hand.

    • +1

      GPU's are one of those things where you're funneled down to just a bunch of choices when given a limited budget. If you only have $300 to spend for example, then there's really only GTX 1650 / SUPER / TI, possibly Radeon RX 570 or 580 (if they even exist).

      Whereas for mobile phones and headphones, having a $300 budget still means you have nearly around a hundred options to choose from. A poll would be useful there to quickly reduce the amount of choices to make and to make your life of researching what to buy much less of a chore.

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