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Viomi A9 $169, 60" 4K UHD TV $499, LG 34" UW IPS $299, RTX 3050Ti Gaming Laptop $1499, 20V Hammer/Impact Drill Set $169 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi Black Friday catalogue.

Wednesday 24/11 - Viomi A9 vacuum, LG 34" ultrawide IPS monitor, gaming laptop, 60" 4K TV
Saturday 27/11 - Ferrex drill set

Original scan

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +9

    LG 34" UW IPS $299

    Not bad

    • +13

      WFHD, and probably 75hz.

      • +5

        Lg 34wk500 p or s. 450+ elsewhere. I'd call $299 a good bargain

    • +18

      ALDI deal = line up 7am and they have 3 units in stock. You'll miss out for a "No Deal"

      • I'm actually enjoying the current product delays. It's now keep an eye on the website for when it actually comes in, stroll into the store at noon and grab what I want.

      • It's entertainment watching people fight over stuff which they could buy online

    • +2

      $200 was better… Got 3 of them from ALDI, 18 month's ago, from the $399 price, they started at.
      LG 34WL500 UltraWide Monitor, in case this is a newer model. Still have 2 unboxed.
      Triple monitor car racing setup, is waiting…

    • +1

      It's only 1080p height in pixels tho, for 34" :/

      Why oh why (OH WHY!) can't someone sell a 34 -> 42" 4K, 60hz, IPS, 4:4:4 display (even if it's a TV!?)

  • +11

    Wow! Never thought I'd see the day Aldi would sell a gaming laptop ahah 🤣🤣

    • +10

      They've sold wheelchairs & unicycles in the past.

      • +85

        Good combo

        • -6

          Which one, the wheelcycle or the unichair?

          • +14

            @z00m: Uni gaming laptop wheelchair

          • +10

            @z00m: You'll need the wheelchair after you come off the unicycle.

            • @Clear: and the gaming laptop once you come off the wheelchair

    • +2

      They have in the past. It's been a while. A long while.

      Pretty average for $1500.

    • Or get in on Black Friday/Wednesday sales :)

    • same here, where they gonna place them?

    • -9

      Wouldn't call it much of a gaming laptop. You can get cheaper laptops on sale @ JB with a 1650TI that outperforms the 3050TI

    • +2

      They have been selling them for years, laptops and PCs, brand is Medion. I still have one which I got back in 2010 that came with a gt525m

    • there gaming keyboard n mouse are pretty good.

  • +1

    Any thoughts on the 60" TV? A friend is looking for a cheap one..

    • +1

      My friend is looking for a 4k monitor to play games. I told him to buy a bigger tv, but the budget is an issue. Now I think this one would do. Of course no fancy 4k 120hz, but should meet the basic needs.

      • Thanks buddy!!!

      • +1

        Make sure it has hdmi 2.0 if he’s going to use it as a monitor

        • +8

          4:4:4 display is also important for PC or else text will look bad.

      • +3

        Be aware of input lag, I've got a 65" bauhn from a couple years ago and it's really noticeable compared to a proper monitor

        • This is the single thing that stops be from buying these TVs every time. I’m using a old tv from a meeting room but even that has a gaming mode.

        • +1

          Hey, it could be perfect with the Bauhn 2.1 soundbar I bought: connected it to a new 27" monitor instead of its tiny speakers, and found out the soundbar was lagging the audio out of the monitor by (guess) 200ms… so it might lip sync fine with your TV!

          This was for an analog AUX input to the soundbar, but a TOSLINK cable straight from the Xbox gave no difference. Resolving never again to buy an Aldi electronic item that I don't intend to try out straight away, not "when I get around to it"… now it's too late to return, never too late to regret.

    • +2

      WebOS means it's LG based yeah? And just UHD vs the newer type QLEDs. But looks like UHD use a bit less power. Guessing it's a Bauhn brand.

      • Yeah..could be a Bauhn but not sure, for the price wouldn't be so bad and webOs is good..even though I prefer Google TV

      • QLED is more power efficient at the same brightness levels

        • Cheers, I'm just comparing a Lindsar 65 UHD @ 168 watts, vs 65 EKO QLED @ 220 watts. But from what you are saying, the Lindsar default settings are just set up less bright?

          • @tunzafun001: I feel like I remember a comment saying the EKO is direct lit but I could be wrong. Direct lit uses more power so maybe that difference in power consumption is because one is direct lit and the other edge lit? Just guessing

            • +1

              @MrSaveDave: Direct Lit (eg 50 LEDs) IPS is still more efficient. You get a more brighter whites and darker blacks. And if you normalise it against an Edge Lite (eg 72 LEDs) IPS model, you'll be using less power and fewer LED modules…. so using less power overall. And the more expensive, quality, name-brand models (eg/ Samsung qLED) will have even more dimming zones.

              This concept applies further if you get a Mini-LED model, which is still (eg 240 LEDs) an IPS screen. Whereas an OLED screen doesn't have a backlight or dimming zones, as each individual pixel/sub-pixel has control over its intensity ("brightness")…. hence why they can achieve "true blacks", "ghosting rare", and "no light leak".

              Micro-LED display type is trying to achieve the same display functions as an OLED. They are not similar to IPS and (despite what might be implied by the name) Mini-LED displays. They're aiming to be more advanced, without using Organic-Modules that get burned-in and burned-out over time, by finding an alternative Synthetic Diode to achieve it. So they are (somewhat) like a hybrid between OLED and IPS, and achieve the best of both worlds. But they are a couple years/decade away, with the first models expected to be made by Apple (billions invested) and shipped in a future iPhone, then iPad, then MacBook, and lastly iMac devices.

    • i had one of the 60 inch 4k tvs maybe about 3 years ago.

      it was super slow to turn on. like it would display the current channel but have a weird loading pop up in the middle where you cant change the channel or source for like 5 mins until its ready.

      we gave it away cause it was too unbearable. our 10 year old 40 inch LG plasma held up better.

      maybe they have improved by now. who knows?

      • that's no good.. for a bargain price of 499 it's still hard to decide. maybe a falcon tv from jb is a better option then

        • Falcon or Kogan TV? $499 for 60" seems to good to be true for a decent TV

      • Jeez. And I though my soniq that took 30sec to 1min to load was bad…

    • I just bought one today. Happy to answer any questions - there's bugger all information online about them.

      I've got a PS5, Switch and a 1080p receiver/sub/soundbar connected to ours currently.

      • would love to know how to load apps google play store onto TV without a TV Box e.g. Disney+, 10Play, etc

        • I added Plex pretty simply through the included app store thingo, it was a fairly seamless process. Didn't check for other apps, but I'm sure they'd be there. Will find out this evening and report back.

          • @Adsy: I read an article that said 7Plus, 10Play and Disney+ not available on WebOS in our region

      • Does it take 5min for the TV to be ready to change channel?

        • @a1234my no, it turned on quicker than any TV ive ever owned. UI was very impressive and the picture quality was decent for the price.

          Then, after about an hour of use, half the screen went off now it wont boot up. So take from review that what you will, its easy to return if you get a dud

  • +7

    2560x1080 res should be limited to 29" screens.
    This monitor will look terrible for pretty much everything you do.

    Better off buying the shitty Xiaomi VA panel for $150 more.

    • +11

      Why is the Xiaomi shitty?

      • +5

        Because they are Goodshit

      • +2

        They are probably comparing it to something twice the price.

        • +10

          Xiaomi is still probably better than comparative products that are priced twice to triple.

      • -12

        VA panel.

        Anyone who says VA is fine simply doesn't know what they're talking about.

        • +7

          That's not true. All panel types have pros and cons (and of course there will be variation within the same type)

          VA has much better image quality than TN and better black levels than IPS.

          On the other hand it tends to suffer the worst ghosting and motion blur at high refresh rates.

          Obviously IPS is the best choice in most cases, but VA panels can be great value for money. It's TN I would avoid like the plague.

          • @Erwark: Exactly I got dell 32” 4K VA panel works fine and good picture 60Hz

        • +1

          Samsung would beg to differ. Arguably one of their most expensive monitors is VA: https://www.samsung.com/au/monitors/gaming/dqhd-monitor-with.... This thing has 125% sRGB and 95% DCI-P3 coverage.

        • Almost all flagship LCD TVs have a VA panel.

        • All of samsung's top end TV's and monitors have VA panels. Apparently they've been wasting their R&D money for the past decade on VA panels, and yet people still buy them.

          Either that our you're completely wrong

      • -1

        Hmm, sounds like some people here are talking from their ass, because their comments are shitty.

  • +1

    I got this drill and driver set as a spare for my beach house a year or two ago, and they are great. Really powerful.

    • +36

      Makes sense. I just got the drill but no beach house to make me really powerful.

    • +9

      Aldi sell beach houses now?!? Wow

    • +11

      Aldi Special Buys beach house flex.
      You do you, buddy.

    • +8

      Thanks, I was going to get one for my chalet but it does have more of a beach vibe. I'll keep looking.
      Hoochie Gucci Fiorucci Mama.

    • I think I also got the same for my manor a couple of months back. Still working great..

    • never allude to any sort of wealth on ozbargain, some get mad jelly

  • +2

    I wonder if the scooter is any good..?

    • +4

      it looks to me exactly the same with xiaomi pro 2 which sells around $600-700. not sure tho

      • I wish I was smart enough to build my own like this.

      • It looks exactly the same. I have the Xiaomi regular and this aldi one looks better 😂

    • +6

      A good place to start the research

      Motor type: Brushless DC motor
      Max. load: 100kg
      Charging time: 5-6 hours
      Weight: 14.5KG
      Dimensions: 108CM43CM114CM
      Dimensions Folding: 108CM17CM49CM
      Pack Size: 110CM17CM54CM
      Screen: LED with Speed/Battery/KM/Mode
      Motor Power: 350W
      Max Speed: 25KM/H
      Climbing Angle: 12°
      Braking Distance: 120mm Capacity
      Battery: 10AH
      Travel Distance: 35km

      • Thanks for posting this - the catalogue lists it as 18.1kg which really wasn't very enticing! But seeing this, it actually sounds like it might be a solid option.

        How fast to people usually travel on their electric scooters? Is 25km really too slow that not being able to unlock it like the Xiaomi would be a problem?

    • +1

      Looks like Corn found it. It also looks like the unbranded units on eBay etc. Which tend to have the 350w motor.

      • xiaomi clone, unfortunately uses kcd controller so cant increase speed to 34km/h like a xiaomi pro, as not compatible with xiaomi apps. probably lower quality batteries also.. but for $400 better than buying from no name stores or dodgys like mearth

    • Out of the box it feels solid enough.

      One problem is the only app being offered from Skywalkers (via QR code) is Apple ios.

      Does anyone have a link to an Android app that'll pair with the Skywalker?

    • +1

      sigh i wrote a whole review and internet decides to screw me, I cbb writing it again so here's the sparknotes

      - feels solid to touch and ride, grippy handles, grippy base
      - 350w motor climbs hills surprisingly well
      - lights are super bright for night riding (as well as back lights)
      - design is nice (except for the huge skywalker branding)
      - battery on the base is nice to keep even weight distribution
      - light (weighs just under 13kg)

      - reflective stickers are peeling off (not sure how long they will last)
      - very hard to access the pin (for pumping air) in the front wheel. not sure if mine is defective unit, just seems super hard and have to bend the pin to access it
      - no android app? can't access features like Bluetooth locking, etc
      - unknown brand… pretty much first time anyone has heard of them, no other customer reviews

      - unsure of parts replacement?
      - unsure of how long wheels will last (8.5" pneumatic)
      - aldi so warranty should be pretty good…

      lemme know if you have any other questions specifically.

      • Range? Charge time? Thanks for your review!

  • Anyone tried their keyboard before?

    • No, but there are so many affordable mechanical keyboards now that this isn't particularly special for something that's an unknown quantity. If someone here actually can vouch for it, then sure.

      I have used Outemu browns and they're not amazing, but totally fine for this price point. More distinct tactile bump than Cherries.

    • +1

      yep. here is my post from 2019.
      i have been using it since then and can't complain.

    • using it right now, really like it, but I've never brought a gaming keyboard before this, so i don't have much to compare it but shitty office keyboards.

  • Are the drill bits worth buying?

    • +27

      A bit

    • +3

      Hex bits may be alright but I've had nothing bad bad experience with ALDI drill bits. Noticeably blunt, couldn't get through a screw head, even a bent bit straight out of the box. Forked out for a set of Sutton's and don't regret it, can replace them individually if they break too.

    • I bought one of each a few years ago mainly for the cases. As the bits gets used up just replace that one. Although going off the pic they've changed the design now to a single sided type case instead of the clamshell style.

  • any thoughts on the Spa?

  • The laptop has a 3050Ti, worth making that distinction :)

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