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Lodge L12SK3 13.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Helper Handle $63.11 + $100.18 Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


According to CCC this is the lowest price this size of cast iron has been. I wanted a nice size one for myself so I purchased it. Hopefully someone else will enjoy it.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Coming up as $131 for me?

    • Same here when opened on my phone brwoser. When opened on phone app it shows that price with Prime tag.

    • Updated URL to Amazon US via AU.

      It coming up as $131 for you due to Amazon defaulting to the cheapest option including shipping (since you don't have Prime).

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    Does it come with complimemtary 15kg dumbells to get you strong enough to lift it?

    • +1

      Go for solidteknics if you want lighter. Made on Oz too

      • ST is quite honestly the best cookware company around. Not cheap but well worth it

  • $63 for me.
    must need prime if Ur getting a higher price.

  • Purchased, thanks OP, been waiting for deal on this.

  • Bought it, rounds out my set nicely of 6 and 10ā€. Thanks!

  • +2

    Slightly smaller much cheaper in past: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600451

    • I bought the 10" from a deal just like that. It made me appreciate cooking with cast iron. Now needing something bigger as the 10" just doesn't cut is sometimes.

      • +2

        that's what she said …

        • Lolol

      • Iā€™m in the same boat… 10ā€ is great for two small/medium schnitzels, but having appreciated it I want a bigger

      • I got the 12" one recently and geez is it heavy, but fantastic to cook with. Cast iron is something different! Thinking of doing a whole bird and roast veg in it soon.

    • +5

      "Slightly smaller much cheaper in past:"
      13.25" pan = 137.89 inches square
      10.25" pan = 82.52 inches square

      10.25' pan is 40% smaller

  • Thanks - bought one. My last purchase was:

    Lodge L8SK3 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Helper Handle, Black for $23.30

  • +2

    I read this as $100.18 for delivery

    • That correct. Free with prime membership.

      Obviously cheaper to start a Prime Subscription, then to pay delivery.

  • Had been looking out for this. Thanks OP

  • Do these peel/flake for anyone else?

    I usually clean, dry and season after each use but ive noticed both flake very frequently. I followed some youtube tutorials where you season it and put it in the oven on a high heat for an hour to repair the seasoning. Yet it still seems to flake.

    Any ideas? I have the 10" and dutch oven.

    • +7

      There's nothing to peel or flake. Are you sure what you have is cast iron?

    • If they are flaking they weren't season properly at the beginning

      • Yeah thats what ive read too. Tbh, i ordered both via Amazon US and they turned up like they had been through WW2. But being cast iron, and the 6 week delivery time, i thought i would just reseason them.

        • Yes mine came like that too, even had a small rust patch. I complained and they offered a 25% refund.

          Maybe you can contact them and see what they can do? Maybe allow you to return and they reship new ones out

          • @cute as ducks: yeah, they offered a refund after a long shipping return time….

            • @rollin: That's annoying. My previous experience from buying from Amazon US that they permitted the return to their warehouse in Sunshine VIC rather than back to USA.

          • +2

            @cute as ducks: you just sand it down and season it. lodge lasts forever. if you can find a cheap rusty one, you can bring it back to life easily.

    • +1

      Are you sure the flaking is not build up and burnt on stuff? Mine do that when I am slack with cleaning.

      I just scrub them back with steel wool when they get bad and reseason.

      • definitely not burnt on stuff. I tend to be pretty good with the cleaning but it must be something i am doing.

    • +1

      Make sure you don't cook on crazy heat. Biggest mistake people make is to overheat them. They hold and distribute heat very well, but high heat will damage the seasoning. Also going from cold to full heat isn't great.

    • You will get flaking if you apply too thick an oil layer when seasoning.

  • What's the normal/ general good all purpose size to get of these?

    • +1

      10.25" is plenty for most needs, since these pans are so bloody heavy already I imagine those getting the 13" will almost always be using the helper handle at the front to do any moving.

    • depends how many you are cooking for or the amount of food in the pan. I can normally do a meal for 2 in my 10 but it can be a bit tight. However, i think 13 would be optimal. Any bigger portions would be a 13 for me. I tend to use my dutch oven for the bigger portions anyway.

    • i have a few, the 13 i use the most. i say 13

    • Ditto 13 inch, I have one pan and one pan only.

    • I find the 10" too small for most tasks. 12" is my standard but its just too small for 2x t-bones so I will prob get this one for that duty.

  • +1

    These are worthwhile if you like to have a dabble on a budget. Getting a pair of pans going results wonderful fluffy inside, crunchy ouside pancakes.

    Remember though, when cooking on the smaller cast irons, whatever heat setting you were using on a ally pan needs to be reduced as its possible to cook the living s%^t out of the food otherwise.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, missed out on previous 10" deals. Happy I got the 13" as I can cook a big T-bone with some vegetables!

  • It's showing $131.80 now with prime?

  • I really want one, but I don't know what I'd cook in it

    • +1

      I have mine for many many years and don't know what NOT to cook in it.
      uUUUUhm… I know… Spaghetti. Or…. maybe Pudding, haha.

  • I have lecreuset skillet, perfect for steak. But wanting a flat to be more versatile. Which one is better? lecreuset, staub, lodge

    • If money is no object, Le Creuset. but this is cast iron and we are basically talking about durability in excess of 100 years. they will outlive you.

  • What's CCC?

  • Are there any Australian manufacturers of cast iron pans?

    • +1

      No there isnt but there is an australian manufacturer that makes a one piece wrought iron https://www.solidteknics.com/

      • What's the diff between a cast iron pan and a wrought iron pan?

        • Wrought iron is heated and formed to shape, cast iron is molten iron cast in a mold.

          • +1

            @apsilon: What is the difference in terms of cooking?

            • @askvictor: I've never used wrought iron so can't say for sure. I don't think there'd be much difference. Cast iron is generally heavier so would have more thermal mass and hold it's heat for a bit longer but I doubt you'd notice the difference in practice.

  • +2

    The packaging from Amazon US for these are atrocious. Mine come in a box double the size needed for a pan, without any bubblewrap, which meant the handle was broken.

    • yeah same here, my skillet came broken and split in half. Can you believe it.

  • yuru camp

  • These are great to test out your fire alarms.

  • Stock is back but the price is slight higher at $63.11. I missed out last time, thus bought it without hestitation.

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