[Unobtainable] Apple TV 4K 2nd Gen 32GB $199 + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman / Joyce Mayne

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • Do we have an idea of when it actually drops?

  • Why is it so hard to use Latitude pay on the Harvey Norman Website ? I cant seem to find the option at checkout.

  • Can you shed any further light here? Websites both say preorder 30th.

    • I don’t see 30th?

    • Apple says preorders start the 30th. These websites are incorrect. If they were going to defy apple's preorder dates, why would they pick an arbitrary time like 10pm. Must be an error surely.

      • Apple themselves will only start accepting consumer preorders on the 30th. No reason a business can't take an earlier preorder themselves and just put you in their internal queue for whatever stock they have already ordered.

        • Then why make it 10pm? It's only 10pm on apples website to align with the United States. The only thing available tomorrow to preorder is AirTags. And I think you'll find Apple will strictly control preorders for their retail partners. They control everything.

  • Any reason to purchase an Apple TV if your tv already has the app available on it?

    • The app is just Apple TV+ isn’t it? Their streaming platform

      • Nope- the Apple TV smart TV app accesses all Apple TV content (including your iTunes library), not just Apple TV+

        • Ok well it’s just a portal to Apple TV+/iTunes content (does anyone still purchase iTunes content?)

          • @TightTerry: No Apple TVs are not all about Apple TV+. At least, not yet. They run other apps with less fuss than most, so long as you have an apple account and attach a payment process. The features that make it valuable are- supported ecosystem, privacy controls, app stability, seamless integration with TV remotes, mobiles and BT devices, polished, snappy UI, minimal bugs, ease of use for all members of the family, power management, dependability, and ongoing support. Less worries about platform support ending… etc.

            And a brilliant, simple remote that is light years ahead of the usual fare.

            Note: We don't use any Apple TV+ content for many years. Despite having it free.

            In Oz, few US providers will stream decent content (if not working with services that modify your geolocale)

            • @resisting the urge: I think you missed my point - im all for the Apple TV4k, ive got 2 and run plex, infuse and everything off it - great for direct play.

              Im saying the app is just the digital content that apple provide.

              • @TightTerry: Ah yes, got the context of the thread messed up with Apple's (wretched) branding. From the wrong end of the stick, my apologies!

                Apple TV - the device
                Apple TV app - The Apple app on some devices and 'smart' tvs
                iTunes/Apple TV and Apple TV+ content - streaming content via Apple (paid, yours, or otherwise)

    • If you’re an apple fiend and have AirPods or Homepods or HomeKit, yep! Otherwise…. I dunno. I just have a chromecast on a dumb tv and I think that’s easy enough to watch everything with personally.

    • Not really … it works as a good add-on if you're already trapped inside the Apple Walled Garden like i am.

      Apple TV lets me extend my Mac display to my TV as a second screen.

      Also i heard you can buy the Siri Remote separately if all you need is a better remote for your existing AppleTV

    • This is a high quality streaming box. It isn't just for the Apple TV+ app. Slightly poor branding has led to the confusion.

    • Yes, most smart TVs have a horrible os. Personally I am a huge fan of Apple TV and as it’s quick, good selection of apps, and if you’re in the Apple ecosystem then it’s even better I,e have Apple Music, podcasts, photos and all of your purchases from the App Store

    • Raw processing power behind all your apps and media players.

    • Not that I can tell. The Apple TV app on my Samsung 4K TV works exactly the same as the Apple TV 4K device in terms of accessing and playing back apple content content (not just Apple Apple TV+).

      There is one exception though and that is that the Prime Video app on Apple TV puck works better than the Samsung Prime TV app (which has a voice synch issue with some content).

    • To stream movies & TV shows from my NAS.

      The Infuse app on Apple TV allows a plethora customisations to NAS stored content that my smart TV doesn’t. Like open source subtitles.

      And yes I’ve locked myself in the walled garden.

  • My pay account limit is $150,Am I able to buy it ?

  • Any reason to upgrade from the 1st gen 4k?

    • +3 votes

      Remote. 60fps 4K HDR and Dolby Vision instead of 30fps. Applecare+ is now available. Colour balance output feature.

      Interestingly since the old one is A10X and the new one is A12 the performance will be almost the same maybe even worse in graphics.

    • You can just buy the remote separately. That’s a big upgrade in itself.

      • First time in years I've been genuinely excited by something Apple makes. I can't wait to ditch the POS remote that came with the 4k.

        • Only problem I found with 1st and 2nd gen remotes is losing it on the couch, and knowing which way around it is after finding it, when the lights are down.

          Got a $4 silicone case for it which makes it obvious to see, and know which way around it is. And now it bounces more happily when dropped on a hard floor.

          New remote looks the same other than the power button (on the old one you have to press Menu twice to turn it on)

  • is the 1st gen getting discounted?

  • Preorders start 30th according to Apple.

    Suspect that the date is wrong on HN and Joyce Mayne.

  • This is incorrect. Per orders start for this on the 30th

  • Not a deal as preorder starts on 30th and Latitude Deal will finish tonight

  • No new Siri remotes on sale at HN :(