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Commbank Rewards: Spend $60 Get $15 Back @ Chemist Warehouse


Commbank Rewards | Spend $60 Get $15 Back @Chemist wharehouse

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  • Anyone recommend a long lasting EDP to buy with this offer?

    • Depends, male or female, which weather season.

      • Male and winter/spring

        • Burberry London is good for winter, you'll have change leftover to grab a cheapie apparently the Mercedes Benz Club ones are not bad?

          Burberry London 100mL is $49.99 and the Club ones are $9.99 for 20ml and they have variations so you could grab a few.

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      What's an EDP?

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        Eau De Parfum

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        Evans Dermal Powder?

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      Creed green irish tweed maybe gets 5-6 hours

      • I really like Silver Mountain Water and the milli imperial is incredible. Of course the aventus and cologne. Irish tweed wasnt great for me but everyone varies with this stuff.

  • Targeted? I don’t see it.

  • Yeah, must be targeted. Can't see it either.

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    Yeehaw. Received this and $30 off with $100 spend @ Kogan

    • Same.

      Have to pay with CommBank debit or credit Mastercard (doesn't say VISA) and unable to claim if using Afterpay, Zip, or Paypal

  • Can we still buy giftcard in store and qualify for that offer?

    • Can't speak for this exact offer but in the past we've bought iTunes gift cards from Coles for CommBank cashback and they qualified.

    • Amex one worked fine, so I supposed the same as they won’t know what we buy? I didn’t get this one unfortunately, so can’t try. Only got that Kogan

    • I got it with the recent Myer and JB Hifi offer so assume that it will also work for Chemist Warehouse.

    • Shld work. Purchase of giftcards has worked with all my previous commbank offers.

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    Where do I look to see if I got this offer?

    • Showed in the Commbank iOS app under the rewards section for me

  • Don’t seem to have any of Comm Bank credit card offers, are these offers for MasterCard only? I’ve got a Comm bank Visa rewards credit card.

    • Correct. My wife's Mastercard gets these primos but not my Visa.

  • I have the Myer offer it shows activated when I click on the activate button but does not show up in the activity tab as activated and still appears in the rewards as available. Have tried clearing cache and deinstall and reinstall and does not seem to change. (Thanks to bluesky) Has been like this for a week. Have taken sc when states activated as evidence. Not sure it will work or what else to do. Thanks for any help.

  • Got the offer and saved

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    There is a misconception about these offers being targeted. In brief, you must activate as many of the available offers, preferably all, so that new ones will appear, such as this one. I hope this helps people.

    • Is there a limit of 4 at a time because that is all I have ever seen. Now that i have activated them all it say "all your rewards have been activated.

  • I assume it would still work if using shopback and your commbank card?

  • does it work with cba debit card?

    I know some merchants go through there eftpos system instead of mastercard.

    • +1

      Yes, I have successfully redeemed these Commbank cashback rewards using my debit card to pay.

  • Does CW sell gift cards?

    • yes they do, any amount too, as they just loaded the amount u want…

      • Great.

      • Could you refer the link please? I couldn't find it

        • I mean in-store. Don't think they offer online for gift cards.

  • Does Chemist Warehouse website selling gift cards? Couldn't find it

  • +1

    I always forget to check this, thank you for the reminder!

  • I have shopped at Chemist Warehouse 3 times in 2021 with my Commonwealth card, and I can't see the CW offer in my account rewards offers. Maybe they are targeting new/infrequent Chemist Warehouse customers specifically.

    It appears Commonwealth Bank are creating a disincentive to actually regularly shop with their cards. Interesting.

  • Can we use commbank debit master card to purchase online click and collect or do we have to physically go to the store and tap our card to redeem this offer?

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  • Bought $60 gc at chemist warehouse chadstone. But the commbank app and bottom of receipt said purchased from my chemist chadstone. What the..


  • How many times can you claim the reward? I can’t find any info on claiming it multiple times.

  • Does this work for online purchase https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/

  • Did anyone get a message that they've claimed the $15 yet?

    • +2

      I got the message and cashback.

      • Thanks for your reply. Miner's taking a while but maybe I'm just impatient haha

        • Finally got a message saying I'll get my credit!! :)

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