Worst Roundabout in Brisbane?

Satellite view: https://i.imgur.com/okU0Dh5.png
Illustrator Pro deluxe mspaint edition: https://i.imgur.com/uv8W61e.png
Coordinates: -27.497488149630748, 152.97533550586388

Been puzzled by this Brisbane roundabout for a while ..
seen countless of accidents and near misses at this place so naturally turn to the only place of authority on traffic matters, my belowed OzTrafficBargain community for advice

How should cars C1, C2 and C3 negotiate the lanes L1, L2 and L3?


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    Car C3 should go in Lane L1
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    Car C3 should go in Lane L2
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    Car C3 should go in Lane L3


  • How about the Brittania roundabout in Adelaide?


    • Haha I grew up in Adelaide, the infamy of that roundabout is intense.

      There's one even worse in Hobart apparently but cant remember the name.

    • edit: I'm retracting my statemements. My memory isn't as clear as I thought - I actually don't remember this roundabout.

      Just the obvious everyone stick in thier own lane and noone gets hurt.

  • Actually looks easier on streetview than the overhead pics.

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    IMO, what a fxxxed up design 😆. They should have just merged into 2 lanes earlier on so you only have C1 and C2.

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      It's fine in reality - left lane goes straight ahead, right two lanes go round the roundabout. The road angles are nowhere near as severe as OP's drawing. Just stick to the lane you're in. (ie. according to the diagram, C1 -> L1, C2 -> L2, C3 -> L3.

      The real problem with that roundabout is it carries far too much traffic. So what happens is that idiots try to shotgun down the left lane (which goes straight ahead) and then push in to the middle lane to turn right. The other fun one is when you're on the roundabout coming from the right, and people just pull out because they've decided they've waited long enough.

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        It might be ok for locals driving on it everyday.

        For people driving past for the first time, it may not be obvious there is an upcoming 3rd right lane.

        I can only imagine C2 & C3 "accidents" taking place.

        • I agree the right lane could be confusing due to the line markings. The reason is that if you're on the roundabout coming from the city, the two lanes there transform into the two left lanes after the merge (so that both lanes continue uninterrupted past the shopping centre). I think the biggest problem is the lack of dotted lines on the road showing you where your lane goes if you're merging at that point.

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    Pretty simple 3 lanes in 3 lanes out.

    C1 goes past Westfield Shopping center
    C2 can go past Westfield or carry on the roundabout to Moggil Rd
    C3 can go to Moggil road or carry on the roundabout towards Oxley.

    With the size of this roundabout, it acts more like standard roads with give ways
    Knowing this area, the toughest part is people changing lanes mid-raoundabout.

    • Pretty simple 3 lanes in 3 lanes out.

      Yeah, When I saw the first Imgur link I was like - "Is that that roundabout at Indro?" Don't understand the confusion. The only thing they could do to clear things up is extend the lane markings (like turning lanes at intersections) from L1/2/3 all the way to C1/2/3, but then that could confuse drivers already on the roundabout…

  • The roundabout ain't got nothing on the 'Roundabout of death' in Haymarket in Melbourne.



    (Yeah, yeah - I know were talking Brisbane here, and there's always one Victorian trying to one up everyone)

    • While we're talking Victorian roundabouts, I've always found this one requires an unusual amount of understanding between drivers, because it involves a merge in the middle of the roundabout:

      Loyola Grove roundabout

    • Today I learned those roundabout's have names…

      Hated Haymarket. Up until recently, if the GPS ever told me to go through it, I'd intentionally take a detour. Though nowadays it isn't so bad.

      And I feel for those who aren't used to the Loyola merge. Gets a bit confusing especially during peak times with some of the roundabout traffic feeding directly into the freeway.

      I'll offer up Five Ways in Mooroolbark as my submission for Victorian roundabouts. Yep today I learned.

  • Whatever pegaxs says - that's also my answer.

    • C1 into L3, C2 into L1 and C3 must reverse into L2 at the roundabout via the “road related area” to the left of L1… It’s all clearly laid out this way in the Qld Road Rules…

      If I stand corrected, I think there is also a “Mustangs only” lane at this round about…

  • Probably not the worst but yes I hate the roundabout.

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    Seems straightforward to me

  • It's getting "upgraded" / changed into an overpass:


    Will take a little while though.

  • to me, L3 doesn't initially exist, so C3 should be in L2… then indicate for lane change to L3.
    the only thing that has kept me safe here is treating every other driver as a potential idiot and keeping my distances

    • If in C3, you cross over L1 and L2 to get to L3.
      C2 crosses over to L1 to join 2.
      C1 joins straight to L1.

      These 3 things can all happen side by side and noone should be impeding another in adjacent lanes or changing lanes.

      The birds eye view on google maps pretty much has the driving position for C2 into L2. C1/L1 just stays to the left of this and C3/L3 just stays to the right.

    • to me, L3 doesn't initially exist

      The reason for L3 to exist is for C3 to go into. Part of that is creating room for further around the roundabout to turn to the right (and potentially into the business at the center of the roundabout)

  • Drove through it an hour ago, its right near my work.
    Not too bad as long as you know which lane you need to be in to get where you need to go.

  • Opened this expecting it to be Toowong Roundabout, where basically no rules apply, go for the gaps…

  • Any time the lanes don’t line up intuitively there’s trouble. In this case two lanes coming round the roundabout turn into three but they don’t match up 1-1. This confuses simple drivers and makes it difficult if you are new to the area.

    I came across one on the Gold Coast while holidaying. Screwed it up everyday, luckily the worst outcome was a blast of a horn and a fright rather than panel damage.

  • Doesn't matter, it's going soon anyway - to be replaced with an elevated section with traffic lights.


    • I didn't see trafic lights.

      If people are saying they couldn't grasp a simple "pick which of 3 lanes you need to be in", that "solution" is going to cause caos

      • There used to be traffic lights on there (on the roundabout, not entering) which made it more awkward and slowed traffic Not sure when it changed, but I think that was around 2000ish.

        But Karondo was saying that it's changing to a system with lights. It actually looks pretty good with a bypass and the overhead crossing.

      • Check out the video on that page, they properly show the new model and where the traffic lights are.

  • Seriously? Is staying in the lane you started in that bloody hard? Mandatory retesting

  • This seems like a mild optical illusion!
    At first glance you think wow that’s terrible but then realise it’s not so bad!

  • Satellite view: https://i.imgur.com/okU0Dh5.png
    Illustrator Pro deluxe mspaint edition: https://i.imgur.com/uv8W61e.png

    Why is it that I can see nothing but a dark gray screen?

    It shows an imgur logo of some kind at the top and then goes to nothing (other than gray).

    What's going on?
    It is just me?
    Need to login with imgur?

  • Standard Rule. What ever lane you are in and exit from, is same as which lane you enter into.

    Every where, every time, unless lane markings or signage expressly allow exceptions to choose either.

  • Looks like a potential nightmare, TBH.
    Roundabout are brilliant when they are one lane at each entrance and single lane around. If you have doubts, just check out this podcast: https://freakonomics.com/podcast/roundabouts/

    When you add another lane you must add traffic light controls or it will inevitably choke at certain times. There is also some persistent ambiguity with road laws on their use in some parts of Australia but they are still a great option vs traffic lights or traditional 4way intersections.

  • I always drive this roundabout and never noticed it, so had a close look.

    Note that C1 starts as a new lane, so goes into L1

    C2 goes into L2

    C3 initially goes into L2, but needs to merge into L3

    The problem is that C2 and C3 need to awkwardly go into L2 together, before C3 merges off into L3

    They did the design much clearer at the next entry point in the roundabout coming from downhill from the Indooroopilly shopping centre, where you can head left towards Toowong or follow the roundabout to turn right to continue towards sherwood/oxley as the merge lane is done earlier


  • I go through this roundabout everyday. Its not the roundabout its the people who decide at last millisecond to change their lane. I almost had an accident here yesterday… because of some dxxchxxxd decided to go straight instead of turning and came into my lane without indicating.

  • I go through this roundabout everyday. Its not the roundabout its the people who decide at last millisecond to change their lane. I almost had an accident here yesterday… because of some dxxchxxxd decided to go straight instead of turning and came into my lane without indicating.

  • I've repainted the lines for you. That should make it a bit clearer.

  • I hate this roundabout. It's very unintuitive when trying to give way to enter because of how lanes are just added… in the middle of a roundabout!