Thule Stir 35L Women's Hiking Backpack $99.97 Delivered @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


Been keeping an eye on this for a few months in the costco last chance section- It's just dropped from 199.97 to 99.97 so pulled the trigger. Its available in 2 colours and weighs under a kilo.

Currently going for 269.65 at Wildearth on sale with an RRP of $329

Some good reviews from a small sample on google

And mostly positive on Amazon US where it is currently unavailable

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    • Usually there are legitimate reasons for branding products as for men/women

      Didn't think I would have to explain this

    • Nope, design considerations for sex-based backbacks may include:
      * Sizing and angling of hipbelts for wider hips
      * Adjustment of strap placement and size along shoulders
      * Height of backpack adjusted for a generally shorter torso; this also corresponds with a generally lower volume

      Backpacks aren't sex-exclusive just like how I can go out and buy "women's" sneakers if I want.

      • Didn't you just contradict yourself there? You've listed important anatomical differences which would influence product selection.

        It's already hard enough selecting the right fit in a backpack, imagine having to go through twice the number of fittings before settling on the right one (or shoe, or any apparel for that matter)

        • No, I mean just because it's marketed for women doesn't mean it's exclusive lmao. If it fits, just use the thing.

        • Sizing variation like this is really only for hiking packs with adjustments for torso length.

          Regular backpacks don't have this, which is why you wouldn't see them gender specific.

          Apart from the hip angle, it's probably easiest to think of the women's hiking pack as being a XS-L, and a men's as a M-XXL. If you are an size S-XL it probably won't make much difference, but my purchase was for someone 5"1, who finds a regular hiking pack straps and waist too big.

        • That's where you're wrong. Good backpacks are indeed like jackets and pants, and they should be fitted to you if you're going to be using them extensively.

          Men have wider shoulders and packs marketed for men tend to have straps that are wider and further apart. You cannot adjust those factors, so you go and get a feel for what can comfortably carry the weight on your shoulders without slipping off or moving with each stride.

          Men's hips are less wide in comparison to height and as such the hipbelts used to redistribute the weight of the pack down into the hips are not always compatible between men and women. While you can adjust width, you can't adjust the cant of the hipbelt, the distribution of padding and their height relative to the top of the shoulder straps (in most packs - expensive ones do offer marginal vertical adjustment)

          To answer you're obviously stupidly facetious questions the answer is a flat no, but it would be nice. Sex and volume alone are enough. Well designed hiking packs will actually have height recommendations and as a tall bloke I appreciate that. Most women's backpacks worth buying for hiking will be designed differently to men's to ensure ergonomics and comfort. A larger capacity women's backpack will be designed differently between men and women to distribute weight relative to a different height and other physical factors outlined above.

          Edit: to add, unisex backpacks are obviously perfectly acceptable and many reputable brands produce only unisex designs with great success. The caveat here is that they're adjustable quite beyond the extent of less expensive designs, but if they don't fit you then you can't really try a different version.

  • It will drop to $49.97 like men's.

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  • 35L hiking? Lol!

    • +1 vote

      Lots of people hiking in this range now. Double use gear like rain ponchos that convert to a tarp/tent, no spare clothes just quick dry gear, water filter, cut down sleeping pad, etc

      I've got a 45L pack that I use for short trips and my gear is light-ish but comfortable. That also fits a change of clothes with nothing strapped outside my pack apart from trekking poles and water bottles in side mesh pockets. For longer trips I would strap the tent outside to carry more food.

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