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Free Delivery with Purchase of KFC Mates Burger Box $34.95 via App (Excludes SA) @ KFC


Order a Mates Burger Box for $34.95 via the KFC App and get free delivery.

  • 4 Original Recipe Burgers
  • 8 OG Tenders
  • 4 Regular Chips
  • 4 Regular Pepsi Max
  • 2 Aioli Dipping Sauces
  • Free Delivery!

Not too sure how KFC works so prices may be different in different areas. This is from a Perth KFC.

Clicking upsize your meal brings it to $38.55 but from what I can see only upsizes your drinks to 600ml.

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  • +7 votes

    Just a word of warning - if getting delivered via Doordash you better hope there's no issues with order.

    Took 30 days, 6 phone calls to doordash multiple emails and a PayPal dispute but finally got my money back from an order that kfc cancelled due to no chicken left (was ordered at 420, they closed at 5).

    Kfc: doordash got your money
    Doordash: kfc got your money
    PayPal: kfc has your money
    Kfc: refer back to doordash delivery support phoneline in India.


      Yeah they just straight up don't respond to emails.


        Only to say they are investigating lmfao

        • -1 vote

          Mine was minor enough I didn't bother chasing, just won't use em again


          If you bought on Doordash I'd expect them to be the merchant, and disputed against them on PP

    • +4 votes

      ( ill still upvote the deal coz the value is good)


      Same experience. Waited an hour then when driver went to pick up the order failed and I spent a week waiting on a refund.


      Doordash are the absolute worst, I had a driver drive around with my order for over an hour (I watched him on the map, looked like he went home for a bit), and got it delivered stone cold. People on the phone first couldn't find the order in the system, then said it had to be delivered before they would refund it (after I had been waiting an hour), then once it was finally delivered they said they couldn't refund me anymore since the money went to the store.

      Fortunately the store was Grill'd, who wrote me an apology, refunded me and gave me a coupon.

  • +6 votes

    How can anyone get KFC delivered? KFC chips have a 5 minute time limit. Inedible once the time expires.

    • +6 votes

      Mate. 2pm Saturday wakeup not knowing what year it is after a Friday night of schooner mcgavins with the boys, the misso up ya for missing the 5th brunch date with the in-laws - delivered kfc chips is a God send, even if you do need to refresh em in the air fryer. If only kfc also stocked gatorade.


        Tell me more about refreshing them in an airfryer? I have one sitting in a box here and haven't even used it yet and this may be the reason I break it open.


          Kinda how you'd do anything?
          I just spread out in single layer and do it a few minutes at a time, approx 150-160 degree.

          Gotta keep an eye out on it as it's a fine line between crispy but moist, and dry/burnt as the oil leaks out too.


            @Jimothy Wongingtons: oh no haha I more so meant how do they taste, sorry shoulda been more clear :D

            • +1 vote

              @MBix: When youre hungover kfc is like…angels signing Italian chef kiss hand gesture

              If not hungover well its a bit average


        Are you a disappointing 28 year old male like me?

        • +1 vote

          Maybe. Cept I can only dream about affording rm Williams boots


    I got an email for this deal but I couldn't find the item in my app. Turns out you can ONLY Mates Burger Box on delivery, cannot do pick up.

    OFC if doing pick up, then 4 x burger combo deluxe is similar for under $30.


    Kids Fattening Centre…