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25% off Bowden's Own Range @ Repco


Repco - Having a Sale this weekend they've got 25% off the Bowden's Own Range, worth stocking up on your Fav's!

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  • Bowden's range confuses the hell out of me, they have multiple products in each category that appear to do exactly the same thing

    • There's a lot in the range that appears the same but varies slightly in finish, longevity or application

  • 30% or nothing.

  • They have also released their new Mega Snow Job today which $23.25 rather than $31 if anyone is keen. I presume it's a lot like their "limited" yellow snow. Thicker, stronger etc.

  • Anything for plastic headlights, mine came to great when I got some body work fixed but have dulled down again.
    This seems ok without spending heaps https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/car-care/headligh...

    • I found that using something like Meguiar's Ultimate Compound with a DA polisher cleans up headlights and other similar clear plastics better and more permanently than any of those "headlight restoration" kits.
      There's a picture in the reviews where a guy used it to clean up his motorcycle windshield, I'd challenge you to get those sorts of results from any other system

      • Thanks may look at getting that instead, still $10 off which is alright. I'm all for using decent products and have a Fair bit of stuff left From years ago when I had more expensive cars (brands like Wolfgang, pinnacle, autoglym & aerospace 303, clay bar and good polish, sealant and wax). Just wanted to make sure I don't use the wrong thing on plastic. Still got to look after your stuff, handy if I can use what i got, the products don't seem to go off I don't think.

        Meguiar's is good stuff too, I like their soft wash gel