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Hungry Jack's 24 Chicken Nuggets for $9.95 @ Hungry Jack's


Just saw an ad on TV about 24 chicken nuggets for $9.95 at Hungry Jack's.

For a limited time.

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  • How are these vs McD vs KFC?

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      McD > KFC > HJ

      • HJ 3rd placešŸ„‰

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          nah mate dead last

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      $9.95, $9.95, $10

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      Jack vs Ronald vs Sanders.

      Awesome threesome.

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        There's a mental picture that will never leave my head.

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      kfc > maccas > red rooster > supermarket generic brand > hjs

      • HJ getting a beating!

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          not hating on hjs but they just do some things better/worse than others. i had a mocha from hjs the other day which was pretty good

    • Hungry Jacks nuggets are worse value than both McD and KFC because sauces cost extra. Ketchup is free. If you like 24x HJ nuggets flavourless or tasting the same in tomato sauce then better to go with competitors.

      • You get sauces included (1 per 6 nuggets just as you do at Macca's and KFC). Can select the sauces you like with no extra charge.

  • McD same price in melb $9.95.
    Just checked mymaccas app

  • If I'm going to HJ's I'm going for a Whopper!

    McD/KFC is for the nugs fix

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    Worst nuggets around. Now their old ones were the best!

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    The best nuggets are red rooster cheesy nuggets

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    To be fair they never said the nuggets were better @ Hungry Jacks.

  • Forgot which one is better, might just get 10 from each retailer to find out again

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      10? Why not 24?

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    These are made with chicken meat. Different from Macca's, who use chicken tits.

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      You may have been living under a rock the last 6 months… As of October last year they hiked the price to $11.95. Only recently brought the price back down to $9.95 as a promotion which most likely will only be that price for a month then go back up to the normal $11.95 price.

      • This HJ's deal doesn't seem to be a thing. Not on the app for me, nor does it show on their website or FB page. (Thought I'd just reply to you as you're a mod.)

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    No idea why my report is going unresolved on this, been over a day now. There's no deal here, literally doesn't exist.

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