Spacetalk Adventurer Kids Watch GPS Mist $349 Delivered + Bonus Charging Kit & Extra Midnight Watch Band @ Spacetalk


JB HiFi is sold out of the Midnight color, so looks like Spacetalk is offering free accessories with their less popular color Mist (Ozbargain's image shows the blue version, but the offer is on the green mist version, which has a neutral light grey watch face and green straps). Bonus charging kit is a great deal and then you can swap the watch band out for the standard midnight grey.

Much better reviews on the Adventurer (4g, bigger battery, water proof to 1m, released in Dec) vs the original Spacetalk watch. Telstra also started selling the Spacetalk Watches, but their SIM plans are too expensive (get a woolies SIM for $10/month and receive 10% off a grocery bill per month)

See reviews here -

Monthly cost is ~$16 ($10 sim + $6 app fee), but the 10% off a grocery bill will easily offset it.

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  • So how much is it?

  • Disclaimer: OP is shareholder

    • Owned the device before owning a few shares. In my opinion, the device is fantastic for our family. Don't need to pay expensive after school care fees when your child is mature enough to get home by themselves and you would like some extra assurance with the watch. Calls us everyday he gets home and we can ping his location. Also, the star reward system on the watch positively reinforces good behaviors that we set (e.g. read for 20 minutes, do 30 mins of math's, etc…) - every 10 stars awarded means he gets $1 (works out to be an allowance of $2 - $3 / week vs some parents that just give their kids a weekly allowance without them having to do anything).

      Either way, the watch is great and works fantastically for our family scenario. It's also sold out in JB HiFi so the market demand is there. This is a good promo on a new watch that hasn't had any sales on it since launch in Dec.

      Yes - it can be expensive @ $350 plus a monthly fee / sim; however, we were paying $30 / day for afterschool care and now we don't. Watch paid for itself in a month and is teaching our child more responsibility with this acting as a safety net

      • Genuine q - if your kid is old enough to do this, wouldnt a cheap phone and sim deal be better?

        • A few reasons why this was better than a phone:
          * No cell phone policy at school (watch has school mode where it disables features you select and turns it into a watch)
          * My son is 7 and I don't want him having freedom of the internet
          * Phone is really easy to misplace / lose vs watch that's always on his wrist
          * Watch is more durable than a phone unless you put it in a chunky case, which will end up in a backpack
          * For the odd time we're separated in a crowd in the city, I can ping his GPS on the watch immediately vs figuring out which direction he's in (could do this with a phone as well, but then the phone becomes the distraction when walking around or they don't bring it)
          * Cheaper SIM plans with the watch as it doesn't need any data (< 500mb / month). You'll be paying more per month with a phone plan than you will with the $10 woolies / $6 app fee

          I mean obviously as he gets older we will replace the watch with a phone, but that's years away

  • FYI, it is $349 + monthly subscription + SIM plan.
    My friend bought it for their kids without knowing there are extra $192 each per year for each children. Without paying data and subscription, this is just a kids toy watch that needs changing everyday. My friend feels like she's been trapped and forced to pay monthly fees otherwise she will waste the $349 purchasing price.

  • 360 E2 4G Kids Watch <—- google

    Cheaper, serve the same core functions of tracking your kids. Monthly subscription? What's that? SIM card is a cheap Aldi pay as you go 365 prepaid.

  • Or a kidsoclock for $130
    Again, no monthly subscription other than a cheap SIM plan (eg Woolies $150 annual plan which gives you 10% off one shop per month…)

  • Or TCL Movie Time watch, recommend last time someone advertised spacetalk on here.

    Given similar functionality between all of these, does anyone know of any battery life comparison?