Second Storey Internet

We are building a second storey and looking for advice on how to take the internet up stairs?
So far we are getting an electrician to extend an Ethernet connection upstairs.

We have noticed even at present, the internet on the first floor doesn’t reach all the way to the furthest rooms in the house at times.


  • Use mesh system. What's your current wifi setup?

    • Aussie Broadband modem model: NF18ACV
      25Mbps/10Mbps Unlimited GB

      • Access points or mesh system with Ethernet backbone. Is this for FTTN, FTTC, FTTP, HFC?

      • this modem is crap and should be returned.

        I used TP-LINK VR400, this modem is compatible to all NBN technologies, including FTTN, bought the router below $90 from officeworks 3 years ago.

        Not sure how big is your 2 stories, i put vr400 upstairs in the middle which can accommodate all areas.

        Also suggest you to upgrade nbn plan from 25 to 50mbps.

        You do not need to setup a second LAN port upstairs, use the money to buy good mesh system if you have a big 2 stories.

        • Modem was purchased back in 2017.
          Is a 4 bed floor, bath and lounge upstairs.
          Second LAN was for TV and also a security camera system which will also connect to TV. Unfortunately the DVR is not wireless.

  • You could look into Powerline adapters.

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      Not when they are running Ethernet cabling throughout the premises.

      • I don’t think the Ethernet cabling is being run throughout all upstairs. However, it would be good if OP can confirm.

        • Correct only running to TV and DVR. Hoping to go wireless everywhere else. If that is the way to go.

  • I use these and they work really well

  • Mesh downstairs first, then see if you need to mesh upstairs

  • You said "we are building " so are you building or has the builidng been built?

    If house is still building, get the builder / eletrician to wire up all the rooms with ethernet.

    if house has already been built, then wiring the 2nd storey with ethernet cables is also quite easy if u can get into the roof space and do the ethernet wiring yourself.

  • You will use mesh as it is a given now days, BUT the real question is which brand and which speed. This is where it gets tricky and hard to determine.

    I would would start with what type on NBN you are going to get as this will determine if you need a modem or a router and then this may/will determine some of the choices. Some brands do not include mesh support in some of the modems and some do.The other one is that make sure you read the reviews about the modem or router as some will NOT support 1GBbps NBN as they do not have enough processing power even though they have 1GBpps WAN connector.

    Once you think you have found a suitable mode/router have a look at the wireless speed and see if this will be fast enough as some are AC and some are AX and etc etc. Now check out the mesh devices and see how much they cost and what speed they run at. You may end up having to change the mode/router to get the mesh speed you want.

    An example up until a few days ago I was thinking that as my unit just got wires up for HCF last weekend I would get a TP-link Archer AX20 with a RE605X, but I spotted last night a TP-Link Archer AX73 that looks allot better (costs about $100 to $120 more). As I have HFC I need a router, but if I was to have FTTN I would need a modem and as such the AX73 would not work.

  • I’m not really up to date with the latest tech but 3-5 years ago I setup a google meshwifi at my house.

    To give you an idea my house is quite long, double story and has a few wall sections, (picture one of those dual occupancy type that people are building a lot of these days, just a bit wider)

    It has worked flawlessly, maybe not that strong towards the end of the house but that area is hardly ever used.
    We are not interested in maximum downloads speeds either but it works fine for streaming and all that stuff so we are happy with it, if we wanted it to work in all areas we could just buy more pucks but the need has not arisen .

    I remember setting it up and being quite impressed with how it worked.

    We are on telstra hfc

  • So far we are getting an electrician to extend an Ethernet connection upstairs.

    This is great idea! If I were you I would add one port on bedrooms / kitchen/media room/ livingroom / garage and port on the ceiling for CCTV. This is the best / cheapest time to do this work .

    If you already have ethernet network the best thing is to setup multiple Wireless Access Point that have fast roaming ( 802.11k /v /r ).

    I'm not sure why so many people suggesting Mesh wifi here. Mesh wifi is using the same technology to create the "mesh" and use wireless as back channel so its inferior to WAP+Ethernet in so many ways.

    Not to sure about your house environment, but you can get away with 2 x Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-PRO-V2 for most house built by volume builders in a < 500sqm block.

    • Thanks. I have learn a bit in since asking the question.

      Currently the first floor is existing the second storey is a new extension.

      First floor doesn’t have Ethernet ports. Only above mentioned modem and all Ethernet devices such as Arlo, TV, Hue, DVR are using the modem ports.

      Second floor is new and I am thinking of this setup.

      1ethernet to TV lounge
      Electrician said he will run a port upstairs from the modem connected to a switch. So I am guessing the switch will connect to those port he is running upstairs.

      1 Ethernet to pantry
      Another port will be installed in Pantry for DVR. (Optional to get a wifi adapter)
      DVR has a firestick app to connect to TV

      Mesh for wireless
      I will buy an Eero mesh wifi router | 3-pack as all other devices we have at home are wireless. I am on the Amazon echo system.

      What do you guys think?

      • @pig:

        I'm not sure why so many people suggesting Mesh wifi here

        Dare say some assume what Mesh is based on marketing material only and not understand underlying technology. It is only as good as the layout of the residence and placement of nodes.


        having the newly run cable connecting your TV and an empty port on the NF18ACV will be sufficient. If you want to improve wifi upstairs, you can add a wifi extender/mesh node using this cable as backhaul. This might also help with your signal at the furthest room, depending on your layout.

        • Thanks mate. That’s what I was going to do.
          Also going for the Eero mesh 5 on sale. The 6 is only slight better. And the 6 pro capable of faster speeds isn’t available here in Oz

        • Also as far as I understand I don’t think my current Aussie broadband 25Mbps/10Mbps Unlimited GB plan is fast enough to really take advantage of the faster Eero 6

        • @NeutralName The NF18ACV is known to have bad Wi-Fi as there was a fault with the early batches. Being on HFC it's best to replace it.

        • Called Aussie and the Eero mesh can connect directly to the NBN box so just packed up the old router. This should be an improvement as well. Thanks for the advice

  • Quick update.
    Called Aussie and the Eero mesh can connect directly to the NBN box so just packed up the old router. This should be an improvement as well. Thanks for the advice Everyone!
    In the end this is my set up.
    NBN HCF to eero connected via Ethernet.
    Eero connected to switch. Switch connects to Ethernet enabled devices. One of those Ethernet ports connect to extend cable to upstairs.
    Upstairs I have to Ethernet ports on wall (extended from downstairs switch).
    In addition to this I have 3 more Eeros that extend the wifi mesh around the house (all up 4 Eeros). Will move them around if I end up finding a black spot but so far so good.
    I have the eero wifi 5 as that was 20% off on sale and no point getting faster one at this stage as I have a slow NBN plan.
    Thanks again for everyone’s advice 🤙🏽