This was posted 1 year 3 months 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Hill’s Wet Cat Food 12-Pack with Eligible Cat Product + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


First post. Cat toy price starts from $4.5 so it’s incredible value if your cat eats this brand. Discount is shown after clicking “Proceed to checkout”.

Select Amazon AU as seller to get the discount.

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    Thanks! Awesome deal :D

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    Thanks OP, damn good deal. Went for the cheapest toy:

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    Not showing the food with the cheapest toy.

    • This is only for items shipped by seller amazon au

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        The $4.49 item I selected is sold and shipped by Amazon au

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          Add the cat flavour of choice from the link on this post then when you go to checkout. “Promotion applied $2x.xx” to cancel the food out

  • Last time they ran this promo the expiry of the free cat was 3-7 months

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      Sorry for your loss

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    catnip toy $6.99
    Seems to work, it was something I bought last promo but not actually listed this time

  • 4.49! Nice.

  • can we buy more than one ?

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      Yes if you buy more than one of the other cat items.

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    Amazing deal, cheers!

  • if your cat eats this brand

    Cats be fussy like that

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    "Select Cat Purchases", I didn't know Amazon was allowed to sell cats.

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    Redeemable multiple times, too. So free 12 pack with every included other cat item purchase. Fantastic deal - thanks OP.

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    Great deal

  • Thanks OP, my cat loves that mint toy and needed a new one ($6.99) so grabbed one with the free 12 pack of food :)

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      Thanks - placed another order with one of these. We are picking up 2 rescue kittens on Tuesday so happy to throw a bunch of different toys their way to see what they like.

  • Great promotion.
    Odd that I can't buy a ~$30 bag of Hill's food and get the free pouches, but whatever they choose!

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      Um, and 1 of the products is rat poison…

  • anyone have the links for the 2 products that are free..cant seem to find them

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      Any of the hills 12 pack pouches

      • They are all in the link above.

      • i thought had to be the 2 ? can't find those 2 shown on the banner

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    Thanks OP, I have 4 cats that all eat science diet so lets just say I have a lot of cat toys now :)

    • Scientific cats.

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    My cat eats anything so thanks!

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    Thanks OP, great deal

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    Thanks OP

  • Thanks!

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      You have to select a product and then click on 12 pack cat food gift (it's next to the all filter at the start of the list of products) and select one and add to cart. Then when you proceed to check out it deducts the price of the cat food automatically.

      The explanation of getting this deal is not very well explained at all in the t&cs. Hope that helps.

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    Looks like the Amazon food options are drying up

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    Nice. Too bad my cats not a fan of their wet food.

  • Bought 2 cat toys and got 2x12 packs for $18 delivered.
    Thanks so much OP. Costs a fortune to feed our limited diet cats.

  • Seems to have run out of food that can be fullfilled by Amazon to make the deal work

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    doesnt seem to deduct the price of the wet food during checkout….

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      Not working for me either. :( I added a toy from the above link, then chose an option of wet food in the '12 pack cat food gift' tab, then proceeded to checkout… and it still has both at full price. What am I doing wrong? :(

  • My cats can't handle food changes, they will get an upset stomach. When I first had them i thought I should change up food frequently so it's not boring for them but that was all wrong…

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    I can't seem to get the discount working. I am selecting a cat toy, selecting the cat food, but I'm not getting the discounted price after I proceed to checkout.

  • Pity. My cat is dry

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    A lot of the products are no longer available, but this combo is still working for me at this point for $10:
    Thanks OP, ripper deal!

    • Thanks! Couldnt find another 12 pack that was still in stock

  • Looks everything decent is fine, or not working.

  • Showing as all the Hill's cat food is 'temporarily unavailable'.

    Edit: Okay, found a pack and was able to use this as the item:

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  • Got this carrot hanging toy. On back order… Might be possible to cancel it and still receive the cheap food.

  • All the food are from non-amazon sellers, probably not eligible for the promotion.

    • Looks like it unfortunately

    • Look up a few comments to some links posted by others, I managed to get one that way 3 hours ago.

  • Can my dog eat this?

  • Is anybody else seeing weird pricing on the deal, different from the expected - not JUST FREE Hills food?

  • Got the cat food today…. they shipped 1x85g packet!

    • Contact customer service promo was for boxes of 12.

      I did get 6 full boxes

      • 12 boxes or 12 satchels??

        • Purchased 6 cat toys with 6 (boxes of 12 satchels)
          Total 72 satchels

    • I got all of my boxes. Contact Amazon, they should be good with that.

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