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Woolworths Bag For Good Reusable Carry Bag $0.15 @ Woolworths (Selected Stores)


Woollies has the fabric 'bag for good' reusable bags on sale for $0.15

Normally 99c

Mod Note: Appears to be selected stores only.

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    I still have the ones I got for free a couple of months ago.

    • i got 6 of them from that promo. should last me for a while

      • +1

        I got 4 from the promo and have already had to replace 2.

        • +1

          Replaced for free in WW.

      • Amateur - I got 8.

    • Yup i still got the 15 from the past deal

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    Hi Op,

    Do you know if this is nation wide?


    Which store did you see this promotion advertised?


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        Hi jackspratt,

        The ‘Go to Deal’ is showing as 99c per bag.

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      [Pop Up Paper Clip]
      "Looks like you're writing a letter!"

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    I think they make it too cheap and convenient paying 15 c or 30 c for a bag .
    I never carry them . Maybe a buck I'll change my mind .

    • Make it $50 and wait for revolt

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      At least you are honest. I tend to think the public at large is as wasteful as they have ever been, so that goes along with your statement. $1 and some actual resource shortages will be the only things that will make the masses re-assess their activities in all parts of their life, I think. The waste is horrendous on so many levels, not just bags.

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      I, always, carry at least two reusable bags. One that is made out of stretchy material that scrunches down small and a foldup back pack.

    • +21

      I use reuseable bag now but buy bin liners. Who is winning here.

      • +1

        People I know now use reusable bags as bin liners..
        But I agree entirely.

      • The supermarkets.

      • +6

        Just a question. How many bags would you, typically, get for a shop and how often do you change your bin liners. Me, I use the plastic outer the toilet rolls come in for disposable bags for the bathroom. I have a non lined bin for my recyclables. The Glass stuff goes in the glass bin. The thin plastic I dump back at the supermarket. The general rubbish is in its bin; I use one bin liner, per week, for the general rubbish. I have, at least, two to three bags worth, a week, of carry home. Probably more by the time I look at all the places I shop.

        My reusable bags have been used hundreds of times; I even repair them if they start to get holes. I used to throw out a lot of plastic bags because I didn’t need that many as bin liners. In hindsight it might’ve been good to keep some.

        Frankly I want less packaging and would prefer that things like cleaner, shampoo, etc could have refill stations to reduce my plastic use even further. There are some places that do that but they can be quite expensive. It would be great if they had them in supermarkets.

        • The answer probably depends on how many kids you have.

        • Ah. Forgot to mention the vegetable scraps go into the compost bin.

      • We used to have so many single-use shopping bags that we'd almost be drowning in them. We'd not be able to use them fast enough.

        We'd take them back to the recycling bins at Coles but, typically, they'd be stuffed solid with them, also.

        I'm glad that's over. We get just enough single-use bags from small shops to use as garbage bags which tends to be /just/ enough.

        Still, a roll of garbage bags from recycled plastic is kept on hand in case we run out. Used it a couple of times.

        All up an improvement, I'd say.

    • -3

      I wouldn't pay 2c.If I forget to bring a bag, I'll put everything back in the trolley and let them roll around in the boot.

      The more expensive the checkout process is for them, the sooner we get free bags back.

  • +6

    (Selected Stores)

    Which ones?

    • +11

      Which ones?

      Selected ones

      • +1

        Which selected ones?

        • -6

          You can check your local stores at the link provided by the OP.

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            @smartazz104: link just shows 99cents.

            • -3

              @jv: You are not selected then.

              • +2


                You are not selected then.

                I'm not logged in to the Woolies site.

                • @jv: See, selected people would be.

                  • +1

                    @afoveht: Then it should be listed as targetted.

                    • @jv: Oh your targeted, just not selected.

                      • @afoveht: How do you know I'm targetted?

                        • @jv: The Red dot 🔴 like in the movies 🎥

                        • +2

                          @jv: Everyone here knows you're targeted.

          • -5

            @smartazz104: Don't feed the trolls

    • If you go to OP's link the price should change if they're discounted in your area.

      they aren't in mine so they're just showing as 99c presumably.

      • +2

        I checked about 10 different stores across VIC, they all show $0.99. It may be only the one store in the Nation, the one OP bought from.

        • +5

          It may be only the one store in the Nation

          If so, it should be listed in the title or the description so everyone doesn't waste their time…

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    Not discounted on northern beaches (NSW)

    • +1

      It was in Balgowlah this weekend, due to shortage of plastic bags

      • Can't select it online. Will look in store, ta

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    Would this make for a good mother's day present? The wife is hinting at a double handle tote bag

    • +1

      If you hate your mother in law that much. It would be perfect.

    • +1

      I use the IKEA bags


      I will go and get FRAKTA…

      • FRAKTA Trolley seems more your style given your age group jv.

        • Maybe we should all get FRAKTA…

    • Damn $29 postage for a $1 bag.

  • +3

    Price match less 10% @ Officeworks?

  • You must be signed in to see the price.

    • Gosh thier maths is terrible

      • +1

        Gosh your English is terrible

        • i before e except after c. I'm just playing by the rules I was taught. Take your complaints to the ones who make the rules

          • @SlickMick: The rules also say you should complete some basic education by year 10 high school.

  • This was available at Parramatta Westfield, however this is because the store ran out of the plastic bags.

    • Picture I originally uploaded wasn't at parramatta, and they still had stock on plastic bags right under the fabric ones with a yellow sale banner.

  • +1

    aren't these bags offer free for everyone - reward members just only a month or so ago ?

  • You can change your direct to boot and pick up location and refresh the page as it will show if it's on special or not.
    So far, Kellyville has 15 cent bags which is limited to 5 bags only per order.
    Direct to Boot locations: Baulkham Hills, Kings Langley, Blacktown, Schofields, Dural, Eastern Creek and Glenwood looks like they have the special.
    Pick up locations: Rouse Hill, North Kellyville, Greenway Village (Colebee)

  • +1

    Since these reusable bags came out I’ve reused maybe 5 times. I think they have been worse for the environment in my case

    • +1

      I suspect the hard truth is it has raised costs for the majority and not achieved its aims.

      • -1

        It’s not about the environment. If it was there would not be decaying solar panels in the desert. It’s about pleasing the virtue signallers and selling bags and solar panels for profit.

        • +1

          We need to ensure the cost to stores outweigh the profits they make. The process is so slow and crappy compared to the good old 2-use bags.
          Hopefully they'll eventually do the figures - if people stop buying them!

        • Damn, trying to break a record for how many stupid things you can say in 1 line?

      • It has been an excercise in niavety and futile in achieving any sort of long term gain, except wokefullness and increased profits for the supermarkets. Now thay sell bags, which were once given away to customers as a matter of goodwill, efficiency and hygiene.
        But that's just my opinion.

        • +2

          User name fits.

  • -1

    I hope they are not getting rid of these.

  • Link says 99c
    Maybe have been a price error

    • Not a price error, I originally took a pic of my local store, they had the yellow sale stickers on them.

  • It's not a price error.

    The story behind this appears to be that quite a few stores (the ones in Parramatta, NSW, for example) have run out of stock of the normal 15 cent reusable plastic bags.

    Many of them are then offering an option of either getting the bag-for-good cloth bag for 15 cents, or buying the smaller plastic bag that they use for delivery/pick-up (which is smaller and flimsier and not very reusable) also for 15 cents.

    • Not sure this is the case for my store, they had a whole stack of grey plastic bags right under so it wasn't an out of stock promo in my local store.

  • Not at my store

  • Does anyone know where to get one of those Aldi's 4 x trolley bags?
    Found something similar on ebay, not sure about its quality.

    • Does anyone know where to get one of those Aldi's 4 x trolley bags?


  • +1

    15c at Auburn NSW

  • I just got 2 @ Woolies Liverpool Westfield @ 0.15… then used them to shop at Coles.

    BTW, at Coles they have the Mr Chen's vegetarian Pho kit ½ price.

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