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[WA] 25% off Burgers, Chips, Soup etc @ Alfred's Kitchen (Guildford)


Getting rid of excess stock after lockdown made a normally busy ANZAC weekend very quiet.

Alfred’s Kitchen is the longest running roadside burger kitchen in Perth, Australia, beckoning passersby with an outdoor fire, ample seating, and mouth-watering aromas our famous burgers on the grill. An English migrant named Alfred Cook founded the establishment and served delectable burgers from a small roadside caravan. These days, Alfred’s Kitchen is owned and operated by Neil Lawrence, a man who considers the landmark Guildford restaurant his calling.

Takeaway Only
Sunday (Anzac Day) 12–10pm
Monday (Anzac Day (Observed)) 5pm–10pm

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Alfred's Kitchen

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  • +6 votes

    Their pea and ham is the bomb!!! I miss my high school days

    • +3 votes

      Bacon and Egg Burger is my favourite and chips (with plenty of salt and vinegar) are the best I have had in Australia.
      Agree with you on the pea and ham soup!


    I have driven pass this place on my way to work every week for the last 18 years still not been in, Hear its really good, people at work rave about the Pea and Ham soup.

    • +4 votes

      They make burgers how they should be made. Do yourself a favour and drop in for a burger.


      get the cram burger and thank me later!!!!

  • +2 votes

    This place with the open fire pit.
    Fond winter memories

    Can't beat it


    Was going to get Maccas yesterday, but saw this on FB and decided to drive a bit further.


    I could do with a cram


    We went there on Friday after the rugby. I had a great burger with the lot. If I have one small criticism, it's that the burger bun could be a bit smaller. Even at full price, the burgers are really good value.


      Shhh. That is not the Ozbargain way.


    Yes one of the best burger joints.

    Good for late night feeds, fire pit and going deaf from cars who absolutely decide they must rev their engines while passing the place.