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[Android] Free - Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO (was $0.99) - Google Play


Another useful app for your Android devices.
Great for people who need white noise to sleep or who have a baby/young child who is soothed by white noise sounds.
App is rated pretty well. NO IAPs or ads.

From the website:

Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO is developed for your baby and you. You can put to sleep your baby easily with white noises. Therefore, you won’t lose your time with trying to sleep your baby. You can teach animals sounds and names with animal sounds. You can be relaxed with nature sounds. App doesn't need internet and it's only 25mb. You can stop sounds with timer when you want. Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO includes 24 unique white noises, 18 animal sounds and 27 nature sounds.

You can use timer for stop playing sounds in specific time.

Background audio
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO supports background sound. Therefore, while sounds are playing, you can do what you want with phone like you can lock or close screen, play game, use other apps etc.

Offline support
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO doesn’t needed internet. You can use Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO every time and everywhere without internet connection.

Clean design without any ads
Relaxing Sleep Sounds PRO has clean, basic and easy design. Also, app hasn’t any ads. Therefore, you can use app easily without annoying ads.


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  • I have no idea how it's going to be… But hey its free.

  • +8

    "Oh, of course, my sweet. I'll just make some soothing ocean sounds for you…"

    • +2

      "Arrr Matey!"

    • Comedy gold! 😄😄

  • Thanks OP

  • +3

    Funny that my almost 2 year old was quiet as a mouse when we had the vacuum noise going on. Bloody strange kid but it wore off shortly after. I guess the time spent in hospital with the cleaners doing the rounds with a vacuum cleaner got her use to it.

  • +6

    Wow, I read that as 'Relaxing Sheep Sounds' and thought that was a great idea to help with counting sheep!

  • Right on time. I am planning to sleep now ;)

  • +4

    Google assistant (and others) will do sleep sounds. except not offline.

    • +2

      Alexa can do this but her rain sounds are so poorly compressed it's painful for me to listen to.

      I use Relax Rain (by mikdroid) every night. It's the best rain app I've found so far and worth every dollar.

      • i just listen to 1-2h+ podcasts/interview

  • +2

    Rain sounds put me right out. Must be something in my childhood.

    • Rain and light thunderstorms have that snooze effect naturally.
      I need white noise to take my mind from the APAP machine near my head!

      • i found rain sounds doesnt work for me, especially 'artificially' just from a phone, maybe i need surround sound upgrade ..

      • Doesn't the APAP make its own white noise? btw has it helped much?

        • CPAP makes a constant noise. APAP changes based on the users breathing.

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    Off topic I guess but does anyone know a way to purchase these free app deals so it's registered to your account but without installing it (CBF installing then uninstalling).

    • +1

      The way I do it is in the browser from the link posted. It might then automatically download + install it to your phone, I'm not sure (it doesn't on mine)

      • If I do it via that link, it loads a drop-down where I have to choose one of my registered Android devices. Whichever one I pick it then automatically downloads and installs it on that device.

    • +1

      On your device, tap on Install and then Cancel straight away. It will be added to your account without downloading or installing.

      • +1

        Yeah that works. As you said, have to do it on an Android device not desktop browser. But it works, thanks mate.

  • Madness

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