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20% off Storewide @ Dell eBay (Alienware 38" Curved AW3821DW $1549, Dell 27" 4K UHD S2721QS $319, S2721DGF 5yr Warranty $447.20)

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    • Does actually. Hmm. Thinking of upgrading my 28” 4K Samsung.

    • It does look good but the bargains on this monitor usually result in pages of discussion about the merits of its VA panel and why it sucks for not being IPS.

      I have been umming and ahing about this one for months.

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        as someone that has had ips, va and tn panels - and not the cheapie ones I can tell you that Samsung's g7's VA penel is the best so far I have had for GAMING, cant comment if you need the panel for work - in which case IPS is for you but if you game, browse and do word docs etc there is no reason to get IPS over VA, TN I would stay clear of, they are really washed out

    • Absolutely love mine. Highly recommended.

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      I suggest to watch this video regarding the VA vs IPS panels before buying just based on the size and resolution. If you're ok with nature of the VA panels then go ahead.

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    S2721QS is lovely. Totally recommend.

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    Thanks OP, ended up cancelling my order from the Dell direct deal on Friday and purchasing the same monitor from their eBay store.

  • The alienware desktops are also here for pretty fair prices

    3070 - ~$2.8k-$2.9k
    3080 - ~$3.7k
    3090 - ~$5.8k

    • A deal for the 3080 alienware R11 just ended, it was like 3.2 before cashback, so I would probably hold out on these.

    • Nice find!

      How's the Ryzen alienware cooling compare to techfast builds?

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        Not sure on the cooling but /r/alienware seems to suggest you would need to change out the stock fans (i.e. with Corsair fans - front - take out GPU, top - take out entire cooling unit) and re-do the thermal paste for the best results (they're listing 10-20 degree drops).

        • Cool thanks

          Pity there's no alienware 5900X option! Looks like Dell uses better parts than Techfast maybe?

        • so you seriously reckon the customer should have to do that on a new machine?

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            @petry: Definitely not which is half the reason I haven't pulled the trigger on any of these deals.

            It's frustrating to think they couldn't just use a half-decent fan when everyone is just buying a $30-40 fan which apparently makes it way quieter.

            But if I do get one, I'd rather do a one-off fix for a 10-20 degree drop than get thermal issues.

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              @th123: the reason why every big company gets away with this sort of shit is the failure of all governments to ensure consumer rights in law in this country.

              when your federal government gives employers additional power to king hit employees who refuse overtime or sex you really are dealing with a sick country.

        • My read was those are mods which will improve airflow/cooling but under normal use (ie gaming) it doesn't pose a problem. Mind you I didn't end up buying an R11 deal despite posting one, as I also thought if I was buying a prebuilt, it sortof defeats the point if I have to mod it myself and risk the warranty anyway.

          That being said, the first recommended mod on forums of just installing a standard 120mm fan in the front 3.5' hard drive bay seemed relatively straightforward/easy (vs all the other mods which most likely would be warranty voiding).

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            @jace88: If I was going to drop 3k on a pc that needs modifications I would just spend 2k on virco/techfast and get top quality components to replace the Allied/kingston parts.

  • Does Alienware system with 11700F has no heating problem? I cannot find a system with "K" version of any i7 processor.

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    Still no 32 inch 144hz Qhd love

  • any laptop deals?

    • Did you click the link? There's a laptop section at the top.

  • Hows the 38" go for colours & colour accuracy - any owners got some real life feedback?

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      I bought this a couple of weeks ago, loving it so far.
      I can't comment on colour accuracy as I'm not knowledgable enough in that area but I can say they are vibrant, brightness is good and screen performance from g-sync is great.
      I am currently using the colour profile from this review: https://www.tftcentral.co.uk/reviews/dell_alienware_aw3821dw...
      I chose this over the LG as it has (on paper) HDR600 over the 400 of the LG. I also have no need of a 165Hz overclock that the LG offered.

      My only complaints:
      - No speakers (minor complaint)
      - League of legends would go to max brightness in game for some reason, suspect it's something to do with the drivers or HDR/SDR. I think I've resolved that by using the above colour profile in Windows and resetting HDR.

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      Yes. Photographer here. I've calibrated my 38 and it's near identical to my actual "proper photographer monitor".

      Really great screen.

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      I work in multimedia - I've loved it since it launched last year. Great for gaming too.

  • Any laptop deals?

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    Any chance this code will stack with tomorrow's eBay 15% off code?

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      No, can only use one coupon.

  • 1 month+ delivery time.. wow..
    feels like ordering from Aliexpress

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      FYI I ordered the 38" alienware on the 6th of April, with an ETA of the 6th of May from Dell.

      Order was confirmed on the 12th of April, shipped on the 13th of April with an ETA of 6th May - 12th May.

      Monitor arrived on the 14th of April.

      TLDR; shipping times are not correct, it will likely arrive earlier.

  • There's another refurb AW3821DW for $1309 on the Dell Outlet store.

    I had it in my cart & almost clicked "buy", but hard to justify an extra $890 over my current Xiaomi

  • "Dell 27" 4K UHD S2721QS $319"

    C'mon, another $19.01 discount and I will bite. I promise!

  • Quick question guys. Can you stack with welcome $50 voucher code on this?

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